GF-021 (primer): GOST, specifications

GF-021 primer is known for more than 30 years. During this period, the so-called paint primer underwent a number of changes, but it did not lose its relevance. The composition is a composition created on the basis of alkyd varnish, which is called glyptal. Primer of this kind is used as a preparation for painting works, where metal bases are involved. On the latter, it is then possible to apply enamels and compositions made on an alkyd base.


gf 021 primer

GF-021 - primer, which differselasticity, short drying time, and also resistance to external influences. All these features make it possible to apply a primer to prepare various products. If we consider the positive aspects, then we can not ignore the ability of the mixture to protect metals from corrosion processes. That is why the paint primer is used as an independent product, which does not require additional processing.

GOST 25129-82

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GF-021 - primer, which, according to standards,should have a red-brown tinge, but not so long ago the gray and white varieties appeared on the market. Their production by the mentioned document is not regulated, therefore in the process of manufacturing the technical conditions are observed, but the recipe can be selected by the manufacturer independently. If the surface is heated to 100 degrees after application, the drying takes place within 35 minutes. Under normal conditions, which are characterized by a range of temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees, this time increases to 24 hours. After drying, the base gets a semi-gloss or matte shine. The product can be repainted with primer to improve the protective properties. Before applying the enamel, it is recommended to sand the resulting layer.

More information about standards

primer GF 021 specifications

GF-021 - primer, which has plasticity atA bend that does not exceed 1 millimeter. Strengths are 50 cm. Specialists often pay attention to hardness, which in conventional units is 0, 35. Do not use the composition, which is stored after manufacturing for more than 6 months. However, a number of manufacturers indicate an impressive figure, which varies within 2 years.

Features of use

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Primer GF-021 can be used for anytemperature regimes. But the application should be carried out exclusively at plus temperatures, this requirement is due to the fact that the composition must reach the necessary consistency in time. After drying, the surface easily copes with the effects of high humidity, low temperatures, and also exhibits resistance to minor mechanical damage. Primer GF-021 is also characterized by negative sides, the main of which can be called the lack of ability to carry fire. Mixture refers to flammable substances. Therefore, when applying it is necessary to comply with fire regulations. This requirement also applies to the storage phase. After drying, the paint is not so exposed to the flame, but in the first hours after application it retains the ability to ignite and emits an odor. The last property is due to the presence of volatile compounds, which during the evaporation contribute to the drying out of the soil.

Recommendations for use

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Primer GF-021, the characteristics of whichpresented in the article, should be applied to a previously prepared surface. Depending on whether the substrate was painted before work or not, cleaning, degreasing and grinding will be required. With regard to cleaning and polishing, they should be made with the help of appropriate tools, while the remaining operation is performed using white spirit. It is important to check how dry the surface is before applying the composition. If the base is characterized by high humidity and insignificant temperatures, the GF-021 primer, the GOST of which was specified above, will not adhere well. Among other things, these conditions contribute to the loss of protective properties.

Specialist's recommendation

If in the course of long-term storage a solid film appeared on the surface, it must be disposed of before use.

Primer consumption

Primer GF-021, the expense of which you should beis known before the product is purchased, can be applied with a layer of different thickness. One square meter may require 60 to 100 grams of composition. A wide spread is also explained by different methods of applying the mixture. With regard to the thickness of the layer, this parameter can vary between 15 and 20 μm. Before deciding how much paintwork is needed for the job, it should be decided which application technology will be used. This can be lubrication, dipping and spraying. The latter procedure can be carried out by airless or air method. As for lubrication, it can be done with a roller or brush. Using a specific tool will affect the flow.

Use tricks

In order to achieve a reduction in consumptionprimer, it should be diluted before applying with white spirit. In particular, this approach is relevant when sprayed onto the metal surface. To carry out these manipulations, xylene or a solvent can be used. If you decide to apply the last two substances, it is important to adhere to a 1: 1 ratio. While the total volume of soluble substances should not be more than 1/4 of the original composition. This is true for primers of all manufacturers.


GF-021 is considered today one of the mostpopular paint and varnish materials. The popularity of this product is due to its versatility, as the composition can be used for both internal and external works. An important factor is also the fact that the cost of the goods is sufficiently accessible, which indicates the possibility of using the mixture by private masters.

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