How to stand in line in kindergarten

Most of the future parents, long before,how to get a child, begins to puzzle over the question of how to put the child on the queue in a kindergarten. After all, in today's world, identifying a baby in a pre-school institution is a big problem for both the financial side and the ability to get there. And it's no accident.

Statistics of Ukraine says the queue for childrenthere are gardens in almost all the settlements of our country. This particularly applies to the regional centers - the situation with queues in the gardens there is simply catastrophic. This article will help future parents to figure out how to stand in line at the kindergarten.

Determine the choice of kindergarten

About how to get on the queue in kindergarten,many mothers begin to find out even during pregnancy. Since the huge queues in preschool establishments force parents to write down their child in advance, even if not yet unborn. Before you queue in a kindergarten, parents need to learn a lot of information about the nearby pre-school establishments, get acquainted with the managers and staff who work with children.

In order not to get a headache on how to stand onturn to the kindergarten and where to lead the child, insure yourself and choose at least 3 institutions. It is advisable to prefer located within the same district and not far from the house, so it was convenient to drive the baby there and take away on the way to work or from work.

We are getting in the queue

So, with a choice of 3 gardens were decided. Now with the question of how to stand in line at the kindergarten. Feel free to go to the manager, because who, if not she, can more accurately tell about what you need to do to make the child put on the coveted list.

In principle, parents can start with 3months to write the child in the chosen children's institution. How quickly the baby gets to the kindergarten you like, directly depends on the area where the parents live. So says the head of one of the pre-school educational institutions.

It's a little easier to get into a kindergarten to a child of thoseparents who have benefits or their crumbs need special conditions that can be provided by specialized HEIs - logopedic, orthopedic, for children with poor hearing, vision, etc.

Benefits can be taken by low-incomefamily (confirmation - certificate from the social security department), families with many children (availability of identity cards), orphans, as well as children of disabled parents, Ministry of Internal Affairs employees, courts and prosecutors, children of pre-school educational institutions, children of student parents.

This, of course, is not a complete list, and it concernsonly state gardens (these categories are most often found), more complete information you can get only from the head of a particular institution.

Documents required for enrollment in a kindergarten

Give this paragraph a closer lookattention, because in it we will talk about how to queue up in a kindergarten, and what list of necessary documentation you need to have with you. So, if it is a question of an ordinary state preschool institution, then you need to take care of availability:

  • birth certificates;
  • a statement by one of the parents about the child's admission to the garden;
  • extracts from the vaccination card;
  • information about the absence of infectious diseases in a child (validity period - 3 days).

But if a child has health problems, he needs a visit to a specialized HEI. Therefore, in addition to the above, take care of the availability of additional documents:

  • directions for visiting a specialized institution;
  • conclusions on the examination of the child by the treating doctors or the CWC;
  • the conclusion of the doctor-surdologist (in case of problems with speech).

So, all the documents are collected, the statements are written,kindergartens are selected, they queue up and are waiting for a call from the kindergarten. At this time, it is desirable to keep in touch with the manager or some parents whose children are already visiting this garden - so you will quickly learn about the vacated places and rather get into the group.

I hope these tips will be useful, and you will worry less about how to put the child on the queue in the kindergarten

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