Plow for motoblock. Buy or make by yourself?

Motoblock for garden or garden - undeniableassistant. How can it hurt, when you bought this miracle of technology with only one cutter! After all, you are not available in this case, a variety of operations that would be free to perform such a machine. Still, I would like to plow virgin land or a site where the soil layer has not been turned over for five years, or simply to apply fertilizer to the land. For these purposes, a plow for a motoblock is just as necessary for you as air.

In the main, plowing is carried out in autumn, whenit is necessary to prepare the ground for the next year. The plow for the motoblock at the same time cuts and turns the soil layer. It forms large blocks and clods, which, before planting crops, are necessarily broken by cultivation.

The plow for the motoblock is made fromTool steel so that it can withstand the corresponding plowing load. However, it is necessary to take into account the very density of the soil, so as not to overheat the engine and do not jam the motoblock.

Rotary plow for motoblock
The shape of the plow for the motor block is similar tometal crest. To them, he tears off a layer of land and turns it over. This is facilitated by the special shape of the instrument, as well as the expansion of the ridge at the top point.

How to buy a plow for a motoblock? Practical tips

When purchasing a plow for a motor block, it is necessaryCare should be taken to ensure that the manufacturer has the necessary capabilities for adjustment: the angle of incidence and the depth of cutting of the soil layer. Only having such settings, your work will be full and effective. There are several models of plows for motor-blocks, among them: PL-2KM, PL-TYAZH-UN, PL-KIP, PL-UN 220, PN-1, PN-Junior, PL-GN-151, PN-Pubert, PL-OB , PN-Pubert and Futura 6 plow-blade. "It is also necessary to pay attention to the possibility of cutting the knife from the plow for the possibility of sharpening, which will allow cutting its cutting edge easily and at the required angle.

plow for motoblock

An important indicator when you choose a negotiableplow for motoblock, its size should be considered. After all, with a huge size, the unit can not pull it, and at a small enough to work effectively. You can, of course, apply two plows to increase the productivity of labor, then the seizure of such a tool will increase, respectively, by half. It is also desirable that the plow has a hitch that can facilitate the adjustment process. Let's look at how you can make a plow for a motoblock yourself.


self-made plow for motoblock
Itself does not make a plow for a motor-blockgreat work. You can do without even special equipment. Only by taking for working elements the steel of the necessary thickness (3-5 mm) and using the tool that is in the garage of each self-respecting owner.

We begin the manufacture of the share. It is made removable, for example, from the circular saw blade. In this case, the cutting part is beaten on the anvil, as it is done for the braid, and later sharpened.

After that, the blade is manufactured, taking assemi-meter diameter pipe with a wall thickness of 5 mm. Then, by template, the blade is cut by gas welding, which is then grinded by the Bulgarian. When these two parts are ready, it remains only to make the plow body of steel 2-3 mm and assemble the structure.

As you can see, a self-made plow for a motoblock is not such a difficult task if you approach creativity and enthusiasm.

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