Tomato Dar Zavolzhie: characteristic of the variety

There are many different varieties of tomatoes. Some of them are intended for growing in greenhouses, others - in open ground. There are varieties that grow under temporary film shelters. Among all varieties, tomato Dar Zavolzhye is very popular. It is grown not only in suburban areas, but also on an industrial scale.

Tomato "The Gift of Zavolzhie"

History of appearance

The variety was bred in Russia, in the North Caucasus Federal District. The initiator of the withdrawal is the Volgograd Experimental Station VNIIR. In 1992, the variety was officially registered with the State Register.

Initially, tomato Dar Zavolzhye was developed for cultivation in the Central, North Caucasian districts. However, it is successfully grown in other regions of the country.

Variety description

A plant of determinant type, that is, it has a limited growth. With its growth, there is no need to pinch the tip. Tomato itself will stop growing as soon as it reaches its maximum (70-80 cm).

Central stem thick, medium-sized. In the process of growth, the stepson is removed on the bush. Tomato Dar of the Transvolga has light green leaves, medium in size. The inflorescence is simple, with 4-6 flowers. The variety is highly resistant to adverse environmental conditions, various diseases, including alternaria, septoriosis.

The first flower brush is laid over the sixthleaf, the next - every two sheets. When observing the rules of agricultural technology from one bush, you can collect about five kilograms of fruit. The mass of tomatoes - an average of 90 grams. Fruits are round, smooth. There are pink and red species. The first crop is removed after 100 days from the moment of emergence.

Tomatoes perfectly tolerate long-term transport, which is why the variety is widely used in industrial cultivation.

"Gift of Zavorozhya" tomato description

Tomato Dar Zavolzhye has a dense structure, because of what the brand is positioned as salad. Although many summer residents use a variety for canning. At the same taste qualities are not lost.

Features of the variety

According to the reviews and descriptions of tomato Dar Zavolzhye, it is worth highlighting the following advantages:

  • long-term storage of fruits;
  • perfectly tolerate transportation;
  • high and stable yields every year;
  • high taste qualities.

To advantages it is necessary to carry an opportunity of use of a grade not only for preparation of salads, but also for conservation and other kinds of processing. From the fruits you get a tasty, thick juice.

The plant produces amicable shoots. With proper agrotechnics bushes develop rapidly. All seedlings grow at the same rate. Fruits ripen evenly, amicably. Dimensions of tomatoes are equal, the same size.

When ripeness comes, tomatoes do notcracked. However, with a strong fluctuation of night and day temperatures, tomatoes can crack. To avoid this, plants are covered with temporary shelters for the night.

Disadvantages of the variety

To the disadvantages should be attributed only the negative ratio in high humidity and stopping growth at low temperatures.

Like most nightshade, a variety of tomato Dar Zavolzhye with increased humidity starts to hurt. Most often the plant is affected by phytophthora.

Kinds of variety

There are two kinds of varieties: Dar Zavolzhie:

  1. With red fruits.
  2. With pink fruits.

They differ only in the yield and the shade of the fruit, but otherwise these species are the same.

Pink tomatoes have a slightly lower yield.

Variety of tomatoes "Dar Zavolzhie"


Characteristics of tomato The gift of Zavolzhye is unique. Fruits are not just round, but a conical shape.

Tomatoes are medium in size, about seven centimeters in diameter. The weight is even, about 100 grams each. With good care, the mass can be larger.

In the immature form, the fruits have a pale green color. There are no darkening of the stalk. In ripeness, the fruits become bright red or a beautiful pink color (depending on the species).

The flesh is tender, juicy, with lots of seeds. They are located in the seed chambers, which in fruits up to six pieces.


According to the description of tomato variety Dar Zavolzhiepreferably grown in seedlings. For this, crops are best carried out in mid-March or early April. When the two-month age is reached, the bushes are planted in a permanent place.

When growing seedlings should be correctto select the timing of sowing. They depend on the approximate date of planting the seedlings in the exhaust gas. If it is planned to do this in early June, then it should be sown in April. In early planting seedlings are sown in March, and in some regions - in February.

When sowing seeds are sprinkled with a layer of soil (3-5 mm) and monitor the moisture. The top layer should not dry out. To do this, boxes with seedlings are sprayed from the spray gun twice a day.

At a temperature of 25 degrees, the seeds will germinate for about 7 days. The gift of the Transvolga refers to those varieties that quickly and amicably rise.

Tomatoes "Gift of the Trans-Volga" characteristic

So that in the process of growth the seedlings are not stretched,it needs to provide good lighting. Natural light is best suited, but not always enough. In order for the plant to develop properly, seedlings are placed on the windowsill, providing additional illumination (a light day should be at least 10-12 hours).

As soon as the first real leaves are revealed on the seedlings, shoots are sprinkled with soil (about 1-2 cm). This will increase the additional roots and make the plant more stable.

As soon as the bushes are 50-60 days old, they are planted on a permanent place at a distance of not less than 50 cm. Further care consists in watering, fertilizing, weeding and loosening.

Top dressing of plants

The gift of the Transvolga needs to be fed. Most often, natural and mineral fertilizers are used for this. To the natural carry mullein (bred at the rate of 1 kg per bucket of water).

Two weeks after the landing, the first top dressing is carried out. The second is held in two weeks.

To feed tomatoes can be nitrate andphosphorus-potassium fertilizers. It is recommended to carry out mixed top dressing: to feed tomatoes with nitrate and phosphate-potassium fertilizers in one day. After two weeks, these fertilizers are given again, but the dosage is reduced by half.

Tomato variety "Zavolzhye's Gift" description

With the observance of agricultural techniques, you can get a good harvest of tomatoes. Watering plants is necessary infrequently, but abundantly. Irrigation is carried out under the root. If necessary, the land is loosened.

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