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Watermelons are loved by almost everyone. At the word "watermelon", most people are presented with a slice of watermelon with red juicy pulp, dark seeds and green peel. However, many varieties of water-melons have been bred by breeders, differing in various parameters: the color of the pulp, the taste, the color of the bark, the thickness of the bark, the shape of the fruit,

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Watermelon is an annual melon plantfamily of pumpkin. It is generally believed that a watermelon is a berry, but in reality the fruit of a watermelon is a tampon, similar in structure to a berry. In form, the fruit of the watermelon can be spherical, oval, flattened and even cubic. The color of the bark of a watermelon can be from white to dark green, pictures on the bark - in the form of strips, a grid, spots. Pulp of watermelon is pink, crimson, red, white, yellow. 90% watermelon consists of water.

To date, watermelons can be purchased inany time of the year. Even in winter, both regular and yellow watermelons come from Thailand. By the way, watermelons of this color in Thailand in a special honor, because, according to Thai beliefs, yellow color brings good luck and attracts money.

Yellow watermelon is the result of crossingwild watermelon, which has a yellow flesh, with an ordinary flesh. Compared with the red, it is more sweet and has a honeyy taste. In yellow watermelon seeds are much less than in red.

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Sometimes there is a yellow watermelon that does not have seeds. Seeds in yellow watermelons, of course, there are, just in some varieties they mature much later than the fetus and for a while remain shallow and soft.

In Russia, as well as abroad, they are engaged in breedingwatermelons. In Astrakhan, a variety of yellow water-melons was introduced, which was called "Lunar". The creator of this variety is Sergey Sokolov, who spent more than 10 years on his breeding. The yellow watermelon "Lunar" is very sweet, having an interesting aftertaste. Some believe that the variety has a mango flavor, while others tend to lemon. The "Lunar" variety is thin, the cork layer is poorly developed. From the customer's point of view it is good, but there are problems with the transportation of such watermelons, special adaptations are required.

Since recent times, yellow watermelons have grownin the Kuban. Kuban experimenter Likhosenko Igor became famous for the yellow cubicles of watermelons. When growing watermelons Likhosenko puts them in special glass forms. A melon melon is trying to attract the attention of tourists on the Black Sea coast, he succeeds.

watermelon is a berry
A yellow watermelon is no less useful than a red watermelon. It contains vitamins and minerals. In the pulp of watermelon there is glucose, fructose, carotene, fiber, vitamins C, B1, PP, B2, folic acid, potassium, sodium, magnesium. The use of yellow watermelons is useful for the cardiovascular system and endocrine glands. Fiber, contained in watermelons, improves the functioning of the intestines, promotes the excretion of cholesterol. Watermelon is an excellent diuretic that helps to get rid of swelling. Use them are recommended for many diseases: gout, gastritis, arthritis, obesity, etc.

Choose a quality yellow watermelon is easy. It should not weigh more than 5 kg, the crust should have a bright color, while pressing the nail should remain a scratch. In other respects, the same principles apply as with the choice of red watermelon.

Yellow watermelon is used more often in fresh form. In addition, from these watermelons you can cook unusual dishes. For example, fried watermelon in protein batter or drink "Margarita".</ strong </ p>

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