The best trading platforms on the stock market "Forex"

Where do you start or which broker to go to? Similar questions are set for themselves by both novice traders and experienced experts in their field. And it is not surprising, because of the choice of the broker and its provided trading platform will depend a lot. It is possible that a trader will not profit by using one of the terminals, but will become a profitable player on the other. There are various trading platforms for quality and complexity, some very simple and understandable to beginners, while others may require specific knowledge and extensive experience for the work, although today brokers are trying to simplify the provided tools to the maximum.

What is a trading platform

Trading platforms

It is a software tool for committingvarious operations in the markets of currencies and securities. In fact, without a platform, you can not enter the "Forex" market. Different brokers provide different software for making transactions, but in general the principle of operation is the same everywhere. The trader is provided with charts, various indicators, and sometimes news reports and trade tips. Projections for certain assets may also be provided.

Types of platforms by markets

commercial binary platforms

Trading platforms are of two types. Those that work with Forex markets, and those that work with binary options. The latter are "commercial binary platforms." Forex Markets are the most complex systems that require large investments and complex instruments, unlike binary options, where you only need to correctly predict the behavior of the market for different assets or currency pairs in a certain period.

The difference between Forex and binary options

best trading platforms

The main difference is that the "Forex" markets requiremore careful study of the instruments of operating and mastering the majority of processes occurring in the markets of assets and currencies. It is very important not only to catch market change, but also to take advantage of them in time. The process of entering the market, as a rule, is accompanied by the loss of part of the deposit due to the difference between the cost of buying and selling the asset, which can create additional difficulties in developing a trading strategy. Trading on Forex is fraught with a lot of risk, in order to get a good profit, you often have to use the borrowed funds provided by the broker. This is not a loan in the classical sense, but a quick loss of the deposit is possible in the event of an unsuccessful loan application. This loan is called a leverage and can have different meanings. For example, 1: 100, which means that you, having 1 dollar, will be able to operate with a sum of $ 100. These values ​​may vary depending on the decisions of the trader.

As for binary options, everything heremuch easier. Depending on the type of option, the trader performs the forecasting of certain assets, for example: the price of the euro / dollar pair will change to a larger side relative to the current value in 60 seconds. Further, the trader pays, for example, 1 dollar for the execution of the option. If the price changes, in this case, up, then the trader will receive, for example, 80% on top of the execution value. It turns out that the profit will be 1 dollar 80 cents, which is very good for 60 seconds of waiting. In case the price falls - the trader will not receive anything or receive a certain percentage of the value of the contract. The amount of the refund will depend on the selected broker and the specified options trading options. All presented values ​​can be different, for example, the time of execution of an option depending on the broker can be 15 minutes, and an hour, and even 3 hours. Just like the cost of one transaction, it can be 2 dollars, and 100. Also, the trade can be in another currency, rubles or euros, again, depending on the chosen service provider and the parameters you set.

Popular platforms "Forex"

The most common trading platformsfor trading on Forex are MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5, but there are many modifications, additions, various options in the form of advisers and robots for trading, as well as some other trading systems and terminals. Transactions in these terminals can be carried out both with the help of a program installed on a personal computer, and on mobile devices under different operating systems. There are also trading platforms that work through web browsers. Some brokers have and provide their own experience for trading.

Platforms for trading binary options

option trading platform

In the field of binary options there are manybrokers who provide online trading services and, accordingly, have their own terminals. As in any field, in this there are both not very high-quality programs, and the best trading platforms. Among them, just like in "Forex", there are simple and understandable newcomers programs, and quite difficult, requiring training tools. More specifically, you can consider individual trading platforms, reviews will be presented further in the text.

Olimp Trade - trading platform

Olympus Trade Trading Platform

This company has proven itselfmarket of binary options. "Olympus Trade" is a trading platform that has attractive tools in service. This broker also provides free webinars, training materials and demo accounts. They do not have every trading platform. The option can be returned in case of non-performance (50% of the transaction), there are also such useful functions as candlestick chart, various assets, technical analysis. The yield in the case of a exercised option is on average 80%, which is quite good. As for the payment of real funds, the broker qualitatively fulfills its obligations under the user agreement. Well suited for beginners, and experienced traders. Most players are particularly pleased with the above mentioned possibility of a return of a part of the funds in case of default of the option. This can save a significant part of the funds in case of an incorrect forecast of market behavior, for example, sharp and long growth or fall of rates. This may be due not only to the technical aspects of market behavior, but also to fundamental reasons, such as positive or negative news reports.

"Titanrade" - trading platform

Titanrade Trading Platform

"Titanradrade" is a broker, alsospecializing in binary options. The company itself is registered in London and enjoys a diligent reputation. The trading terminal of this company has the ability to operate a lot of different assets, currency pairs and shares. The execution of contracts has a different lifetime, there are minute options, and there are long-term options. There are also a number of interesting tools, for example, the return of some of the funds in case of a loss, the ability to copy your own transaction, and the transfer of the performance of the contract for ten minutes. In the same way as most brokers, there is an opportunity to play on a demo account, there are free online training seminars, various materials and videos that can help new players. "Titanradrade" - a trading platform, which is suitable for different categories of traders. Both beginners and experienced players in the markets will find positive sides for themselves using the services of this company.

Iq Option

Another quality broker of binary options. Conscientiously and regularly provides services related to option trading. Registered in 2011 in Cyprus. It has several different licenses of Russian and European regulators. The terminal Iq Option is executed very qualitatively, the trader is provided with a nice looking design, lots of indicators and tools for technical analysis, several types of graphs for the user's choice. The minimum deposit is 10 dollars, the minimum value of the contract is the dollar. As well as other brokers, this provides the opportunity to play on a demo account, there is a function to return a part of the funds in case of an unsuccessful execution, but at the same time a part of the yield is lost in case of a profitable transaction. Similar to other service providers, the Iq Option provides a mobile terminal and access through a web browser.


trading platforms reviews

Choosing the right binary option brokerdepends only on yourself, your preferences and requirements. The main thing is to select the most suitable broker based on feedback on the network and the necessary conditions that you choose for yourself. Each of the presented brokers has its advantages and disadvantages, they have different trading platforms. Some of the service providers have a high-quality design and simplicity, there will be a small minimum deposit somewhere, which is good for beginners, some of the brokers quickly process payments and withdrawals, somewhere you will be pleased with the large number of data, charts and tools with indicators .

Remember, binary options trading involvessome risks, requires the presence of certain knowledge in the field of finance, as well as extensive experience. Before you start trading on a real account, you should study in detail the materials that the broker provides to you, as well as practice on demo accounts. Happy trading!

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