How to get to the Sokolniki Exhibition Center? Description of the exhibition center "Sokolniki"

Like the park, and the exhibition complex "Sokolniki" are known far beyond the capital. Let us dwell on the features of the latter, simultaneously providing all the important accompanying contact information.

Exhibition Center "Sokolniki" - what is it

CAC "Sokolniki" not in vain is so famous not only inRussia, but also abroad - he is a pioneer in international Soviet, and later Russian, exhibition activities. Today the center corresponds to all international standards to complexes of such specialization, annually holds about 80 most diverse exhibitions - Russian and foreign, narrow-profile and international, commercial and social (including by order of the Government of the Russian Federation and consonant structures). In events attended by up to 1 million visitors every year, up to 5 thousand companies from 55 countries of the world participate!

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Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center is 9 pavilions, occupying an area of ​​33 thousand meters2. There is a free of charge service throughout their territoryWI-FI, multi-scale car parks - for 10, 20, 30, 35, 40 and 200 cars. In the pavilion No. 7 of the complex you can find the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, and in No. 7a - the Packaging Museum. It is important to note that the center consists of a number of important domestic and international organizations:

  • UFI (International Union of Fairs).
  • MCCI (Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry).
  • IUEF of the CIS and Baltic States (International Union of Exhibitions and Fairs), etc.

Location "Sokolniki" without unnecessarywords are successful - on the territory of one of Moscow's most popular and favorite parks. In the immediate vicinity of the complex you can find a library-reading room, a dancing veranda, sports alleys with rental points for a wide variety of equipment, a swimming pool, a kart board, towns with attractions, numerous food court zones and much more. Among other things, the park hosts a wide variety of cultural, sports, entertainment events, timed to a certain season, holiday, event.

Sokolniki Culture and Exhibition Center: contact information

Exhibition Center "Sokolniki" is located onaddress: Moscow, 5th Radial Prossek, 7, building 1. The complex has its own official website, where you can find out all contact phone numbers / faxes, e-mail address.

To date, the general director of the exhibition center in Sokolniki is P. V. Revenko, and A. Yu. Shaburov is the president.

Sokolniki Exhibition Center: how to get there

You can get to the Sokolniki Culture Center in three ways:

  1. On foot. Leaving at the metro station "Sokolniki" and passing through the 4th ray avenue (Main alley) of the park with the same name, visitors will be on the territory of the complex.
  2. By free shuttle bus. In the days when the exhibition is held for a wide range of visitors, free buses run from Sokolniki metro station to pavilions No. 2 and No. 4. The place of their stopping is easy to find by the established time signs. A typical traffic schedule is every half hour from 10:30 to 18:30 from the Sokolniki station to the CEC and also every half hour from 11:00 to 19:00 from the pavilions to the metro.
  3. By car. If the entrance for pedestrians to the park is absolutely free, then for entry into its territory by car you will have to pay 200 rubles. Moving follows the 3rd Radial clearing to the parking lots. A total of 10. The most capacious (parking for 200 cars) is located along the 3rd Radial clearing after Mitkovsky passage.

 Sokolniki Exhibition Center

Pavilions "Sokolnikov"

Let's present a brief information about the pavilions of the CCC:

  • The rounded pavilion №2 of the Sokolniki Exhibition Center is the very first one that visitors can see through the central glade of the park. Its area is 4385 m2.
  • Pavilion No. 3 covers an area of ​​2025 m2. It is located in a single complex with pavilions No. 11 and No. 11.1.
  • In the exhibition center "Sokolniki" pavilions №4, №4.1, №4.2 are also united in a single complex. Their areas - 4752, 3752 and 959 m2 respectively.
  • Pavilion №7 is designed for 150 people. Here, press conferences, presentations, coffee breaks and even chamber concerts are held.
  • Pavilion 7a with an area of ​​3650 m2 differs in its multifunctionality. The room, depending on the specifics of the event, can be transformed into an exhibition or trade fair space, a hall for corporate meetings or business events, a festive venue for receptions, weddings, concerts and various parties.

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History of the Sokolniki Culture and Exhibition Center

Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center waswas founded in 1959. Let us repeat that he was the first among the complexes of such a plan in the USSR. The first exhibition was the US national "US Industrial Products". It was discovered by NS Khrushchev himself and vice-president of the United States R. Nixon. For many it was remembered by the pearls of these politicians regarding the American and Soviet way of life and the material solvency of the citizens of these countries. Later, the dialogue between Nixon and Khrushchev will be called "kitchen debates" - it was held in front of the "Modern Kitchen" stand of General Electric. But still more interesting at that exhibition was an unusual dome-shaped round pavilion erected according to the design of the American engineer R. Fuller.

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It is estimated that for the years 1959-1976. Sokolniki Exhibition Center in Moscow was visited by 19 million people! During this period, 56 exhibitions were held - chemical, printing, machine-building, automotive and geodetic. 1989 in the life of the complex was highlighted by the fact that there was an association of the Moscow Fair (it holds events in Sokolniki and now) and the German Glahe International. The result was the expansion of the range of exhibitions of the Sokolniki CEC.

2009-2010 - The time of large-scale overhaul of the complex. In the same years, pavilions No. 4 and No. 7a were erected. In 2011, the Sokolniki Culture Center becomes a member of three organizations at once: UFI, AIPC (International Association of Congress Centers), Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs. At the same time, cooperation was established between the KVC and Sokolniki PC & A - a common development line was identified.

Permanent exhibitions in the Sokolniki Culture and Exhibition Center

On a regular or regular basis in the exhibition center "Sokolniki" there are:

  • equestrian exhibition "Equiros";
  • exhibition "Formula needlework";
  • exhibition "Music Moscow";
  • project "For Little Hearts" - master classes on calligraphy for orphans and ivalid children;
  • the project "Our Victory";
  • International Exhibition of Calligraphy;
  • "Two Paris";
  • "The first exhibition in the stratosphere";
  • "Mobile polar museum";
  • "The first handwritten Constitution of the Russian Federation."

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Temporary exhibitions of the current year

Currently, the following fascinating events have been or are being planned in the pavilions "Sokolniki":

  • January: "Factory of Christmas-tree toys", Orthodox Fair "Ringing of bells", exhibition of pigeons "We are together."
  • February: Moscow Dive Show (exhibition of underwater photographers), MOTORSPORT EXPO 2017.
  • March: Festival of organic products, City Build Russia 2017.
  • April: "Blade - traditions and modernity", "Gemstone collapse", International Franchise Festival, Joinery Festival, "Ice Industry", VAPESHOW Moscow, Festival of Pregnant and Infants, XIV World Dance Olympiad.
  • May: "Treasures of the North", Festival of Oriental Culture Oriental-EXPO, parade of old cars "Retro-fest".
  • June: 9th International tattoo-conference, Russian Gaming Week, the festival of articulated dolls, festival of food fudds.
  • July: Japan Cars & Culture Expo 2017.
  • August: "ZooFest".
  • September: BARBER CONNECT RUSSIA, "Jewelery Vernissage".
  • October: 3D Print Expo, "Belarus-Russia" exhibition.
  • November: the festival "Eat fish!", An exhibition of halal products, an exhibition of advanced robotics.
  • December: exhibitions of cats and dogs (conducted monthly).

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Sokolniki Exhibition Center in Moscow is the oldest Russian exhibition complex, which is still relevant today. A lot of events are held here, which will be of interest to the most diverse visitors and participants.

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