Real feedback on the work in "Connected". Is it worth it to get into this company?

"Messenger" - this is one of the largest tradingnetworks, specializing in sales of cell phones and other multimedia electronics, as well as accessories and accessories. At the same time in any city you can see open vacancies in these stores. Do not they work very long in them? Or is it all about dynamically developing the network? Is it possible to find real feedback about the work in Svyaznoy?

Friendly staff and fast career growth

Feedback on work in a connected

In advertisements, the employer does not promise the applicantonly a decent salary, but also work in pleasant conditions, as well as great prospects. The collective is really big enough, even a small trade point serves about ten people. Strict restrictions on communication on personal topics with colleagues there. But if you read real feedback about the work in Svyaznoy, you can find stories about how the newcomer "survived" some time after employment. However, this applies to any other work in the team. How quickly contact with new colleagues will be established depends on the person himself. It is possible to climb the career ladder from the ordinary seller to the salon administrator. At the same time, promotion can take only six months, and in some cases even less. But it is important to remember that a more prestigious position is not only an increase in payment, but also an increase in responsibility.

Work in co-staff feedback

The irregular schedule and deductions from the salary

Daily contact with a wide variety ofgadgets, many of which cost several tens of thousands of rubles - is work in Svyaznoy. Employee feedback indicates that after employment on the shoulders of new salespeople will be a big financial responsibility. The cleanliness in the hall is monitored by the staff. Imagine how much will cost a shelf of broken smartphones, which you can accidentally collapse during cleaning the storefront? Against the backdrop of such an occurrence, a trifle seems to be one phone, dropped from the hands when demonstrating to the client. Do not forget about the theft. It is unlikely that the robbers will break into the salon in masks and take away all valuables, but for several units of the goods it disappears almost every week. Minus at the box office is filled from the pockets of employees. Direct feedback on the work in "Svyaznoy" is also said about the fact that sellers forget about their personal lives in an instant. The schedule 5/2 is distributed. You can not always take weekends in a row, you can take only one day a week from calendar days off. In the holidays because of the activity of buyers, almost all sellers work. The standard schedule is from 9.00 to 21.00. Some shops are closed at 22.00.

Communications work 2013 reviews

"Connected". Work: 2013 reviews and comparison of pros and cons

The employer complies with the laborcode. The whole salary is "white" and comes on time to the account. Hospital, holidays are paid. Employees who have worked for more than 6 months receive corporate discounts for purchases in the stores of the network, can use the services of Svyaznoy Bank on favorable terms. Recycling is paid, and they happen often - once a month. For example, after the end of the working day, an audit is conducted. Almost all people who wrote feedback about work in Svyaznoy agree that if it is good to work, the salary will be happy. And it's not just about processing, there are also bonuses, every store makes its sales plan, for which employees are encouraged. As for the minuses, there are a lot of job descriptions and strict penalties for their non-fulfillment.

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