Courier delivery service SPSR Express: reviews

The market of services for transportation of goods, including insegment of express delivery in Russia - among those that, regardless of the situation in the economy as a whole are able to grow quite actively. This is facilitated by the dynamic development of a number of industries, which predetermines the increase in demand for similar services - for example, this applies to online trading. The most famous and, most importantly, the following main trends of the market for companies in the segment of cargo transportation is SPSR Express. What are the features of business organization in this corporation? What do customers and employees write about it?

SPSR Express reviews

General information about the company

Company SPSR Express, reviews about whichmeet on many thematic online portals for the reason that this brand - among the most famous in the market of transport services in Russia, was founded in 2001. According to experts, the corporation belongs to the leaders in the segment of express transportation. Initially, the company provided services in a rather narrow segment, providing delivery in the express mail format. But then, as the introduction of various innovations, the company turned into a full-fledged express operator of the federal scale.

Now the company SPSR Express provides a full range of services for the delivery of goods of various formats and dimensions across Russia and abroad.

history of the company

It will be useful to get acquainted with the history of developmentfirm. This will help to better understand the organization of the SPSR business, and also more objectively evaluate what users and experts say about SPSR Express. Reviews about the company presented on the portals on the network can often simply not correspond to real facts - for example, based on the fact that a user evaluates services or infrastructure that the company does not have or that appeared later on leaving a response in a particular city .

So, the company was founded in 2001. The first cities, which began to serve the company SPSR Express - Moscow (in the Russian capital was placed head office), St. Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod. Immediately she begins to actively deploy a network of branches within a large geographical scope: from Kaliningrad to the Siberian cities of Russia. The agency network also helps to develop the enterprise. By December 2004, the brand is already present in all regions of Russia. Subsequently, SPSR-Express (reviews) market experts can characterize thissolution from the positive side) begins to use its own route network. A single information and technology center responsible for cargo handling is being created.

Russia Express SPSR reviews

In the period from 2005 to 2007, the company is activeinteracts with government structures - in particular, within the framework of the initiative to form a national Association of non-state operators in the postal communication segment. By October 2005, the growth rate of the corporation's business is about 90% per year.

In 2006, the brand is the first of those that representits segment, enters the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia. The enterprise, developing business, creates its own transit centers in large Russian cities. The establishment of these infrastructural elements makes it possible to increase the speed of movement of goods between the regions of the Russian Federation, as well as to reduce transport costs.

In 2007, SPSR Express (reviewsexperts can also testify to the high appraisal of this decision) opens in the Russian capital a large technological logistics complex on the territory of 10 thousand square meters. The company expands its own operational capabilities, provides growth of transportation dynamics, introduces new technologies and focuses on ensuring the highest quality of services provided.

In 2008, the company starts providing services in the format of direct mailings, within the framework of which the service is provided to customers in the form of an SMS-notification of the delivery of the goods. In 2009, the company introduces a high-techsorting center, the use of which contributes to the increase in the dynamics of the processing of items while maintaining the integrity control of the packaging used. In 2010, there is another service SPSR Express - delivery of goods on the next day after departure.

SPSR Express Tracking

The company is beginning to actively introduce itself into the segmentdistance trade. In 2010, the company also becomes the winner of a tender for the provision of services for the delivery of documents used by educational institutions in the framework of the USE.

In 2011, the company increases its ownfleet of vehicles used in the provision of courier services, more than 25%. Employees of the company delivering cargoes, start using special mobile terminals, which allow to quickly exchange various data with the corporate information system.

In 2012 the company introduces a new linebranded services. This allowed to further increase the dynamics of transportation, expand the geography of the presence of the brand, complement the range of services provided with new positions. In the same year, the corporation begins to actively cooperate with Russian banks: services are becoming popular for the delivery to customers of credit and financial organizations of credit cards issued for them. At the same time, banks are provided in many ways with unique SPSR Express services - tracking the movement of loans, transferring information about the status of the card, as well as confirming the data about the client that received it.

In 2013, the company is actively promotinginternational market, signing agreements with well-known global players in the transport services segment - ASOS, NEXT, Sears and other brands. Thanks to the development of this area of ​​international partnership SPSR Express, Russian citizens are able to order goods on the largest foreign online portals. Among the most famous services provided by the brand in the framework of this line of business is the delivery of Russia-Express SPSR. Reviews about it are also often found on thematic resources.

In 2014, the company continued to developinternational markets, concluding contracts with the world's largest brands, such as wnDirect, Boohoo, Clarins, NCR. But further development in the domestic market was also given great attention. So, the company implemented the infrastructure necessary to ensure the operation of acquiring networks, in accordance with the new norms of Russian legislation. Great attention was paid to the solution of various social problems: for example, the company was provided with support for the Formula Masters Russia racing series.

In 2015, the corporation introduced a new lineservices for companies engaged in distance trading. Using the innovations proposed by the brand, allowed market players to shorten the terms of transportation, as well as optimize communications with customers. The tariff policy on services rendered in the countries of the Customs Union was optimized.

SPSR Express employee feedback

In 2016, the company continued to improveinfrastructure, especially with regard to the provision of financial transactions: couriers delivering goods to destinations have received mobile acquiring terminals that can accept payment by plastic cards. The opportunity to pay for the services of delivery on the card is a significant factor in customer loyalty.

This is the history and peculiarities of SPSR's business organization. It will be useful to study other information about the brand - for example, reflecting the specifics of the activities of the company.

