Buy a motorbike "Oka" - and your hands will be several times stronger

Motoblock Oka
A huge selection of multifunction units,carrying out all types of soil cultivation, as well as working with a cart, mower, pump, snow blower, etc., offer garden equipment stores, exhibition sales and online store sites.

The following Russian tillage machinery is represented on the market:

- motor-block "Oka", and also "Cascade", "Neva" - the manufacturer of Open Company "Red October", St.-Petersburg;

- "Sadko" - manufacturer of the Rezhsky Mechanical Plant, Rezh, Sverdlovsk Region;

- "MIK-2" - manufacturer of JSC "Reduktor", Izhevsk;

- "Zhiguli - BGH01", the manufacturer Samara Mechanical Plant "Salut", Samara.

American and European products: Viking, Efco, Caiman, Grillo, BCS, Craftsman, Pubert, Eurosystems, Husqvarna, MTD. Finally, Chinese goods: Crosser, Huter, SunGarden, Weima, Kipor, GreenField, Weima.

where to buy a motorbike
Due to the quality of metal and cheap labor,as well as savings on materials and manufacturability of factory equipment, Chinese-made units have the lowest and most affordable cost. These are practically exact copies of the Russian MB-1 group (the Oka, Neva, Salyut-5 motorbike), but of a lower quality. The Italian and French units are reliable in operation, but with equal parameters with the Russian, their cost is much higher. Therefore, the most optimal and acceptable option for the price-quality ratio is the Russian mechanisms.

How to choose a motoblock
How to choose a motoblock? In order not to make a mistake in the choice of the model of the unit, it is necessary to determine the functions that are necessary in the process of working at the dacha or in the household farm. It is advisable not only to consult with specialists and sellers, but also to inspect the mechanism, watch a video about his work, compare with others, and even better - work with him (for example, taking from a neighbor). When selecting carefully consider the design and safety of the gearbox, as well as the motor. This mechanism should work reliably and for a long time, so pay attention to the possibility of not only preventive, but also repair work.

where to buy a motorbike
The Oka Motoblock and all its modifications are one of thethe best, time-tested models. A wide range of functions allows for the use of machinery for cleaning tracks, sidewalks, lawns in urban parks and parks, and for working in private household farms. A variety of attachments - potato planter and milling cutter, cultivator and plow, raspberry (hiller) and harrow, freight trolley and snow-scraper rotary, shovel motoblock and scraper - expands the range of use of this unit.

Questions about where to buy a motoblock, practicallydoes not arise. For the buyer it is more important to find a quality, technically equipped attachments mechanism. Look at the models and prices in garden technical stores, compare with the offers of online stores, which even with the cost of delivery (sometimes it is free) can offer cheaper and high-quality options for purchasing and are ready to deliver any model to order.

where to buy a motorbike
The Oka Motoblock is equipped with a four-strokegasoline engine Lifan, Subaru, KADVI or Briggs & Stratton, whose power is calculated for the depth of cultivation of the earth to 20 cm when captured about 74 cm. These economical engines consume about 2 liters of gasoline per hour, work very quietly. The unit can pull a trailer weighing up to 350 kg. It is convenient to transport and can easily fit in a car (with minimal disassembly). This is the most popular, popular model.

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