Cigarettes "Bond": the history of the brand and the types of cigarettes

There are already a lot of words about the dangers of smoking, sono less there are people who do not dare to part with a bad habit and continue to smoke several cigarettes a day. Men and women prefer different brands of cigarettes, but one of the most popular are Bond cigarettes. Their name is known in more than 50 countries of the planet.

This brand has been known for a long time, and many people are sure that its name is associated with the name of the popular movie hero. But this is not so. The history of the label has nothing to do with the immortal agent.

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The emergence and development of the brand

Cigarettes "Bond" appeared by chance. The famous owner of the tobacco corporation Philip Morris, in addition to the huge tobacco factory, also had a network of stores to distribute them. His enterprises were successful and in demand. One of the admirers of the goods was the Belgian king Alfred. He wanted to somehow express his sympathy for the store and ordered that the institution be given the honorary title of a royal boutique. In 1902, the first cigarettes of Old Bond Street appeared. Their name was due to the fact that the trading institution in which they were sold was located on Bond Street.

Since that time, the Bond cigarettes began to march triumphantly around the planet. And many modern smokers consider them to be royal cigarettes.

Many tobacco lovers choose this brandbecause of its association with the popular film. The boxes depict a coat of arms with a crown that attracts the attention of the most demanding smokers. These two facts played an important role in the success of the brand.

At the beginning of the last century, Bond cigarettes werevery popular and were in the mid-price category. In the 1990s, the product packaging underwent a change. She was given firmness and strength. In 2006, the manufacturer launches a new grade Bond Street Special, belonging to the premium class.

cigarettes bond compact

Composition of Bond cigarettes

Cigarettes "Bond" consist of a filter, which, according to many people, detains harmful resin, and the smoking part. But the raw materials in them are different. Tobacco is wrapped with special paper.

Cigarettes contain those most harmful tar andspecial substances, through which tobacco burns much faster. Strong types of cigarettes "Bond" contain the largest number of those components that it is better not to get into the human body. The minimum quantity is available in a light grade of ordinary thin Bond cigarettes.

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Types of cigarettes

To date, there are very few types of cigarettes of the trade mark "Bond". From the very beginning of its existence, only a few varieties of these cigarettes were produced:

  1. Bond Street Red (red).
  2. Bond Street Light (blue).
  3. Bond Street Super Light (white).

A little later these varieties were addedsuch varieties as Bond Street Special: Fine, Mild (light) and Reach (strong). Since 2008, these species have not been produced, but a new product, the Bond Compact cigarettes, has come to market, which are of a convenient format and affordable price. The design of compact packages is designed for those who are in step with the times smokers. Quality materials, stylish shades and sweeping lines are designed to emphasize the character of the person who chooses this particular variety.

Also, thin Bond Superslims Gold and Bond Superslims Silver cigarettes were produced.

cigarettes bond blue

Description of varieties

Cigarettes category Red - a cigarette, lengthwhich reaches eight centimeters. Each block contains 200 cigarettes. They consist of one milligram of nicotine and 15 milligrams of tar. In the production of Philip Morris, there are several lines for making and twisting cigarettes Bond Street Red. These are the strongest cigarettes in the entire range of "Bond". On the advice of doctors, frequent smoking of this variety of tobacco should not be taken a great interest.

Super-thin cigarettes "Bond" blue representa product containing a total of half a milligram of nicotine and six milligrams of tar. Excellent taste of this variety is achieved by using a unique technique for their production and a secret recipe for the tobacco mixture.

Bond Street Light has a length of eight centimeters and is produced on the conveyor by automated systems.

Particularly light cigarettes are Bond Street Super Light, which contain only 0.04 milligrams of nicotine and four milligrams of tar.

"Secret" details

The beginning of this century was for the brandBond incredibly successful. "Bond Street" (cigarettes) were constantly advertised on TV, their photos were occupied by the first pages of the world tabloids, they step by step won their consumers. They were loved and recognized by many smokers. The reason for this success was that this brand is a tribute to centuries of tradition and quality. The status of the manufacturer and the technology that has been processed for decades, did not allow the company to produce low-quality products. The royal coat of arms, depicted on cigarette packs, was also obliged to much.

Bond cigarettes are distinguished by the magnificent aroma of tobacco and soft smoke, which does not sore throat in the process of smoking.

The cost of cigarettes allows you to buy them even for people with low incomes.

All these circumstances allowed the label to remain one of the best cigarette manufacturers in the world today.

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