"Children's World" in Tver: addresses of shops

Up to a certain age, the best friends and favoritesevery child - not only parents, brothers and sisters, but also your favorite toys! Starting with fun and bright rattles and ending with logical board games, the children's world of toys includes a huge number of images, characters, objects that can take the child's attention and give him joy.

Children's World: History

children's world in tver

A huge selection of toys provides the mostpopular in Russia, a children's goods store! In addition to gay toys for children of all ages, clothes, shoes, food, cosmetic products and everything for the youngest kids are on sale here! The history of this first-class store started back in 1957, in Moscow. The store began to enjoy tremendous success from the first years of work. "Children's World" is the largest store of children's products throughout Europe.

"Children's World" is an innovator of time, a shop forwhich for the first time in the history of Russia was built a separate building. During the existence of a planned economy, the "Children's World" served as an innovator in the creation of new toys for Soviet children. Over time, when the borders for trade were opened, new sellers came to the previously firmly occupied market segment of the company, offering an equally wide range and all sorts of novelties.

However, this does not detract from the merits of the "Children's World," heand to this day remains a supplier of exceptional quality for its customers. Since then, acquiring more and more popularity, the chain of stores "Detsky Mir" has spread in all cities. There are three such stores in Tver, in shopping complexes "Trade Park N1", "Rubin" and "RIO". In Russia today, 480 branded retail stores are open.

Children's World in Tver

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The location of shops is convenient for citizens. Trading network "Detsky Mir" (Tver) is open in the north and south of the city. The transport accessibility of the chain stores is high. Two of the listed branches of the store are open and open daily from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm. Shopping center "Trade Park N1" is located at Oktyabrsky Prospect, 103 (first floor). In the shopping and entertainment complex "Rubin" "Children's World" in Tver is closed for the time of repair work. The last branch of the "Children's World" in the shopping center "RIO" is located on Gagarin Square, 5. At the moment it is planned to open several more shops in major shopping and entertainment centers of the city.

Online shopping

children's world is the address
If you order goods from the branch "Children's"peace "in Tver on the Internet, it will be useful for you to know the addresses of the goods delivery points, which are also three in Tver. They support the payment by a bank card of two items" Children's World "(Tver) .The addresses of the issuance are: 39, Volodarskogo Street, Victory Avenue , etc. 11. Without the support of a bank card - Zinaida Konoplyannikova Street, 17.

The advantages of online shopping are great: this is special promotions for buyers, and the possibility of self-transportation from the nearest to your home OZON-branches. You can also order any goods that are available in your city. Shop "Children's World" (Tver) provides an opportunity to receive an order courier delivery at a low price, calculated depending on the distance from the store to the place of delivery. All points of issue belong to the Ozon online store chain.

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