Breeding chickens as a business: profitability, conditions, equipment

The demand for inexpensive food is always high. And therefore own small farm for breeding chickens can become a very profitable business. After all, from this bird are immediately two popular products on the market: eggs and delicious dietary meat.

Where to begin?

Of course, breeding chickens as a business,the profitability of which is determined by many factors, should be properly organized. First of all, the future poultry farmer should make a detailed business plan. When developing it, you need to think about the following:

  • which breed to choose for breeding;

  • where chickens will be kept;

  • how the bird care will be organized;

  • how the flock is supposed to be updated;

  • where to sell meat or eggs.

After the business plan for breeding laying hens, poultry or broilers is ready, you should register the farm officially. In this case, it's easiest to become an IP.

breeding of chickens as business profitability

Which breed to choose

All chickens are divided into three large groups:

  • Meat direction. Such breeds are distinguished by some capriciousness in care and a tendency towards diseases. If desired, you can choose to grow the hens themselves of meat breeds or hybrids (broilers). The latter are whimsical, but they grow much faster.

  • Egg direction of productivity. The breeds of this group are unpretentious in feeding, and also resistant to infectious diseases. Therefore, breeding chickens for an egg is a relatively simple matter.

  • Meat-egg direction. Such chickens carry a lot of eggs and at the same time gain quite a lot of weight.

For a beginner poultry farm in the first stagethe optimal option will, of course, be the content of hens in the egg direction of productivity. The most popular breeds of this group are: Kuchinskaya jubilee, leggorny, Moscow white and loman brown.

The advantage of breeding such chickens, in addition tosimplicity in care, is also the lack of the need for significant initial investment. The bird of these breeds begins to be born very early - at 4-5 months of age. At the same time the masonry continues year-round. The lack of business in the hens of the egg production direction has only one. After 3-4 years, the egg-laying capacity of the bird is strong, and therefore the herd has to be renewed. However, experienced farmers advise newcomers by this time to equip the premises and engage in the cultivation of more profitable chickens of meat breeds. After all, experience by this time, albeit small, but will be accumulated. The most popular meat breeds of chickens in our country are Orpington, Cornish and Faverol. The best broilers are ROSS 308, 708 and COBB 500.

business plan for breeding laying hens

Breeding chickens as a business: the profitability of the farm

Of course, before registering a farm,it should be calculated how beneficial the bird can be. Nesushek, for example, experienced farmers advise to start immediately at least 100 pcs. Otherwise, the farm simply will not pay for itself. One hen can lay down to 180-250 eggs a year. From 100 hens, in this way, you can get 2500 pieces. At an average cost of 50 rubles. For a dozen annual profits can be about 125 000 rubles.

But, of course, developing a business plan forbreeding of laying hens or broilers, all possible costs should be taken into account. So, the construction of a house and its equipment, for example, can cost about 100 thousand rubles.

According to many experienced farmers, they pay offthe cost of organizing a business for breeding chickens in about one and a half to two years. But, of course, if a novice entrepreneur already has a country house with a barn outside the city, the initial expenses can be significantly reduced.

Conditions of detention

Breeding chickens as a business (profitability of suchfarms is largely determined by what conditions will be created for the bird) requires, of course, primarily the construction of the shed. Design chicken coop should be in such a way that it was quite warm and light. The optimum air temperature for chickens is 17-24 g. Light is important in particular for laying hens. In the dark they will put eggs much worse. Of course, in the hen house should be arranged and ventilation. This supplement is especially important for broilers. After all, this bird, as already mentioned, is not too resistant to diseases. In the musty air, saturated with harmful fumes, all sorts of viruses and microbes multiply faster.

broiler breeding

You can build a house from any materials: brick, blocks, wood, etc. The floors in the chicken coops are usually made of boards and covered with a layer of straw or sawdust. Of course, the poultry house needs electricity. If the chickens are supposed to contain a lot, it is also desirable to reach the shed with water.

What equipment does the poultry farm need?

Of course, for successful breeding, hens will need to be purchased additionally:

  • Feeders. They should be enough so that the hens do not crowd and do not jostle when feeding.

  • Drinkers. This equipment can be made of a variety of materials. The main thing is that there is enough water for everyone, and it would be as accessible as possible.

  • Nasses. For laying hens they are necessary. They are located at an altitude of about 80 cm from the floor.

