The question arose: "How to make money in a decree?" Then to you here ...

Unfortunately, in our country,young parents are faced with the question of how to earn a decree. Indeed, the issue is very complicated and delicate. After all, not only that caring for a newborn baby is the mother's main job, but it does not bring any tangible income. Since the physical possibilities of women during maternity leave are very limited by time and position, the only possible option for employment is at home.

How to make money, sitting in a decree and without leaving home? The answers are in fact a lot, everything depends on you.

  1. Needlework. At the time of compilation, for example, when the baby sleeps, or on a walk with it you can do knitting or embroidering. You hardly have time for sewing, but a knitted cap for a child or embroidered with beads can easily be sold on the street to the same young parents.
    How to Make a Decree
  2. Resale of children's things used or toys. Why not? Many people in our time do not have the financial opportunity to buy absolutely new children's things or toys. If you have any good overalls, for example, or a highchair for bathing, and you already have no need for your child, you can resell them. In this situation, there are even two pluses: a ready answer to the question "how to make a decree" and vacating a place in an apartment for new things.
    How to make money sitting in the decree
  3. If your baby does not cause you much trouble,he is one of quite calm children and independent enough, you can create your own small kindergarten. Why not take for a fee a second child under supervision for a couple of hours? Together, the kids will be even more fun, and you can make good money.

And, finally, the most profitable and most common answer to the question on how to earn, sitting in a decree, work on the Internet!

How to make money sitting in the decree

Here you can find millions of vacancies for your position!

  • Typing. Many working students will need services of this kind. One page of hand-typed text costs an average of 10 to 35 rubles. Evaluate your abilities and go for it! Submit an advertisement to a newspaper or an electronic portal, and you can easily find an employer. But remember that it's best to focus on the organization, because students are, as a rule, seasonal income.
  • Distribution of advertising. Many small organizations or firms require employees who distribute promotional texts on all available free sites or social networks. It's not so difficult, you must agree! Moreover, as a rule, the text or advertising banner is provided by the customer.
  • How to make a decree? Create your own online store. To do this, it is absolutely not necessary to create a website or buy goods in tons. It is enough only to find a store with cheap goods on the Internet, place similar products on your page in a social network with a small cheat in the price, indicate that the product is available only for self-delivery, and it's ready!
  • Exchange of articles! Currently, there are many exchanges on the Internet, on which people are ready to buy quality texts. With sufficient skills, you can easily understand the concepts: rewriting, copywriting, seo-text, and sell the article in the volume of one A4 sheet for 30-100 rubles. Of course, no one will bring you cash for this, so you'll have to deal with the electronic purse of Web-money, the withdrawal of funds from the exchange to the purse, and from your wallet, for example, to a personal bank account.

I hope you found the list of optionssuitable for themselves. And you can answer other mothers on the question of how to make a decree. Good luck! Patience and again patience, you will succeed!

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