How to make an unusual gift on March 8 with your own hands

International Women's Day is an annual holiday,in which each representative of the weaker sex is pleased to receive a gift. Presenters can be both symbolic and especially valuable. The main thing in this day is to show your attention towards the lady.


unusual gift for March 8

If the girl decided to give a gift to her mother, her sisteror a friend, it is quite realistic to make it up with your own hands. To do this, you should show a little imagination. Unusual gifts for March 8 mom can, of course, get ready, but it will be much nicer if the present is carefully done with its pens. First of all, you should consider interesting options for interior items, home textiles, accessories for the kitchen or bathroom. Also a useful and pleasant gift will be handmade soap or body scrub. Such unusual gifts on March 8, created with their own hands, will suit both the sisters and the girlfriend. Symbolic presents can also be presented to colleagues at work or those with whom you are studying together.

So, what unusual gifts on March 8 you can do with your own hands? Now consider interesting ideas.

Candles of various shapes

unusual gifts for March 8 with their own hands

There are many design options. For example, candles in large shells. All that is needed to make this useful gift is the wax and wick, the shapes are already there. You will also need to install a steam bath. Melt the wax in it. It is better to use soy, since it does not give soot during burning. The content of natural oil makes it environmentally friendly. The melted wax should be poured over clean and dry seashells, fixing the wick. Then the candles need to be cooled so that the contents are frozen. Such a gift can be packed in a plastic gift bag and tie a bow from a satin ribbon.

Accessories made of genuine leather

It can be a belt, a brooch in the form of a flower, a hair clipfor the hair, a bracelet on the wrist or a key chain. Such unusual gifts on March 8 will decorate an already beautiful half of humanity. It will take a piece of leather or suede, glue gun, needle and thread, scissors. You may also need hardware if you decide to make a hair clip, brooch or key chain. First you need to cut out fragments of the future product. You can think of a sketch yourself. Collect all parts of the accessory with a glue gun or floss. Fasteners are better to sew, so fastening will be more durable. The thread for working with the skin should be taken tight.

unusual gifts for March 8


For example, a brooch in the form of a flower to make a veryjust. It is necessary to cut out petals of different diameters from larger to smaller. Use the lighters to burn the edges. Then, collect the petals in the correct sequence and fix with a glue gun. Under the flower, fasten the pin or clamp, due to which the brooch will be fixed to the clothes. Such an unusual gift on March 8 can be handed without packing or put it in a cardboard box tied with a ribbon.

Notebook or notepad

You need to stock up on fabric or textured paper anddense cardboard for the cover, sheets for internal pages, as well as punch, stationery glue, needle and thread, pencil and scissors. This unusual gift for March 8 will not only be a pleasant surprise, but also a pretty useful thing.

Determined with the size of the notebook, you shouldCut out the cover first. If a cardboard is taken as a basis, then it can be pasted with textured paper, a sheet with the image of the person to whom congratulation is addressed, or a decorative cloth.

unusual gifts for March 8 photo

Stepping back half a centimeter from each edge,note the size of the internal pages. Their number does not matter. How many decided to put, so much will be. Paper for internal filling can be applied designer. It has interesting color solutions or textured structure. Its density should be medium or low. Next, you have to assemble the entire structure on the principle of the book. Fasten the sheets with firmware or glue. You can also use a punch, and stretch out the satin ribbon in the holes.

This option will look more elegant. To present such an unusual gift on March 8, you can wrap it with corrugated paper with a seal. Then it will look like a letter from the Middle Ages.

Stylish kitchen apron

This present will please the hostesses who lovedevote time to cooking. For the product you can use any fabric that will have a stylish look. Now the trend is a natural material, similar to sacking. A staple with a pattern in the style of Provence is suitable for delicate natures. Given the size of the person who is supposed to give an apron, you need to cut the fabric.

unusual gifts for my mother on March 8

Approximately the calculation is as follows. It is necessary to take the value of the volume of the thighs and divide by two. The obtained value is the width of the apron cloth.

The second element of the apron is the upper part located above the belt. It is roughly cut out at the mark of the breast.

Belt should be measured by the waist volume and addedtwo pieces of 50 cm per string. The width can be varied, but the optimal value is 5-6 cm. The waistband should be folded in two in the front side along its entire length, stitching and unscrewing from the inside. The holes should be closed with a seam. Next, measure the center of the apron from the middle of the belt, secure with pins and stitch it. Also stitch the upper part. If the edges of the fabric diverge, all the elements must be pre-treated on the overlock or by the method of bending. To give an apron of refinement will help a delicate thin lace. It can be put on the edge of the apron and the top.

Such unusual gift for March, 8th the girl who likes to prepare, such gift can spodvignit on creation of new masterpieces of cook will approach such unusual gift.

Exotic massage

Now there are many massage parlors,offering their services. But women themselves, as a rule, do not find time for themselves loved ones. Therefore, an unusual gift on March 8 will please not only the body, but the soul. You can buy a gift certificate, which a girlfriend, mom or sister can use at any time.

unusual gift for March 8 beloved

Such an unusual gift for March 8 belovedwill emphasize that the guy takes care of the emotional state of his chosen one. After all, massage for a woman is the best means of relaxation. Made by own hands, with the use of fragrant oil, it is able to deliver a lot of positive emotions. Such a gift will leave an unforgettable experience for life.


unusual gift for March 8 girlfriend

Interesting collages made by hand, alsocan please a friend or sister. Most likely, during the time of friendship, you gathered material for unusual gifts on March 8 - a photo of a cheerful nature made during a joint vacation, travel or study. All the joyful moments that are imprinted on paper, will do the best. For a basis it is possible to take a wooden cloth or a canvas. If the pictures from the rest, it is better to decorate it in a marine style, pasting seashells from the coast, decorative ropes or small pebbles. You can also apply sequins, beads or cut out colored patterns. Photo collage can be done in the form of a picture or wall newspaper. Such a gift will remind you of happy moments of life and leave pleasant memories of spent time together.


Make unusual gifts on March 8 with yourYou can use your hands when there is no possibility to spend a large amount, but you still want to show your attention. Of course, it should not be in the form of a presentation to give something that was not useful in everyday life.

Undoubtedly, unusual gifts for March 8,executed by own hands, it is necessary to think over to trifles. Also it is worth it as it is necessary to calculate own forces. If the skills are not enough, you do not need to get down to business at all. It's better to practice, and make a present for the next year.

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