Icebreaker "Captain Khlebnikov": skirting Greenland

In May 2016, the icebreaker "Captain Khlebnikov"celebrated his 35th birthday. The ship was built in Finland in 1981. He wears the name of the well-known in the USSR man Yu. K. Khlebnikov (1900-1976). About the polar captain, the participant of the Great Patriotic War, the owner of the Order of Nakhimov and other high awards of the Soviet Union, you can tell a lot. We confine ourselves to the following information: he commanded the icebreaker "Alexander Sibiryakov", the icebreakers "Litke", "North Wind", etc. The vessel of his name is more modest in merit, but strives for the heroism of overcoming. It is possible that "Captain Khlebnikov" is about to hit the Guinness Book of Records.

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Round Greenland

What a miracle-action is being prepared to present to the worlda tourist icebreaker with a displacement of fifteen thousand tons, a length of one hundred and thirty, a width of over 24, a side height of just over twelve meters, "running" at speeds of up to 35.2 km / h (18 knots)? Than decided to glorify himself a friendly crew of 59 FESCO seamen (the so-called transport group that owns the icebreaker, under a time charter contract the vessel was rented by a North American company)?

It is known that in the summer of 2016, with tourists from different countries on board, "Captain Khlebnikov" moved to the Arctic, intending to round Greenland. A complex task was chosen not accidentally. The legendary icebreaker-toiler is designed to sail the polar seas, overcoming the conditions of any complexity.

None Another of the cohort of expedition ships is notis able to move in polar waters. As you know, "Captain Khlebnikov" became the first vessel to circumnavigate Antarctica with passengers on board. A little about the dates from the history of the icebreaker: he became a tourist in 1992, on the wave of perestroika, which took place in the former Soviet society. From 1992 to 2011 he went to the Arctic (in summer) and to Antarctica (in winter). From 2012 to 2015, he temporarily "rested."

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Ship Overview

The long-awaited return to service took place inMarch 2015. At the same time, the course for the Arctic season of 2016 was taken. The smallest details were counted. Because any error in the ice is especially expensive. As is known, "Captain Khlebnikov" is staffed with highly qualified Russian officers and crew (representatives of different countries).

On board there is a "constellation" of landingships, including helicopters for take-off and landing on ice, intelligence of wild nature. On open multi-level decks are equipped with excellent observation platforms.

Common areas include two dining rooms,salon and bar, auditorium, indoor small swimming pool, gym and sauna. The ship has a library, a shop, a passenger elevator and a small medical center. In general, the journey in ice passes in complete comfort.

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The way across the Arctic Ocean

110 passengers can accommodate the icebreaker "CaptainKhlebnikov. " The cabins are triple (6), double (41), suite (3) with lounge, TV / DVD and corner suite (4). All cabins are equipped with bathrooms and at least one ventilation pane.

Lonely travelers are accommodated in triple and double cabins on a sex basis. The wishes of the excursionists are taken into account. There is an opinion that this is the only vessel for access to ice-free areas that do not freeze. At the same time, tourists are provided with comfort and safety is guaranteed.

In a grand 75-day round-the-world trip(July 10 - September 23, 2016), held in the traditional style of expeditions on the mighty icebreaker "Captain Khlebnikov", tourists discovered the Northeast Passage, explored northern Greenland.

Driving directions

Traveling by sea route through the NorthThe Arctic Ocean along the northern coast of North America, tourists enjoyed amazing views from the air, climbing up on two side-mounted helicopters. Taking pictures and recording interesting facts, everyone was able to personally create an interesting polar chronicle for themselves.

The journey starts from the northeastThe extremity covered with a thick layer of ice. These are unique geological formations of the Russian Arctic. The powerful force demonstrated by the icebreaker "Captain Khlebnikov", as if on sails, delivered travelers to the mysterious, inaccessible region of the world. The duration of the trip was 25 days.

The following direction led people to the extremityGreenland. Remnants of the camps of the Northwest Passage seekers were visited. They say it is impossible to forget the splendor of the "iceberg alley", a short but bright touch to the way of life of local residents, the nature of the tundra. This was given a time limit of 21 days.

The third route resulted in an acquaintance withsights of the Canadian Arctic. Travel to quiet coastal cities, monitoring the life of indigenous peoples of North America, Inuit, took 18 days. The final part of the trip came at the end of the Northwest Passage.

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Champagne on an ice floe

Rounding off, the people enjoyed watching whales, seals, polar bears, seabirds. I think visiting the islands and archipelagoes of the Arctic Ocean was a favorite for tourists.

Recall: when the icebreaker left Vladivostok port, four wanderers left with him to the icy distance. The lion's share of pilgrims was taken in the port of Anadyr. They were citizens of the United States of America, Great Britain, Canada, and other states. "Prokolesiv" on the Russian Arctic, skirting Canada, on September 23, the icebreaker will return to the Chukchi port.

Commercial and passenger ships are not capable ofovercome the thick layers of ice, and "Captain Khlebnikov" quietly walks through obstacles, delivers tourists to the exotic world of the snow queen. In the Greenland Cruise, foreigners dreamed of drinking champagne and making a barbecue on an ice floe. Their dreams come true, regardless of whether the ship "shines" Guinness records. Antarctica, the icebreaker "Captain Khlebnikov", the Arctic will always remain in the memory of all travelers who have visited there, where there is always frost, where the bears are rubbing their backs on the earth's axis.

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