Why do cucumber leaves turn yellow around the edges?

You did not think about why weedsnever get sick? Because they are of no use to anyone. And everything necessary and good is given with difficulty. Such here is a simple everyday philosophy. This is by the way about how capricious our favorite vegetables, in particular cucumbers. Only have time to rack your brains when it's best to plant them, in what soil, what to feed, why the ovary falls, why the cucumber leaves turn yellow around the edges, and so on. Here's the last and talk in this article.

cucumber leaves turn yellow at the edges

Cucumber leaves turn yellow at the edges. What is this signal?

Change in the color of the leaves can talk aboutseveral problems at once. First of all, this happens with a lack of trace elements. If the yellowing starts from the edges of the leaf - the plant lacks potassium. In truck farmers this is called an edge burn. The leaves can take a dome shape while the fruits are pear-shaped. Gradually yellowness flows over the veins of the leaf plate towards the center and leads to drying. If the veins immediately turn yellow, then you need to assume a lack of magnesium. Every vegetable grower has his own conditions, and he knows best what sort of soil he has, whether there was feeding and when.

cucumber leaves turn yellow
Depending on these moments, he mustfeed their beds. It is important not to overfeed: from this, too, often the leaves of the cucumber turn yellow at the edges, and even completely. The rate of application of fertilizers depends, as already said, on the initial composition of the soil on the site. Potassium nitrate is recommended - this is a well-proven nitrogen-potassium fertilizer. And do not forget about watering, with a lack of which turn yellow leaves of cucumbers. What if the plant has softened and gave the first signs of yellowing? It is good to water with the settled water so that the moisture reaches the roots. Otherwise, the bush begins to save and redistribute moisture from the leaves to the roots.

Guilt can be pests and fungal diseases

Leaves of cucumbers around the edges turn yellow and crumble,fold and wither when invading pests and diseases they carry. The main enemies of culture (and not only this) are aphids, whitefly, a sprout fly and a spider mite. Stronger than other plants destroys the aphids, which literally sucks the juices out of them. Pests can also carry diseases, for example, spores anthracnose and ascochitis. When the first signs appear, you need to immediately sprinkle cucumbers with a 1% Bordeaux mixture or phytosporin. Against pests also have to process planting, trying to reach the lower parts of the foliage, because that's where they settle in colonies. Olive and brown spots are also tolerable diseases, not a reaction to unfavorable conditions, as it may seem, although they often begin traditionally - the cucumber leaves turn yellow at the edges.

yellow leaves of cucumbers what to do

How to save cucumbers with folk remedies

If a vegetable grower owns a small garden-vegetable garden,he wants to grow on it clean products using a minimum of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. If the harvest is not yet ruined, you can try to save it on your own. For example, take care in advance of the saturation of the soil with minerals. In autumn, when harvesting the last crop, you do not need to rush to throw out the dry tops of tomatoes and potatoes. You can burn it, and scatter the ashes around the site-that's what nitrogen and potassium are for you. From pests it is possible to practice spraying with water infusion of tobacco and laundry soap. If the leaves of the cucumber turn yellow at the edges and threaten to dry out, you need to pour them with a solution of pure wood ash. And a couple of simple tips. Cucumbers do not like nedoliva, but they do not endure overflow. The norm can be calculated by taking a clump of earth from a depth of 10 cm and stretching it in your hand: the earth should not be wet, but moderately moist. Also, cucumbers do not like direct sunlight - because of it they become limp on hot days and literally get burned. One must find a way to sometimes pritenyat landing. Good harvests!

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