New technologies for oil and gas production

During the crisis, oil and gas companiesto optimize production technologies in order to increase the level of profit. The over-saturation of the market negatively affected the entire oil and gas sector of the Russian economy. The international exhibition "Neftegaz-2016" is organized with the support of the state. At this event, various directions will be considered: optimization of technological processes, reduction of production costs, search for new markets, ways of obtaining state support and research and development.

This event includes businessa program that consists of seminars for managers, marketers and technicians. 795 participants from 33 countries are invited to the exhibition. Organizers of the event expect more than 20,000 visitors. The exhibition "Neftegaz-2016" is an excellent opportunity for establishing new business ties and exchanging experience.

Optimization of technological processes

Reducing production costs and reducing coststechnological processes - one of the main topics that will be discussed by the participants of the exhibition. Large producers will talk about projects of new technologies and promising directions of modernization of oil and gas processing processes. Innovative oil and gas industry technologies will present the leading enterprises of Asia, Russia, Europe and the USA. This aspect of the exhibition is devoted to the following areas of oil and gas processing:

  • geological research;
  • construction of oil wells on the water;
  • power supply of technological processes;
  • automated production management systems;
  • technological and laboratory equipment;
  • management of the oil and gas complex in a crisis.

Modernization of these areas of oil and gasindustry will significantly reduce production costs. The scale of the exhibition "Neftegaz-2016" corresponds to the standards of the "World Association of the Exhibition Industry", which are presented to similar events in Europe and the USA. This exhibition will be held in Moscow in the Expocentre Fairgrounds. Participants of this event will be able to stay at the elite Crowne Plaza Moscow hotel. This hotel offers its guests a wide range of services and a high level of service. Tickets for the exhibition are recommended to be purchased in advance.

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