Cultivator KPS-4: the principle of operation, tuning, advantages

To improve the quality of the crop, increase itit is necessary to periodically carry out measures to increase the saturation of the soil with water, improve the diet and create conditions for the normal germination of seeds. In solving the set tasks, the KPS-4 cultivator will help - an indispensable and inexpensive assistant when working in the field.

Description and principle of operation

This cultivator is a framethe construction of an attached or trailed type. In the second case, it is additionally equipped with support wheels. The main working elements are attached to the frame - universal lancet or loosening paws.

The main purpose of the device is looseningof the field surface. Simultaneously, the cultivator KPS-4 solves the problem of the destruction of weeds and the leveling of the roadbed. To work, the design needs a traction class of 1.4 tons. In such conditions, its productivity will be at least 4 hectares per hour.

Cultivator KPS 4
The principle of operation of the unit is similar to the operationconventional attachments. Having entered the area to be treated, the operator, controlling the hydraulic system, brings the system into working order. Paws or lancet organs, under their own weight, speed of movement and cut into the ground at a fixed depth.

Cutting edges of working elements cut rootsweed plants, and the widened part of the part causes the soil to rise upward and disintegrate into small particles while simultaneously leveling the surface. For better productivity, a tooth harrow is installed on the cultivator KPS-4.

Types of equipment for cultivator KPS-4

On the market of agricultural equipmentThere are two types of tools for cultivating the land, which differ in their form and purpose. The first category has in its structure lancet paws, which are designed:

  • for loosening the fertile layer without the removal of wet layers on the surface;
  • for the control of weed plants by pruning their roots.

The pointed paws on cultivator KPS-4 differfrom each other by the width of the working surface, which varies from 27 to 33 cm. The depth of penetration is 12 cm. The stronger the thickets of the field are by "extraneous" plants, the greater the width of the component. Good results are achieved by a combination of universal parts.

cultivator stand KPS 4
The equipment can be installed andloosening paws, which penetrate deeper into the soil by 16 cm and are used for sampling from the soil of weeds propagating by roots. Processing represented by the component is able to protect the field from filling with a "non-cultural" flora.

Setting up cultivator KPS-4

To adjust the cultivator KPS-4.2, as well as KPS-4, is installed on a flat, preferably hard platform. The tractor and the construction are raised 2-4 cm above the ground surface than the required penetration depth of the paws.

 cultivator KPS 4 price
By means of the hydraulic cylinder, the cultivator is brought into working position - the cutting elements are lowered to the ground so that:

  • Universal paws with the whole surface of the cutting edges touched the platform;
  • The disintegrating elements were supported on the ground by the point.

Simultaneously with this steam distributor tractionthe technicians are placed in a neutral position. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that the cultivator stand KPS-4, the pressure bars rest against their heads in the liners.

In cases where this does not happen, it is necessary,moving the bars closer to the leashes of working elements and removing the adjusting pads, to achieve a predetermined position. After this, the angle of inclination of the cutting edges is determined. If the soil is soft, no adjustment is required. For the treatment of heavy soils, the paws are tilted by adjusting screws in 2-3about forward.

Features of cultivator KPS-4

Feature of the presented equipmentis adaptability to any type of soil, except for fields with a large number of large stubble and folded coarse clastic soils. With its help, it is possible to prepare the terrain for sowing operations and carry out the processing of the territory after harvesting.

cultivator KPS 4 2
Another feature of the cultivatorKPS-4, - price. On average in Russia it is within 90 thousand rubles, which is incommensurably small for such reliable, powerful and productive equipment. The design will pay off in one season.

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