  • Nests. It is advisable to arrange a separate for each layer.

  • Containers under ashes. In them, the chickens will "swim", destroying the parasites.

Such a business as broiler breeding,First of all, it involves large expenditures on feed. Nases and nests in the shed in this case is not necessary to equip. Slaughtering crosses usually at 3-4 months of age, that is before they begin to sweep.

Broilers can be planted or floor-standing,or cellular. The latter method is considered preferable. Limited in movement, the bird is gaining weight faster. Cells for chickens can be made on their own or purchased ready-made. They are installed over the entire area of ​​the shed or only along the walls.

cages for chickens

Additional equipment: brooder

Farmers initially acquire orIncubation eggs of good breed hens, or young. In the first case, the purchase will be much cheaper. However, the attack among the hatched chicks will be great. Experienced farmers at first advise buying still slightly adolescent young (5-15 days). The attack among such chickens is much less. Of course, additional equipment is needed for the young.

First of all, you will need to purchase or makethe so-called brooder. Dacha, engaged in breeding birds for themselves, at first put the chickens in cardboard boxes. If there are 100-200 chicks on the farm, this way of keeping in the early days will still be more or less suitable. But, for example, for thousands of chickens it is hardly worth using. Brooder in this case will be much more convenient. This equipment is something like a large "cabinet" with mesh "shelves" and walls made of cellular polycarbonate or other transparent material.

If the chicken shed is well equipped and insulated,instead of the brooder, you can use special multi-tiered cells for chickens 5-15 days of age. Such "dwellings" for chicks are usually supplemented by special systems of water and feed supply already in production at the enterprise. From cells for adult birds, the equipment of this variety is distinguished by a lower height of the tiers.

Incubator for chickens

A small shortcoming of such a business asbreeding broilers, is that the young must periodically buy. Carriers can be displayed on their own, if necessary. But for this, of course, you need an incubator. If chickens are supposed to breed a lot, it is better to purchase an industrial model. In incubators of this variety, there are such functions as automatic sparing of eggs, temperature and humidity regulation.

equipment for a poultry farm


Layers for increasing productivity aredaily let out to walk on the street. Especially for this near the poultry house a large plot is enclosed. To equip the paddock will need pillars and mesh-rabitsa. The height of the fence must be at least 1.5 meters. In this case, such equipment for the poultry farm as feeders and drinking bowls will also be needed. In the fenced area they must be installed necessarily. Some farmers believe that the paddock can be useful for broilers grown by the floor method. But to go out on the street such a bird can not be solved too often.

Forages for chickens

Breeding chickens as a business, profitabilitywhich depends, in part, on proper feeding, requires the development of a balanced diet for the bird. On the supply of quality feed should be taken care of in advance. Concentrates are more profitable to buy in bulk from reliable suppliers. Feeding hens is usually wheat whole or crushed. When breeding layers to reduce costs, you can additionally use bran and boiled potatoes. For broilers, the latter product is undesirable. Many farmers believe that boiled potatoes can cause them to turn guts.

breeding of chickens for beginners

In addition to concentrates, chickens are mandatoryshould receive green and juicy feed. It can be leaves of cabbage and beets, carrot tops, quinoa, nettle. Also need to give grated carrots, beets, apples, zucchini, etc.

In addition, care should be taken to ensure thatchickens received a sufficient amount of useful trace elements. For layers, for example, calcium is very important. Its lack in feed can be filled with chalk or grated shell rock. Mix the fowl and a little salt in the food. Also use various kinds of vitamin supplements. The latter buy ready-made packages. On sale today there are additives designed specifically for laying hens, broilers and young.

Where to sell products

Breeding chickens for beginners farmers - business,thus, not bad. Among its advantages, among other things, is the simplicity of implementing the finished product. Eggs and meat can be taken to shops, cafes, canteens or even restaurants. Some farmers also open their own outlets. But in this case, of course, will additionally have to pay for rent. If the livestock is not too large, meat and eggs can also be sold on the market.

 business on chickens


As you can see, a chicken mini-poultry farm can becomebusiness is truly cost-effective. A large initial investment does not require such a thing. Actually, bird care itself does not represent anything particularly complex. However, of course, the technology of growing chickens can not be violated in any case. The lack of necessary equipment in the shed or the use of poor-quality feeds will certainly cause a drop in productivity, and, consequently, a lack of profit.

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