Vendor: what does this word mean?

In Russian, a lot of borrowed words. Among them is the word "vendor" that we are considering. What is a word means, you will learn in this article.

Types of companies

They are different. Some produce and sell, some simply deal with purchases and sales. They are also called resellers. And which of them is the most attractive for the buyer?

Of course, he who has his ownproduction. He has a lot of advantages, among which, for example, is the opportunity to offer goods and services at competitive prices. And such companies can monitor the quality of produced and sold products.

vendor what is

Another category is those that firstthey buy goods from wholesalers larger than them, and then have to sell for the same price the same products in order to make a profit. As a rule, such organizations sell their goods to small enterprises and small entrepreneurs. Everyone has a niche.

Interpretation of the word

So where does this information come from? What is a vendor? We are very close to unraveling! You already learned something about him. This is a company that belongs to one of the listed categories.

There is a second-hand dealer and there is a vendor. What does the word mean? There are those who do not produce, but sell. And there are those who produce and supply their products, whether goods or services, under their own brand.

Advantages of manufacturing companies

We have already noted that pleasant to deal with them, if only because they are directly responsible for the quality, to the same prices for their products lower than the dealers. Also important are the following points.

what is a vendor

Suppose that one organization purchasedequipment (no matter what), and it broke. If the goods were purchased from the seller-manufacturer, then the issue of warranty repair is solved quickly. If bought from a reseller, then this business can drag on or not end with anything good for the buyer. That's why many large organizations want to know who the seller is, he or a vendor.

What does this word mean, we have considered. Noted the advantages of cooperation with vendors. If you are an entrepreneur, keep this in mind, even if you are buying a few products, because vendors also are different. There are large producers, and small ones. Many start to produce products in small volumes.

For reference

And what is the history of this term? The word in question came to us from English: vendor is formed from the Latin vendere, meaning "to sell."

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