How to choose the channel

Today we can say with confidence thatmetal products are a part of our life, without them we would not have the opportunity to provide a comfortable existence, to lay reliable communication systems, to develop production technologies, etc.

Metal gave us a sense of security, soTo imagine his absence in human life is no longer possible. It is impossible to imagine industrial spheres without the use of metal products. One outpouring of rolled metal is the company TD Chermetkom which we recommend using.

In the modern construction market, metal products such as the channel are extremely popular.

A channel profile is a profile of metalconstructive elements with a "P" -shaped section. Channel bars are extremely important in the erection of metal structures, any master will confirm that they are necessary in the construction, taking up most of the load. Channel bars are often used in the construction of multi-storey buildings, using them to reinforce the outer and inner walls, strengthening them. By the way, you can strengthen the tilted buildings by the channels.

Speaking of technical nuances, it can be noted that the steel channel is divided into several types of manufacturing type:

- hot-rolled (use of high temperatures during production, roll or carbon structural steel);

- special, used in machine building and car building;

- bent equal-roll (manufacture on profile bending machines);

- bent unequal. Two parallel elements of the channel, called the shelves, can have parallel faces or faces with a slope.

In the manufacture of channels,metal blanks up to 12 meters long. Choosing the channel itself, it's easy to get confused - so many varieties of this product exist. Pay attention to the fact that the produced channels have marking. Usually it means the distance between the shelves of the product, that is, the number is the distance in centimeters from one shelf to the other.

For the right choice you need to knowthe designation of the channel and the design features for which it is selected. The metal from which the product is made must be of high quality and durable, so it is better to acquire such important elements of metal structures in the tested organizations.

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