Chain stores "Sushi Set": reviews, assortment and features

They say that everyone has different tastes, and thisindisputable fact. Everyone calls his favorite dish. "Sushi Seth" combines in its menu offers for everyone. Here we use only fresh products, of excellent quality. It will pleasantly surprise even those who have seen many clients. What first of all do customers notice? Beautiful menu serving, as well as exquisite style, which is carefully chosen to provide the clients with a cozy atmosphere. Thanks to this, the time spent at the restaurant will appeal to everyone.

What else do the reviews emphasize? Sushi Seth takes care of every customer. Attentive staff will always help with the choice of the order and will provide impeccable service. Here, each client will be offered wonderful sets of rolls and sushi. It will be especially convenient for a large company. These dishes are not just rolls of unknown content, but real sushi from the freshest seafood.

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For fans of Japanese cuisine

Let's now talk in more detail about the fact thatoffers you a shop "Sushi Set". Reviews say that you will find a huge number of delicious dishes. The chain offers to order at a low price traditional Japanese sushi and rolls with free delivery throughout Moscow. By the way, they cook here not only sushi, but also rolls, salads and soups. Cooks please customers with desserts and drinks.

Main advantages

In the capital, there are many cafes and restaurants, where sushi is served. Why choose Sushi Set? Reviews allow us to distinguish three big pluses that are spoken for:

  • Fast preparation and delivery. Today everyone values ​​their time. Waiting for a few hours already no one wants. Here you can use the Internet and place an order on the site or call by phone. In addition, you can pick up your order personally or you can get it from the courier.
  • This is delicious. The Sushi Set chain stores are preparing excellent setsespecially in order that you can enjoy an excellent meal. Cooks will certainly please you with their culinary art. For preparation only the freshest products from trusted suppliers are used.
  • Availability. Here you can really order excellent sushi inexpensively. Flexible marketing policy, discount and bonus programs help attract new customers and retain old ones.

In addition, it is necessary to note complete safety. All products have the appropriate quality certificates. All cooks have successfully trained in the subtleties of cooking. Portions are very large. Weight of sushi, sets and rolls and other dishes indicated in the menu and corresponds to reality. Each order is accompanied by soy sauce, ginger and wasabi and a set of chopsticks.

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Terms of delivery

Reviews about the cafe "Sushi Set" in one way or another concernthis moment. Most of the customers are satisfied with the service, the order arrives quickly and it is very convenient if the time is very limited. The administrator accepts orders from 10:00 to 22:45. You can call at any time, without a break for lunch. Delivery time depends on the distance of the address. The preparation of the set will take approximately 45 minutes. From 60 to 90 minutes have to wait for the customer to get a dish.

SushiSet chain of sushi and roll storesprovides free delivery provided that the order amount starts from 500 rubles. If you take food yourself, there are no restrictions on the amount. Payment is made in cash or by card to the courier, upon receipt of the order.


The chain of shops "Sushi Set" (Moscow) offerits customers an interesting system of discounts, which I really want to use. Set "Hit" for today is sold at 399 rubles instead of the usual 499. This is a one-time offer, but there are cyclical ones. For example, every Sunday you can buy a roll of "Canada with cheese" at a 50% discount. Every day, cardholders can purchase a cheesecake at a 30% discount.

From Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00, cardholders can receive a sushi order with a 50% discount. But the main bonus is a free chef-roll when placing an order for 1200 rubles or more.

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What are sets

These are sets of sushi and rolls. In one order, you get at once several varieties that differ both externally and content:

  • Baked cheese with crab (460 g) - 229 rubles.
  • Summer Hit - 299 rubles.
  • Set "Hit" and "Alaska" (660 g) - 399 rubles.
  • Set "Mega" (1030 g) - 699 rubles.
  • Set "Super" (1650) - 1199 rubles.


If you do not consider yourself a fan of the Japanesecuisine, do not like fish, but I want to please myself with something unusual and tasty, then this is an ideal option. Appetizing rolls with rice and smoked fish, cheese and vegetables, unique sauces, will please even a gourmet. The following options are available:

  • "California" in sesame - 180 rubles.
  • "Philadelphia" - 200 rubles.
  • Spicy with tiger shrimp - 220 rub.
  • Roll with crab - 130 rub.
  • Roll with salmon, tuna or eel - 150 rub.

This is the most popular dish, which in hugeevery day the SushiSet chain stores are being prepared and sold. The prices of sushi and rolls clearly demonstrate that it is more profitable to take the second. Delicious and inexpensive, with a variety of fillings, they are the choice of most people. And what can I do to make the order exactly happy? In this case, you need to understand what they are different about. Classical sushi contain only fresh fish and seaweed. Rolls can be stuffed with fruits and cheese, vegetables and meat. Filling in rolls can be multicomponent. A big plus - from rolls you can not gain excess weight. But they have enough vitamins and minerals, easily digestible protein.

sushi store chain of sushi and rolls


Portions are much smaller, but for the first time thisquite enough. One serving is 30-40 g at a cost of 69 rubles. It can be sushi with salted and smoked salmon, with shrimp and with eel. If you like fish, then either of these options will be very well received. There are sharp sushi with shrimp and eel, with salmon and crab, with tuna and salmon. In addition to classic, there are also baked sushi with all the ingredients listed. Experts say that this is not exactly what it should be a dish in the original, but it's quite good for the taste.

