Shipito forwarding company - reviews and instructions for registering

More and more Russian citizens preferforeign shops, which is understandable, because buying them in any goods, you can significantly save both during sales and due to the difference in price. The only thing that darkens users is the impossibility to place an order directly, but this problem is completely solved.

Shipito reviews
The American company Shipito is inCalifornia and is known as one of the largest among those that provide mail forwarding services. The business idea for creating such an organization in the United States is more than logical, because most of the shops there do not carry out international delivery, and the only way to make a purchase is to specify the address in the US, which is provided by such firms.

Many have long used the services of the company, andSomeone does not dare to make a purchase through Shipito, reviews of which sometimes have a very negative color. Is it really possible to find at least one company that only good is talked about? Most likely, a subconscious reluctance to understand the procedure generates fear of the unknown.

Purchase via Shipito - how it looks

In general, we can distinguish two main areas of the company:

  • providing an address to which orders are delivered from American stores, and sending them to buyers, in whatever country they live;
  • intermediary services which consist in fulfillment of purchase at the request of the client and delivery to it of the order.

In the first case, the client pays only the service for providing the address and the cost of delivery, in the second order order is added on behalf of the client.

In any case, to get started, you need toto register on the site. For the convenience of users from different countries, you can choose one of several interface languages, including Russian. At the time of registration, the client receives information about the address in the US, which will need to be specified when placing orders in stores.

Shipito instructions
Many shipping companies provide wholesale discounts to Shipito, so for the end user its cost will not be higher than in case of contacting the mail company directly.

Shipito - registration instructions

Before you register, you need toDetermine how often there will be a need for Shipito services. Reviews on this issue are different, because many, paying for a single shipment, so fond of shopping, then bought a subscription for a month or an annual maintenance. The services for receiving and sending the parcel can be paid in the following order:

  • one-time service;
  • monthly subscription;
  • a subscription for a year.

For those who plan to repeatedly commitit makes sense to consider a subscription, in the case of which the virtual address is provided for a specified amount of time, and the fee for each incoming package is significantly lower than for a one-time service. The advantage of this type of service is the possibility of obtaining a service for consolidating several packages into one, which can significantly reduce the total cost of delivery. The choice of the optimal tariff will be the first step in registration.

In order to create an account, you do not need tomore than ten minutes. The second field on which the user enters is personal information about the client (name, country, electronic and actual address, telephone number). This information is entered in Latin letters. Further it will be necessary to confirm the correctness of the choice of the tariff and the entered information.

purchase through Shipito
The third necessary action is the indication of the methodpayment (credit card, money order or PayPal) and data about it (in the case of a card, you must enter its number, expiration date, secret code, and so on). After that it will be necessary to pay the selected tariff, and immediately after receipt of payment for the use of services, the account will be activated.

Shipito - feedback on work

As already noted, the company is said to be different. Someone has been using her services for several years and is very pleased with the quality of the service (informing about all actions with sending, fast preparation and sending, speed of getting answers to questions and solving disputable situations). There are both neutral and negative statements about Shipito. Feedback from users who claim that they will not contact the company for any other reason, because their employees steal packages, are more reminiscent of the work of unscrupulous competitors.

It can not be said that Shipito's services are the onlya way to get goods from US stores, a similar service is provided by ShopFan and VIAddress. In any case, there is a choice, whether, meanwhile, to make purchases abroad or not, and between companies that provide services for sending and assisting in making purchases.

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