The first tooth in a child

To your kid half a year, and he constantly cries,nothing wants to eat and he has a fever? Most likely, his teeth are chopped. To ensure that this problem does not catch you unawares, you must carefully prepare for it.


As a rule, the child's first tooth beginsbe cut in six months. But this does not mean that this happens in all children, because the appearance of teeth in children is an individual process. According to doctors, the rule is the eruption of teeth in the period from four to eight months. In this case, one part of the parents, and their minority, eruption is completely painless. Such parents are very lucky. But most children get very capricious when they erupt the first tooth, they can even refuse to eat and sleep badly. The first tooth of the child, however, like the subsequent ones, causes swelling of the gums, while it not only hurts, but it also itches, and also it can bleed. Many mothers think that the first tooth in a child can cause pain only where it erupts, but this is an erroneous opinion. The baby can have both the entire jaw and the oral cavity.

Against the background of toothache, the temperature rises,which rises to 39 degrees, all this is accompanied by a liquid stool. On the recommendation of a pediatrician, it is possible to give the child painkillers and antipyretic drugs such as Paracetamol, Tylenol and Nurofen - they should all be in the form of syrup.

If for some reason your baby does not wanttake medicinal syrup, then the same drugs can be found in the form of candles. But it should be remembered that their absorption is much slower, so put them better at night. But a longer result can not please you. You can start taking antipyretics only when the temperature has risen above 38 degrees. How long this treatment lasts the pediatrician decides, so do not take self-medication.

After the first tooth of the child after allit erupts, its condition immediately improves. To make sure of this, it is not necessary to put a finger in your mouth, as it is possible to put an infection in the mouth. It is best to check if there is a tooth when the baby yawns - in the mouth in the place where the tooth should appear a small white tubercle. This can also be checked by feeding with a metal spoon - you will hear a characteristic knocking in your mouth. If the first tooth has caused painful anxiety, it does not mean that the further appearance of teeth in children will cause a second reaction, most likely the following eruptions will go without complications.

Help with the appearance of the first teeth

When teething the first teeth to removepainful sensations children's dentists recommend using such gels as "Calgel", "Kamistad", "Dentinox". They all contain antiseptic and anti-inflammatory components that are of vegetable origin. To apply the gel is very simple: on a clean finger, we apply a small drop of gel and massaging movements rubbed into the inflamed gum. Using these gels, it must be remembered that they can include substances that cause an allergic reaction and side effects. Therefore, on the recommendation of a doctor, they can be used no more than 3 times a day.


Teeth in small children give rise to a solidfood, such as apple slices, pears, biscuits and drying. But it is necessary to watch, so that the baby does not accidentally choke. But the child will be able to fully digest food only by 16-23 months, when he will have a fourth pair of teeth.

If your child started to cut teeth, thentry to provide his body with calcium and vitamin D. Walk more often with him in the fresh air. By following these recommendations, you will be able to influence the condition of the incised teeth.

It is also not worthwhile to vaccinate with a teething, because at this point the child's body is very weak and can not fully resist the viruses introduced.

Also at this time it is worth giving your baby more water, since it loses a lot of liquid with saliva.

So, if your child's teeth are chopped, then this isnot an occasion to be upset. Do not pay attention to vagaries and such a bad habit as sucking a finger. This means that the baby has grown up and looks at the world of adults in a new way, because in order to become a full-fledged child, who can sit, walk, run, eat and many other things, it is necessary to go through many difficulties.

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