Maintenance of plastic windows. Service and repair

Having installed new plastic windows, many believe that now the issue of their operation and maintenance will disappear by itself. However, this is not quite as it might seem at first glance.

But first things first.

maintenance of plastic windows

History of appearance

About the plastic windows Soviet people first learnedin the 80s of the last century. In the Union polyvinylchloride (hereinafter - PVC) windows for that period of time did not produce - it was a single supply from Germany. People quickly managed to appreciate the advantages of plastic in front of wooden frames, and in the early 90s, based on the profile imported from Germany, we began to produce plastic windows in our country. The first such products cost insanely expensive, they were not available for everyone.

Over time, the main elements of PVC windows were learned to make and domestic manufacturers, which were worthy of competition to their German counterparts.

In the struggle for the buyer the design of plasticwindows are constantly being improved and undergoing various changes. Often, the correct maintenance of plastic windows can only be carried out by a specialist who knows their construction characteristics thoroughly.

What it is

A plastic window is a rather complicated structure, including a number of components: a PVC profile, a double glazing with seals, hardware, slopes, a window sill and a tide.

Each component, in turn, consists of several smaller parts, and needs periodic care.

Maintenance of plastic windows can be made andmost, but it is better to entrust this business to a specialist, because it depends not only on the service life and appearance, but also the ease of operation and reliability of the structure as a whole.

Types of service. Single and periodic maintenance of PVC windows

It happens that in the course of operation the compositeparts of the PVC window slightly change its original position. Then, in order to close the window, every effort should be made more and more, as a result of which the doors can deform and graze the frame, crevices appear, through which the wind blows through the house or apartment, the window starts to freeze and flow.

If during purchase or installation you were issuedcontract for the maintenance of plastic windows, then adjust the position of the wings or eliminate other defects that have arisen to you at any time convenient for you or in accordance with the terms provided by the contract.

service maintenance

Usually, all the maintenance and repair of PVC windows are divided into 2 categories:

  1. One-time after-sales service - washing of glasses and PVC profile, cleaning and subsequent lubrication of the seal and window fittings.
  2. Periodic service - works onrepair and elimination of problems encountered during operation. It includes adjusting the fittings, cleaning channels and other works that ensure high-quality operation.

maintenance of plastic windows

The maintenance of plastic windows also includes work on the modernization of hardware and the replacement of rubber seals.

One-time and periodic maintenance of PVC windows is recommended to be carried out as necessary, but not less than twice a year.

plastic windows repair service

Plastic windows. Repairs. Service

Sometimes there may be a need for repair work not provided for in the contract.

For example, in the case of mechanical damageglass, when the glass cracked or crashed at all. In old wooden windows, the glass was mounted to the frame, and it was not difficult to replace it - it's enough to buy a new glass of the right size and fix it with the help of glazing beads in place of the old one. In PVC windows, if a crack is formed on one outer or inner glass, the whole glass unit must be replaced, since this is a one-piece hermetic construction. Each glass unit is manufactured to individual sizes, and without the services of specialists who will make accurate measurements, it is indispensable. The production of a new double-glazed window under special conditions will take some time, but the master will need fifteen minutes to replace it.

List of additional services required for the proper operation of PVC windows

It happens that some buyers with a view toreducing the cost of installation and installation of a plastic window trying to independently carry out work to seal the installation seams and trim slopes. Of course, this is their right. But to do everything quickly, qualitatively and beautifully only by specialists, since they have special tools and skills for carrying out such work. Instead of saving the family budget, you can achieve absolutely the opposite, plus the time and nerves spent.

At the request of the customer, many firms can alsoto cut into the blind window of the casement, turning it from the deaf into the swinging one by installing a wedge-bar and hanging new doors. This reconstruction allows you to save up to half the cost of a new window and does not affect its further performance.

Also, consumers are advised to purchase a veryA practical and aesthetic accessory of any window - a mosquito net. If earlier it was a plastic frame with a stretched mesh and fastened to the window with the help of fragile plastic parts, in the modern version mosquito nets, at the request of customers, can be made in swinging or sliding versions, and their fastening is carried out by more reliable metal corners.

Why do you need annual maintenance?

Proper maintenance of plastic windows allows:

  • several times extend the life of seals and fittings;
  • significantly save the cost of maintaining a comfortable air temperature in the room due to the tightness of PVC windows;
  • Do not allow jamming and breakage of the fittings due to its heavy travel;
  • will exclude the possibility of recoil of the double-glazed windows.

contract for the maintenance of plastic windows

If you want the products in operation to not cause any complaints, entrust the service of plastic windows to specialists.

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