The main activities of the company

The key activities of the corporation are:

  • transportation by road - in intercity, long-distance formats, represented by transportation of groupage cargo;
  • transportation by rail, sea and river routes;
  • air transportation;
  • logistics for all modes of transport;
  • additional services and provision (courier services, forwarding services);
  • Express delivery.

The firm actively develops cooperation with the subjects of the online trade market. Delivery Russia-Express SPSR finds demand when placing orders with the largest foreign online stores. The clients of the company can be both physical and legal persons. Service SPSR Express can develop for them a variety of branded solutions.

SPSR Express Company

Branded solutions

The company develops proprietary solutions inin particular, for trade organizations operating in the format of online trading. PicklandPack product from SPSR enabled retailers to organize a fully functioning online store - with a site, tools for managing the storage infrastructure of goods, completing the package, as well as packaging. In addition, retailers were able to implement, using the specified product SPSR, tracking the delivery of goods to the buyer.

Infrastructure and scale of the company

The infrastructure of the corporation is represented by:

  • 9 large distribution centers;
  • 200 regional branches, as well as representative offices.

The company has more than 1000 cars at its disposal. The company employs more than 4000 employees. The company delivers cargo to more than 6000 Russian settlements.

SPSR Express Service

Reviews of the company

Consider now how the publicevaluates the activities of SPSR Express. Reviews of employees and clients of the company are found on many online portals, and they can be very different, depending on the experience of interaction with the company in question a particular person. But, nevertheless, on the basis of familiarization with them, it is quite possible to get a general idea:

  • about the quality of the operation of specific services provided by the company, for example, such as Russia-Express SPSR;
  • about the level of customer service;
  • Evaluation of the firm as an employer.

Consider the marked categories of reviews in more detail.

Reviews about Russia-Express SPSR

So, among the most popular services,provided by the brand - delivery in Russia-Express SPSR format. Reviews about her reflect, therefore, the experience of the company's interaction with customers who carry out orders, mainly in large online stores, including foreign ones.

Service Russia-Express SPSR, as they can celebrateSPSR customers, in many cases, simply do not have an alternative in terms of a combination of prompt delivery and service rates. In this sense, the brand is one of the most competitive players on the market.

Delivery Russia Express SPSR

With regard to the quality of SPSR services in thissegment, its assessment, in general, suggests that the company is coping with the tasks assigned to it to ensure international transit is not worse than other suppliers that may be willing to provide their services at more expensive tariffs. The most important thing when using services like Russia-Express, for the customer - carefully follow the instructions appearing in the order form. If all the necessary data is specified correctly, then no delivery problems should arise.

SPSR and personal data protection

Many users ask themselves: "If SPSR Express asks for passport data, is it safe to specify them in online forms?". It is worth noting that it is unlikely that one of the largest federal brands of unlawful activities is carried out, in particular, related to the handling of personal data of customers. Moreover, the company interacts quite actively with state structures, is open to them, and, obviously, will try to bring its own methods of exchanging data with customers in accordance with the norms of legislation.

Thus, the user of SPSR services has the rightexpect that the company least interested in the appearance of problems with the implementation of the norms of the law, will use the passport data of the customers not for the intended purpose. She asks them, moreover, not just so, but for the correct identification of the recipient of the parcel - and this is in fact in his interest. Verifying passport data by the delivery service is a service improvement factor rather than an attempt to use the client's personal data for any other purpose. In any case, if there is any doubt, you can always contact SPSR support. Judging by the responses, she solves the tasks assigned to her at the proper level.

SPSR Customer Service Level: Feedback

The most important factor of supplier competitivenessservices similar to those provided by SPSR - this is a quality support service, prompt feedback. In this sense, the services of the company in question are at the level of those leading on the market. If necessary, you can always clarify by contacting the federal number in SPSR Express, addresses, telephones, online contacts of certain departments of the company, internal services, after - contact there and find out the necessary information. In principle, the competence of the company's head office is an exceptionally wide range of issues related to the activities of the company, and it is highly probable that the applicant will not have to go to the local units afterwards.

It is noteworthy that competent specialistscompanies track reviews on it on the Internet, and if necessary react to them directly in the relevant online forms. In many cases, this can help resolve problem issues that arise during the interaction of the client who left the response and the company - in the face of a territorial unit or some service. Contacting SPSR support, the client can get an explanation on the use of certain SPSR Express services. Tracking the order, for example, can be attributed to the most in demand. You can get advice on the delivery of a specific order or on the rules of rendering similar services in general.

SPSR as an employer: feedback

Another category of feedback about SPSR is that,which characterizes this firm as an employer. The staff of this corporation, as we noted above, is more than 4000 specialists. In addition, the firm cooperates with a large number of agents, contractors, and is actually their employer for them. How do employees evaluate the experience with SPSR Express?

Employee feedback is largelyare determined by the specifics of their position. If it assumes that the employee receives compensation, represented mainly by salary, then there is no special reason to treat the company too loyally or, conversely, with criticism, he may not have. The employer, most likely, will offer the employee the conditions corresponding to those that have developed on the market, not better, and not worse than competitors.

In turn, if the position assumesreceiving a person's salary mainly in the form of premiums or, for example, percent of the amount of contracts, its value will depend on the actions of a particular specialist, his efforts and skills. In this sense, praise or, conversely, criticize the company also has no special meaning. But in general, as an employer SPSR Express can be evaluated as a company that is modern enough from the point of view of work organization, a technology that can offer employees good conditions for obtaining decent earnings, as well as for career growth.

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