Partridge: breeding and maintenance at home. Breeding and maintenance of ptarmigans at home as a business

Breeding ptarmigans at home asbusiness idea is remarkable, especially interesting for beginning businessmen living in rural areas and having no starting capital and other opportunities for earning. Why?

ptarmigan breeding and maintenance at home

Business for beginners

Breeding ptarmigans is in itself an occupationfascinating, but it also brings profit. Than in this regard, partridges are interesting? Breeding and maintenance at home of this bird has not yet become widespread, and there is a demand for it. Hence, the competition will be low, and there will be no problems with sales. This is the first advantage. From it follows the following: the prices for poultry and meat can not be low, therefore, the income is secured. The third advantage is low costs and a lack of initial investment, which is very important in the emerging business. And time costs are low, and incomes are high, then profits ... Correctly - big, but not immediately.

More on the Gray Grouse

Partridge gray - sedentary bird, common in the wild. In Russia, it lives in the Altai, the Urals, the Caucasus, in western Siberia, Karelia, the steppe and forest-steppe zone of the center and west of the country.

It is a small bird with a body length of about 30 cm, round in shape. The mottled coloration is visible only near and helps the bird to be invisible against the background of vegetation and earth.

breeding and maintenance of ptarmigans at home

A ptarmigan lives in the open country, in a field or steppe, nests on the ground, in well-protected places. Females croak, almost like chickens, males make a croak like a cock.

By winter, partridges move closer to people and often spend the night in economic buildings.

Partridge can move quickly enough even in dense grass and if necessary, with a noise and screams, take off.

They live in packs of several dozen birds, but diverge in pairs during the mating season and live in a family, raising chicks on an equal footing, to cold weather.

During the season the partridge lays an average of 25 eggs.

The enemies of partridges in nature are predatory birds, animals, severe winters and, naturally, hunters.

These birds are so similar to ordinary chickens that it becomes unclear what problems the breeding and maintenance of partridges at home can cause.

Room for partridges

Partridge does not need a large shed and speciallythe constructed premise. The main thing that it was dry, warm and without drafts. Since the partridge is a wild bird, it needs an enclosure with a high fence for walks. In the area of ​​walks, must necessarily grow tall grass and thorn bushes of bramble or hips, which in the natural habitat prefer to protect partridge. Breeding and keeping a wild small bird at home is not so difficult. High grass, thorn bushes, warm straw litter - nothing unusual or expensive.

Features of breeding partridges at home

Partridge - still not a chicken, it's enoughhigh soars, so many farmers in a fenced enclosure install cells with a roof. True, many experts agree that in the open area the bird grows better and gaining weight. Spend the night partridge in a barn, the floor in which you must necessarily cover with straw or hay, changing the litter every other day. Dry grass protects partridges from low temperatures. Therefore, it must be stocked in the summer so that it lasts until next summer.

breeding partridges at home tips

Partridges are afraid of drafts, in the poultry house you needcarefully repair all the cracks. They also do not tolerate loud sounds, so the walls of the barn from the inside can be shrouded with soundproof material, which at the same time will slightly warm it.

In one cell measuring 35 × 25 × 20 cm, you can keep three pairs of partridges. There is enough artificial light in the poultry house, but it must be mandatory.


Partridge is not capricious and does not get sick. Therefore, there are no problems with food. In nature, the bird eats grass, various bugs and their larvae. Partridge, breeding and keeping at home is not so common that they have developed a special feed for them, they gladly eat chicken or turkey feed, any grain or cereals.

They need calcium gluconate in sufficientquantities, so near the feeder should always be chalk or crushed seashells. When feeding poultry with coarse fodder to improve digestion, it needs coarse-grained sand. The water in the drinking bowl must be necessarily clean and fresh.

Breeding ptarmigans at home

Councils of specialists and farmers begin withacquisition of several pairs of partridges. But in principle, to start with, just one different-sex pair. And the cells need less, and the males do not fight, and the costs are lower. And it's not so insulting if the experiment fails.

There are three ways of acquiring birds. The most expensive, but also the easiest way - to buy ptarmigans on a specialized farm. There you can get professional advice, which will require the breeding and maintenance of partridges at home. The cheapest, but not always feasible, way is to catch wild partridges in the field. The most laborious, but requiring special equipment and long enough - to withdraw the chicks from the eggs in the incubator.

ptarmigan breeding and maintenance at home

Growing of ptarmigan chicks

Breeding and maintenance at homePartridge is not such a complex and time-consuming process as it seems. Only the growing of young animals will require attention, but it does not differ from the cultivation of chicks from any other poultry.

Lay off the partridge's eggs begin at the endApril, this period lasts twenty six days. All this time the male should be in one cage with the female to fertilize the eggs. They take males and females in different cells around mid-summer.

breeding partridges at home business ideas

During the season, one ptarmigan produces about sixty eggs, but only fifteen is allowed to sit in one clutch. Excess eggs can either be sold, or use an incubator.

In the early days, hatched chicks shouldto be with the mother, to plant in a separate cage they need about a week. For a walk, they start releasing at a month's age. Fresh air and warm sun, dry land, overgrown with grass - the main conditions for rapid growth and normal development of partridge chicks.

Breeding and maintenance at homeyoung animals do not require special knowledge on its feeding. In the first days it is fed with mashed yolks of hard-boiled eggs and finely chopped dandelions and yarrow, growing at this time almost everywhere. On the third day you can give crumbs of white bread, in five days - boiled meat or ant eggs, twice a day, gradually increasing the amount of food.

The benefits of breeding partridges

So, going back to the beginning, now it is already possibleto answer the question, why it is beneficial to breed partridges at home. Business ideas in rural areas and suburban settlements are not so diverse. Basically, this is the breeding and sale of domestic animals and poultry.

Partridge in this respect have someadvantages. On the market today, the meat of this bird is represented in insufficient quantity, and there is a demand for it. All more or less expensive restaurants have on the menu dishes from rare bird species and are ready to purchase them from trusted suppliers. And on its own table this dietary, environmentally friendly meat without additives is a big plus.

breeding ptarmigans at home as a business [1]

Ptarmigan eggs have a unique chemicalcomposition, they are rich in vitamins, and in cooking they can completely replace chicken. The requirement is one - they must be subjected to heat treatment, roasting, oven or cooking. They are also in demand in cosmetology.

In the maintenance of a bird unpretentious, care of a specialrequire, get sick very rarely. Features of rearing ptarmigans at home are not so difficult and impracticable, even a beginning farmer who has a private house and outbuildings can handle breeding.

True, the complexity still exists, but not with proper breeding, but with the tax inspectorate. Business should be registered in the direction of the activity "Agricultural Breeding".

Of course, from the first year of profit is not expected,but the second year can bring some income. In addition, the word-of-mouth radio operates, which greatly facilitates the realization of partridges, their eggs and meat.

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