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Shopping Center "Dirigible" - one of the largest inthe Urals capital. How to get to this impressive, really similar to the bizarre megacenter aircraft, what its "stuffing" is, and what statistics about it - further.

How to get on the "Airship"

The shopping center "Dirizhabl" (Yekaterinburg) has the address: Botanichesky District, Schwarz Academic Street, 17. It runs daily from 10-00 to 22-00.

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The shopping center has a convenient location, to itcan be quickly reached by both car and public transport. If you go along the Koltsovo highway, then it's easy to get from the suburbs, bypassing all the traffic jams.

Exit the metro (the terminal station "Botanicheskaya")is located almost opposite the "Airship" - it's easy to find, guided by the signs in the aisles of the subway. The road from the exit to the doors of the shopping center will take an average of 1-2 minutes.

From the city center, the districts of Elmash, Uralmash inThe "airship" can be reached by tram number 5 (exit at the stop "Metro Botanicheskaya.") From Koltsevo, South-West, VIZ in the shopping center will bring the bus number 26, from Uktus - №17.

Arriving at the railway or the northern bus station of the city it is more convenient to get to the shopping center from the metro station "Uralskaya", and from the South bus station - from the station "Chkalovskaya" or by bus №011.

Also stop here are fixed-route taxis № 077, 056 (stop of TC "Dirigibl").

History of appearance

The shopping center "Dirizhabl" (Yekaterinburg) was opened in 2001. The unusual shape of the center is explained by the fact that first in its place intended to erect a covered market. In 1997, even approved the plan of this structure. But when they started building, shopping centers were already in fashion in the city. Therefore, the "Airship" combines in its appearance the plan of the market and the shopping complex.

"Airship" today

At present, the shopping center "Dirizhabl" (Yekaterinburg) -This is one of the most visited shopping complexes, despite the fact that it is located on the outskirts of the city. A convenient traffic intersection also attracts residents of the suburbs. It is fixed that visitors here spend from 15 minutes to an hour. The peak of buyers on weekdays is 18-20 hours, on weekends and holidays - at 15-16.

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Shopping center "Dirizhabl" (Yekaterinburg) - two-levelbuilding with a total area of ​​48 thousand square meters with open parking for 1200 seats. The rental rate is 1000-4500 rubles per square meter. meter. The shopping center is designed within the framework of the "city" concept: streets - trade lines, squares - places for entertainment and presentations, boulevards - recreation areas for visitors. By the way, in commercials it is often referred to as the "Merchant City" Dirigible. "

Inside the "Airship"

In the shopping center "Dirizhabl" (Yekaterinburg) stores rentup to 35 square meters. meters of area. In total there are about 450 boutiques and pavilions here. The so-called anchor tenants are the "Eldorado" hypermarket, the "Mak Peak" food court zone, the Bakery Bakery Bakery, the Monetka grocery supermarket, the Etoile cosmetic and perfumery.

Among the large pavilions there are "TVE", "Montana, Columbia, Yves Rocher, Grace, Piccolo, FINN FLARE, Pokrovsky Trade House, FixPrice, Enrico Marinelli, West Mister, Valenti, OLSEN, PALMETTA and others.

Also on the expanses of the shopping center there iscar wash, mother and child room, pharmacy, atelier, ATMs, currency exchange points and bank branches, beauty salons, dry cleaning, printing centers and fast photo documents, railway and air tickets sales offices.

In the city of entertainment "Airship-Lend" you can play backgammon, billiards, poker, visit discos. For children, there are various thematic holidays with quizzes and competitions every Saturday.

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You can have a snack in the vastfood court, choosing a zone for your taste. It can be a universal "Mac Peak", a bakery "Paul Bakeri", a coffeehouse "Fortune", a pelmeni "Dozen", a take-away from GUDMAN, freshly squeezed juices in Juice Master, milkshakes and a rich children's menu at Babycafe.

For those who are afraid to get lost in the trading city, detailed pavilion layouts and thematic indexes are installed along its perimeter (women's, men's lines, etc.).

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