How do they plow the soil with a motor-block? How to plow a plow on a motoblock?

Motoblock - universal equipment, with the help ofwhich can plow the land, plant root crops, hoe potatoes and harvest. It is worth such a dacha technique today is not particularly expensive, which determines its extraordinary popularity. Most often, they are used for plowing land for potato planting. Nothing particularly complicated technique of loosening the soil with a motor-block does not represent itself. However, it is still necessary to know certain features of this operation.

Wheel installation

So, let's see how the plowing machinethe ground is correct. Before the operation, of course, the equipment must be prepared. On the motoblock wheel is hung, then the plow is mounted. As for the first, their diameter should be at least 50-60 cm, and width - 18-20 cm otherwise qualitative plowing will not work. If the wheels are too narrow, the motoblock will start to wind from side to side. With a small diameter, it will be impossible to provide a sufficient distance between the soil surface and the reducer.

how to plow motoblock

When choosing wheels for the motor block, you should pay attention, including on the rim. It is desirable that it is not continuous. Otherwise, there will be earth between the grooves.

Plow attachment

This operation is quite complicated - its bestproduce with an assistant. To hang the plow, the motoblock is slightly raised above the ground. To do this, it is pounded onto any supports with a height of at least 15 cm. It is with this procedure that preparations for the operation of small-scale mechanization equipment intended for plowing land of any brand should begin. Including such a popular, as, for example, the motor block "Neva". How to plow the land using this brand's machinery will be considered a little later.

The sample is made according to the instructionsmanufacturers motoblock and plow. When performing this operation, care should be taken that the edge of the share touches the ground with the entire surface. The plow's stand must be strictly vertical, and the drill must be horizontal.

how to plow a motoblock with a plow

Of course, the equipment should be set up andwidth of track. To do this, you need to pay attention to the location of the plow shovel. Its right edge must be in line with the inner edge of the right wheel. In this case, the plow will cut the ground smoothly and easily fall off it. The same motoblock will go easier.

Preparatory activities

On how to plow motoblock the ground, we'll talk a little lower. First, let's find out what other preparatory measures, besides hanging the wheels and plow, it is necessary to produce.

Before proceeding with the loosening operationsoil, along the first row of the plot it is necessary to pull the orienting cord. Experienced plowmen may well miss this step. For beginners, however, it is necessary to perform this operation. The fact is that in the plowing process any plow slightly moves to the right. And therefore making the series perfectly smooth is very difficult. The cord will help not to deviate from the "course".

how to plow motoblock neva

Starting from the second, all the rows can be done and without using additional guides, since the wheel of the motoblock will go along the furrow.

How to plow?

So, the motoblock is prepared. Now you can proceed to the very procedure of loosening the soil on the site. To make less turns, plowing the ground with a motor-block costs along the long side of the plot.

The handle of the motoblock should be slightly turned at the base to the left. In this case, it will be possible to walk along a still not plowed strip, which, of course, is much more convenient.

Well, now let's figure out how to plow the motoblock with the ground correctly. The procedure is as follows:

  • The motor block is placed on the beginning of the strip and goes along the tensioned cord.
  • After the series has been passed, unfold in such a way that the right wheel of the motor-block was opposite the groove of the already plowed strip.

    motoblock is not how to plow properly

Doing the plowing is not slow. To push the motoblock should not be. If the engine overheats (and this happens often enough), work should be stopped for about half an hour.

What to do if the soil is too hard

Next, let's see how to plowplow on motoblock land on problem areas. Normal soil has such a looseness that it can easily be pierced with a metal rod at the depth of the bayonet bayonet. On a too hard ground, the motor block usually starts to slip when plowing. In this case, the operation is performed twice. The first time the plot passes to a shallow depth. In the second - to the full. Some "dead" areas and do have to plow through a few tricks. But this happens, of course, very rarely.

Very hard soil should be plowed in a wet condition. Then the plow will go much easier.

What you need to know about

When plowing the first row, the plow goes strictlyvertically. However, starting with the second one, since one of the wheels rolls along the furrow, the motoblock, and consequently the plow, slightly incline. Therefore, the plow needs to be shifted slightly vertically in the opposite direction.

To do this, in one of the adjusting grooves, loosen the nuts. After the plow is set to the desired position, they are again tightened.

how to plow with a plow on a motoblock

How to plow motor-block "Neva" with a plow

The garden technics of this brand in summer residents, due to its practicality, convenience in use and low cost, is very in demand.

The power of the motor-block "Neva" is enough for thefirm soil and even on the virgin land. In the latter case, not a plow is used, but special cutters. Grass before plowing on the virgin soil should be mown. It can be removed with the use of the motor block itself (with appropriate attachments).

Actually, the answer to the question of how to plowmotor-block "Neva" with a plow the ground, is simple. Of course, in the same way as using any other similar technique. The only, experienced summer residents recommend before plowing to replace in the motor block of this brand oil. Even if it is still new.

How else can I use the stunt unit

So, you now know how to plowmotor-block "Neva" and other similar equipment on the land plot. But, of course, if you want this technique can be used to perform and many other operations. For example, very often motoblocks are used for hilling the potato. In this case, other implements are used instead of the plow. This tool is called a hiller. When working, he pruns and tumbles off the ground in much the same way as the plow, but at a shallower depth. Okuchnikov is only two types: conventional and disk. The second option is more expensive, but in work it is much more convenient.


Sometimes summer residents use a motor-block and for cleaningharvest. In this case, it is hung with a special tool, which is a hybrid of weeding paws and gratings. When the motoblock works, it lifts the ground upwards, after which it pours back through the grate, leaving root crops on the surface.

Thus, we have learned how to plowmotoblock the earth. This procedure, as you can see, is quite simple. In any case, it is less laborious than when using shovels for this purpose. The most important thing is to choose the right wheels and hang the plow in accordance with all the above recommendations.

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