Automated workplace - a modern method of optimizing the work process

Modern business conditions require carefrom the centralized processing of data, which is associated with the concentration of all computing power in the computer center, the processing of information at the place of its immediate appearance and use. This fact allows you to remove the intermediate links when a person contacts a computer. As a result, one worker in his place can perform a whole cycle of procedures, from inputting information and ending with obtaining output data.


The automated workplace is an element of a control system equipped with means, with the use of which the participation of a person in the implementation of automation functions is ensured.

In other words, it is problem-orienteda complex of software, technical and linguistic means. It is installed directly at the user's workplace and is designed to automate the processing of operations when designing and solving the necessary tasks.

automated workplace is
An automated workplace has certain characteristics. Among them are the following:

- for the user is available a set of software, information and technical means;

- computer technology is located directly on the user workplace;

- there is the possibility of continuous improvement of the processes of automated data processing in a certain field of activity;

- data processing is carried out by the user;

- the presence of a dialogue mode of user interaction with the computer both in the process of designing management tasks, and their solutions.

An automated workplace can be assigned to a certain class, depending on such characteristics:

- on the scope of use (in scientific activities, design, production and technological processes and organizational management;

- by type of computer equipment used;

- depending on the mode of operation (network, group or individual);

- on the qualification of users (professional or unprofessional).

A more detailed classification within each group is possible.

automated place of economist

For example, the automated workplaceorganizational management is divided into levels. This is the level of the head of the enterprise, employees of logistics units, planning employees and accountants. Conditionally, this organization of work is called the "automated workplace of an economist". Conceptual distinction of this concept from the previous specified types is adjustment in a physical, functional and ergonomic plan for a particular user or group of users.

Business automated workplacecontributes to the rapprochement of the worker with the capabilities of modern technology and creates favorable conditions for work without intermediaries - professional programmers. At the same time, it is possible to work both in an autonomous mode, and in interaction with other users within the organizational structure of the enterprise.

There are three main classes of automatedjobs: the head, the expert and the technical personnel. Depending on the use of a particular class, various tools are used to create such jobs.

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