Snacks and soups

What do customer reviews say? "Sushi Seth" is an opportunity for a little money to plunge into the culture of Japanese cuisine. And what is especially nice, you do not even have to go anywhere to do this, they will be brought directly to your home. The kitchen is very good, all the dishes are delicious, the serve is beautiful. By the way, here is served not only sushi. In addition, you can order a popular Japanese seaweed salad. It is suitable for exotic lovers, as well as for those who care about their health.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of tasting Japanesemiso soups. They are prepared on the basis of broth from tuna, and they are dressed with tofu cheese and bean paste. In the menu there is miso soup with salmon, and it is worthy to become an ornament of your table. In addition, the menu has a pasta with chicken breast and vegetables, as well as chili peppers. This is not a snack, but a solid dinner.

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Drinks and desserts

Japanese cuisine is interesting because in mostits uses natural ingredients. Here you will not find coffee and wine. Instead, customers are offered cranberry and sea-buckthorn berries at 148 rubles per liter. They are prepared according to the chef's signature recipe. Be sure to try the delicate cheesecake. It is chocolate and strawberry, but the cost is the same, 179 rubles. As you can see, no pastry with cream and similar desserts. The Japanese do not recognize such food, considering it harmful to health.

Customer Reviews

Today in the capital you can count several hundredmanufacturers of popular Japanese snacks. It is logical to assume that customers have a choice. However, reviews about Sushi Set (Moscow) are mostly positive. Customers note that the order is going fast, the rolls are delicious, each with its own unique flavor and ingredients. Staff is very polite, this applies to girls at the box office, administrators and dispatchers. They will listen, prompt, advise, in general, conscientiously approach their duties.

Of the minuses, regular customers note a densestacking in the pits. It is difficult then to get rolls without damaging them. The packaging itself is very beautiful, with ribbons and windows, in which the date and time of manufacture are inscribed. In addition to the order give a lot of sauce. Themselves are fresh, beautiful. Hot varieties are brought in special packages so that heat does not come out. In general, reviews about the Sushi Set stores are very good. Someone did not like the taste or appearance of the dish, the other courier delivered later than expected. By the way, in this case a bonus is given. Most often it's free fruit drink. But in general, the reviews are quite attractive.

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We build business together with "Sushi Set" (franchise)

Testimonials make it clear that entrepreneurswell understand that the case is beneficial. Therefore, they willingly open their own Japanese food shops, using a special program. If you are willing to work and earn, then welcome. You will need a great desire to work and develop, financial resources to start the Enterprise, as well as a suitable premises.

Starting investments - from 1 000 000 rubles. This amount includes the rental of premises and repairs, equipment and inventory, a starting set of raw materials and packaging, a form for staff and so on. Payback period of investments is about 6 months, turnover is about 1 000 000 rubles per month. When the store is opened, the company develops a breadboard project, calculates the volume of investments and forecasts cash flow, provides certification of equipment. Together with the franchise you get technological maps for all menu items. The company provides requirements to the quality and price category of ingredients and other products that you will use in the work, service standards and training program for staff.

On the Sushi Set franchise, there are different reviews, likepositive, and negative. In some, there is a long payback period and poor profitability of the business. This is quite possible, especially given the high competition. Therefore, you need to carefully analyze the prospects.

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Supermarkets and fast food chain from the inside -this is a completely separate topic. If a buyer only needs to dial a number and place an order, then it will take a huge amount of people to process it. These are administrators and cooks, workers and couriers. Judging by the feedback from the staff, "Sushi Set" is not a heavenly place. Employment is often unofficial, wage arrears happen regularly. The schedule of work is interchangeable, but people do not have enough, so instead of 2/2 sometimes you have to work and 6/1. In this case, fines are foreseen for everything and are regularly withdrawn. In the summer in the kitchen is very hot, often there is not even a fan. At the same time, everyone says that the staff is very good, but the respect from the authorities to the employees is completely lame. Also of minuses is the workplace and conditions, the lack of a social package and benefits, as well as prospects. Therefore, the turnover is quite significant. Despite this, it is necessary to note the good preparation of newcomers, since customers do not complain about poor-quality service. Instead, the words of gratitude are expressed in the responses to courteous, attentive and courteous employees.

Instead of concluding

Proceeding from all told, it is possible to makeseveral conclusions. You can order food in "Sushi Set", sushi and rolls here are quality, delicious and fresh. The choice is great, but the prices are quite affordable. Add to this fast delivery and get a great option to treat your friends with a delicious snack. As for the franchise, you need to think carefully, weigh the pros and cons. First of all, evaluate the passability of the store and the possible profit. With a good patency of the point, you can grow a profitable business. About the work on the network, everyone will decide for themselves. It is possible that this will be an invaluable experience for yesterday's students, and perhaps the first step in a star career. But for professionals with extensive experience, it is possible that the prospects will seem very limited.

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