Location of Outdoor Advertising in Kiev

Outdoor advertising is a very important and effectiveA marketing tool that is simply necessary for a full-fledged advertising campaign. Due to the variety of choice of various formats and correctly planned address program, outdoor advertising in Kiev is focused on solving many important tasks for business, for example:

  • the formation of the brand's brand image from the client is realized using advertising planes of significant format, such as, for example, a supersite or a firewall,
  • informative functions - advertising of all kinds of events, concerts, exhibitions, etc.,
  • pushing to sales - advertising discounts, various sales or seasonal offers,
  • regulation of sales - if you forget about the similar function of outdoor clothing, you can earn elementary money is not a desirable image. Do not forget that the availability of goods must meet the expectations of the advertising campaign.

What are the advantages of outdoor advertising in front of other media?

- It works where most people spend much of their time outside their home.

- The inevitability of contact with outdoor advertising, especially in traffic.

- Only the outer garment takes possession of the necessarythe target audience that does not sit at the screens of their TV sets, does not read a different press because of their employment. This target audience works a lot, while consuming goods and services at an active rate.

- Navigator - outdoor advertising directs credible and loyal customers to places of sale of goods and services.

- And the most important thing in outdoor advertising is that it functions around the clock.

To date, outdoor advertising of the Ariesdiverse and has a large number of types of carriers, so when choosing a specific advertising medium, it is more expedient to contact a specialized advertising agency in Kiev RGM, where you will be helped to create an unusual and unique design to promote your business.

So, the main types of outdoor advertising, which can often be found in large cities, are:

Billboards or bigboards - billboards, the most common format of the outdoor.

Lightbox or sitilayt - two-sided design on the support, with built-in lighting.

Trolls or banners - two- or one-sided advertising structures. The advertising picture is printed on a banner fabric, which is decorated with a huge number of eyelets.

The firewall is an advertising design of impressive dimensions, in the form of a stretched cloth or shield, located on the blind walls of buildings.

A scroll or, in other words, a scroller, a roller is an advertising design with a changing picture that is equipped with a high-quality backlight system.

Pillar - the type of advertising design common in outdoor advertising, which is a tube with two or three advertising pictures, with the presence of internal illumination.

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