Do you visit the online store "Platypus"? Reviews about it can be found in the article

Internet-shop "Platypus", reviews about whichmeet a variety of, has been working for many years in the market of home delivery of food and related products. Through its website you can order dairy products, a variety of drinks, fish, meat, vegetables and fruits, tea, tobacco, cooking, as well as bread and diet products. The latter is not so often found even in supermarkets, and on this resource there is always a rich selection of gluten-free products, sweeteners, etc.

platypus reviews

What else does the virtual shop "Platypus" offer? User reviews report that very quickly you can get household chemistry, children's accessories, household appliances, goods for sports, books, magazines and stationery. In the season, many will find it convenient to take home supplies of goods for gardeners, since not everyone is able to drag heavy packages with dirt to their homes. It will also be useful for housewives who prefer large purchases of washing powder, since packages weighing 5-6 kilograms will be brought directly to the door.

How e-commerce works with orders"Platypus"? Feedback from those who made the order, show that it is very easy to do. First you need to register on the site, indicating the phone, then enter the address and time of delivery, taking into account some features (for example, there are restrictions on the sale of alcohol at night), "collect" goods in the basket, receive and pay. Since the resource is very popular, there are restrictions in its work - orders can not be made during a break from 00-00 to 00-30 hours.

online shop platypus reviews

Are the payment methodsoffers to clients of "Platypus"? The testimonies indicate that in this company there is rather a classic combination of cash and bank cards. Delivery of products paid: from 9-00 to midnight, its cost is about 250 rubles. And at night from 00-00 to 9-00 - even less - 149 rubles. This method of buying is suitable for those who do not want to stand in traffic jams or long to look for a parking place near the supermarket, for people with disabilities, for young parents with kids, as well as for those whose time is very expensive to waste it.

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What else interesting can you find in the store"Platypus"? Reviews about the actions held are predominantly positive. Here you can find gifts for this or that holiday, discounts for large quantities of diapers, household chemicals, etc. The price of goods is quite comparable with the prices in large chain stores, and the range is much richer. For example, not every grocery store can find so popular in autumn fresh ginger, rare varieties of zucchini, etc. Customers say that orders are almost always brought in the requested time range, there are no special complaints about quality, the staff is courteous and discreet.

What can be an attractive job in"The Platypus?" Reviews of former employees contain such advantages as white salary, training at the expense of the firm, income level above the average, the possibility of career growth. At the same time there are data on the high level of workload, irregular working hours, as well as stresses for employees in dealing with a large number of not always polite buyers.

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