How to understand that you are pregnant?

Every woman in her own way feels pregnant. We are all different, and the stories about "how I learned that I'm pregnant" are also different.

How to understand that you are pregnant? Such a question is most often asked after an unprotected sexual intercourse or with a strong desire to have a child.

Some ladies do not even follow the menstruation,so they do not notice how they are at the eighth week of pregnancy, and some may have a month-old discharge in the first month, so the fact of having a fetus is not seen.

But most of the fair sex even before the delay and holding the test intuitively feel that they are developing life.

How to understand that you are pregnant before the delay?

Polls and statistics say that about 40% of women"Feel" pregnancy at the level of intuition. Approximately the same number feels apathy, nausea or disgust for eating. In 20% of women, on the contrary, the appetite increases. Half of pregnant women notice swelling of the breast, fatigue and drowsiness before the delay.

In addition to fatigue, a woman can be veryIt is irritable, it is connected with a change in the level of hormones. Mood swings from joy to unexplained tears can occur within minutes and without any excuse.

The body temperature of the pregnant woman in the first trimester is at the level of 37 degrees (this is normal), so there is a feeling of heat, like a cold or flu.

The first "hints" of pregnancy may appearalready a week after the fertilization of the egg. More than 30% of ladies noted that they learned about pregnancy before the delay. To me, for example, in the first two weeks all the food seemed much more delicious and better than usual.

How to understand that you are pregnant, after a delay?

Amenorrhea - no monthlyan occasion to think about the onset of pregnancy. By itself, this symptom may be a symptom of a gynecological disease, but in women who have never before experienced irregular periods, in most cases it indicates pregnancy.

In addition, amenorrhea can be compared with otherpossible signs of fertilization. Many of them are nonspecific, for example, stool disorder and changes in appetite are characteristic of intestinal diseases, drowsiness, fatigue and fainting can be associated with low hemoglobin. Frequent urination occurs with kidney disease, aching abdominal pain - with gynecological problems. However, the combination of several symptoms with a delay in menstruation can be regarded as a pregnancy.

How to understand that you are pregnant after a delay?

There is such a thing as imaginary pregnancy, sometimes the desire to have a child is so strong that all the signs of an "interesting situation" are felt, including a delay in menstruation.

After finding a few doubtful signs, you should buy a pregnancy test, because to understand if you are pregnant or not, you can only on the hormonal background.

The principle of its operation consists in determiningHCG (a hormone that can only be found in pregnant women) in the urine. The test can give a positive result already in 1-2 weeks of delay. If the answer is negative and there are no monthly answers, you need to make several tests of different manufacturers. It is worth knowing that the answer can be positive and with an ectopic pregnancy, so to calm yourself, you need to go to a consultation with a gynecologist and make ultrasound. On the apparatus you can see the fetus from 4-5 weeks of fertilization.

You can donate blood in the laboratory to determine HCG, but this study is more expensive than the standard pregnancy test.

The question of how to understand that pregnant without a testitself sounds strange, because it is easier to go to the pharmacy and give a small amount of money than to suffer and wonder at the doubtful signs that what is happening in the body in fact.

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