"Chinese Snake" (cucumber) - a miracle of breeding

"Chinese Snake" - a cucumber, enjoying a largepopular with gardeners. Approximately 8 years ago a new variety of cucumbers appeared on the Russian seed market. Now this is a whole group, called the cucumber "Chinese Snake". The photo of its fruits is surprising in size and shape. This family of cucumbers is very long, more than 50 cm, and green. The fruits are not only long, but also thin, often wriggling and prickly. Kind of them, indeed, like green snakes.

Miracle cucumber - the longest

"Chinese snake" cucumber

"Chinese snake" cucumber unpretentious. This variety gives a high yield in any summer. Sometimes under adverse conditions, some subspecies can be bitter. Perhaps, this is the only drawback of the variety. Numerous plants related to "Chinese snakes" have different varietal characteristics, but all differ by very long and thin fruits. Here are the names of the most popular varieties of "Chinese Snake": "Chinese cold-resistant", "Chinese heat-resistant", "Chinese farmer", "Emerald flow", etc.

Cucumber "Chinese Snake": reviews of gardeners

According to the reviews of gardeners, you can judge that theybought seeds of these cucumbers on the recommendation of friends and out of curiosity. Waiting for something unusual did not deceive them. Planting this variety, everyone received an unusually rich harvest. From the trellis hung garlands of long fruit. The taste of cucumbers was delicate, juicy and very tasty. Many gardeners noted a slightly sweetish taste of the fruit. "Cucumbers" were so long that one, it was enough for a salad or just for a snack for the whole family.

Here is such a profitable cucumber "Chinese snake". Reviews of the blanks of it for future use are also positive. Cucumbers were delicious with lightly salted pickling and canning. Even in the longest fruit, the testes are practically not developed, so there are no voids inside the body of the cucumber and the seeds are small and tender. This quality is very good for canning. The truth is that the fruits are unusually long, with salting they have to be cut into pieces.

cucumber "Chinese snake" reviews

Variety description

A variety of cucumbers "Chinese Snake" appeared in Russiarecently. Ten years ago, no one knew about it. Varieties of long cucumbers have always been popular. Domestic long-fruited varieties, even self-pollinated, Zozulya F-1 and April F-1, are still inferior to Chinese ones. What is so good about overseas long-bodied cucumbers, their pros and cons.

"Chinese snake" - a bee-cucumber cucumber. Therefore, it is better to grow it outdoors, where there is access to insects. Despite this, it would seem, lack, the yield of the variety is very high. The fact is that he has a pronounced predominantly flowering female type. This means that there are very few male flowers (empty colors), and there are many female flowers with ovaries. Therefore, if you look at the fruit-bearing bush of a cucumber "Chinese snake", you can see a large number of hanging fruits.

cucumber "Chinese snake" photo

The high yield is also due to the fact thatthe variety is long-fledged. Liana cucumber grows powerful and long (up to 3,5 meters). The entire length of the ovaries and fruits. Yield from the bush can reach 8 kg. Cucumbers do not overgrow, they always remain green and juicy on the bush, with small seeds. But to pick many cucumbers is undesirable, they quickly fade during storage and lose their taste qualities.

Agrotechnics of cultivation

What is the condition of agricultural machinery requires cucumberThe Chinese Snake? Cultivation of this variety provides trellises. When tying cucumbers to them, the greens hang down and grow straight. If the stems are left on the ground, the long fruit will be bent by hooks, and the crop will decrease significantly, and the quality will not be the same.

Since the bushes are powerful, they can not be thickened. To plant it is necessary by a principle of 50/50 see. It is not obligatory to grow up bushes. It is enough to plant 5 bushes of this variety to fully meet the needs of the family. Therefore, you can buy only 1 pack of seeds of this variety for sowing.

cucumber "Chinese snake" cultivation

Less of a grade

The disadvantage of the variety is the unfriendly germination of seeds. They are heavily nailed. When sowing is already good, if it has risen at least 50%. Therefore, many gardeners put them not seeds in the open ground, but in seedlocks. After the seedlings turn a month, it is planted on a permanent place, a garden bed or a greenhouse. But this does not mean that they can not be sown in the usual way. It is possible to soak and germinate the seeds, and how to be planted, planted in an open ground. The main thing is that the place where the cucumbers grow should be warm and sunny, without drafts.

sort of cucumber "Chinese snake"

This cucumber has a good appetite

"Chinese Snake" - cucumber responsive to top dressingfertilizers. A very large bush, a powerful root system and abundant fruiting require a constant consumption of minerals. Therefore, when planting in the ground in the hole, you need to make a tablespoon of "Azofoski". Several times during the vegetation period it is necessary to feed urea (1 tablespoon per bucket of water). Fertilizer can be replaced with infusion of mullein.

Cucumber "Chinese Snake" needs abundantwatering, because the plant uses nutrients dissolved in water. If dry, then the plant begins to starve. This will reduce the harvest and spoil the taste of cucumbers. There may be bitterness.

In the rest, care for Chinese cucumbers is notmore difficult than for other domestic varieties. Foreign varieties are resistant to diseases and unfavorable climatic conditions. Therefore, who at least once tried to plant them, will no longer remain indifferent to them and will grow these cucumbers every season, at least a few bushes in the garden.

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