"Cayman" (motoblock): instructions, reviews. Attachments for motoblock "Cayman"

Cultivating equipment in the householdfor amateur gardeners and avid truck farmers helps to increase the efficiency and productivity of their work. One of the leading positions in the rating of the most popular manufacturers of motor blocks is the firm "Cayman", which has already proved itself in the market of economic equipment as a reliable producer.

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Motorcycles "Cayman": general information

Manufacturer "Cayman" is Frencha company that specializes in the manufacture of motor blocks and various attachments, which subsequently considerably expands the functionality of modern technology.

The main component of the motoblock - a powerfulengine Subaru, equipped with pneumatic tires, thanks to which the patency of the device is significantly increased. "Cayman" - a motoblock with a wide model range.

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The principle of the motoblock

From a technical point of view, the cultivator is consideredequipment of medium complexity. But it is worth noting that when designing a motoblock, specialists envisage the use of many important component parts.

"Cayman" (motoblock) works on gasoline ordiesel fuel. The principle of functioning is based on the use of an internal combustion engine. It transmits the rotational reflexes due to the transmission and clutch to the camshaft, which already provokes the movement of the machine's wheel, the engine is started.

When the motor is running, the user activates the first speed mode, directing the device to where the cultivator needs to work.

Work with soil and soil is carried out thanks to special attachments - attachments. A specific nozzle performs the appropriate kind of soil processing work.

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In addition, it is possible to connectvarious mechanized devices, which, in fact, makes the "Cayman" motoblock (the photos of which are presented above) universal equipment. It can be called a mini-tractor.

Model range of cultivators "Cayman"

Model motoblock should be chosen based on the purposeits acquisition and the anticipated tasks that it will have to fulfill. The assortment of the trade mark "Cayman" is wide enough, therefore to consider each model there is no sense. Motoblocks "Cayman", reviews about which break records (or rather - their number): cultivators "Cayman" 340, 330 and Vario.

Model 340 is equipped with a powerful engine in 14horsepower, large diameter wheels, treads. Type of movement - self-propelled. Supports the possibility of reversing. Plows the ground in the depth of 22 cm, the gripping area is 90 cm. The cultivator weighs 107 kg. The capacity of the gasoline tank is 3.6 liters.

Model 330 is considered an analogue of the "Cayman" 340. The only difference is the engine power level. Here he reaches only 9 horses.

The Vario cultivator is expensiveunit, but quickly payback. This model is equipped with a reducer that does not require special maintenance. When designing, high-quality waterproof seals were used, which represent an insurmountable barrier to dirt and dust, thus eliminating internal clogging, which significantly prolongs the life of the device. Speeds switch smoothly.

Attachments for motoblock "Cayman"

  • The shovel, the second name - is used for cleaning pedestrian paths on sites, paving paths, eliminating snow and debris, and leveling the soil.
  • Milling cutter. The width of the attached implements can vary from 35 to 66 cm. The nozzle works at a depth of 20 cm. The cutters 35, 50, 52, and 66 cm are distinguished. It rotates at a speed of 290 revolutions in 60 seconds.
  • Brush. It is intended for clearing the territorial area from snow and garbage residues. Its width, as a rule, is 70 cm.
  • Plow.
  • Hiller. The purpose of exploitation is hilling.

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  • Mower. It is designed for mowing the grass cover or mowing the lawn.
  • Gruntsezapy. Used for most types of work motoblock.

Motoblock "Cayman": the instruction

How to work with a motoblock?

1. Check the presence of oil substances and their level. The oil must be in the engine.

2. Pour the fuel into the tank (tank). The brand of gasoline, which should be filled with the unit, is indicated in the instruction manual. If the motorized unit is equipped with a two-stroke engine, then the gasoline must also be diluted with oil.

3. Check the connection quality of all components and parts: the steering wheel, the wheel, the clutch cables, the reverse gear and the gas fuel. Excessive clamping is not welcome.

4. Equipment start-up:

  • open the gas cock;
  • switch the suction lever to the "Start" mode;
  • deactivate the ignition;
  • pump 3-5 times with a manual starter;
  • activate the ignition;
  • pull the hand starter;
  • Switch the choke lever to the "Run" mode.

5. Work motoblock:

  • Put the equipment on the site that needs to be processed;
  • attach certain attachments.

Features of maintenance of motor blocks

Any cultivators require specialmaintenance, not exclusion is and "Cayman" (motoblock). There is a set of recommendations, the follow-up of which will greatly prolong the service life of the unit:

  1. Systematic oil change. Oil fuel needs to be changed once a year. It is better to do this after winter, because if it is replaced before the cold, then during the winter it will become unusable.
  2. Check the oil level before each start.
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  3. Regular change of regimes "Labor-rest". It is strictly forbidden to allow the engine to overheat, no matter what power it is.
  4. Dimensional plowing. When processing hard ground soil, the depth of plowing should be divided into two passes. This manipulation has a beneficial effect on the engine and gearbox.
  5. The systematic replacement of the lubricant inreducer. This ensures the correct functioning of the reducer, and therefore, positively affects the "Cayman" motoblock in general, or more precisely, its technical condition. Recall that the cost of the gearbox is a large part of the cost of the entire motoblock.
  6. Cleaning the air filter unit.
  7. Interaction exclusively with the original factory attachments, compatible with the specific model of the motoblock used.

Scope of cultivator equipment

Motoblock "Cayman" - the universal equipmentmechanized type. It is characterized by high power indicators, degree of maneuverability and stability. What can an innovative unit do? Motoblock is designed for digging, hilling, plowing, for planting and harvesting, for mowing vegetation, snow removal.

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Reviews of the work of French motoblocks

Motorcycles "Cayman", which can be found onon the Internet, have a positive trend. Analyzing the feedback on the work of the motor blocks of the foreign manufacturer in question, we can say with certainty that the cultivators "Cayman" are particularly practical and reliable. And when asked why the choice fell on this type of equipment, most users were unanimous: "Cayman" (motoblock) is able to cope with many tasks, including soil cultivation, snow removal, water intake from a well, cleaning of personal plots , grass cutting, etc. This is achieved through the availability of a wide range of attachments.</ strong </ p>

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