Why does the cat bite when you iron it: possible causes

Probably every cat owner faced such aa situation where the animal does not accept affection, and when trying to play with it, it scratches and bites. Ill, not in the mood or running wild? In fact, there can be many reasons for this behavior. Remember yourself when you come home after a hard day. Do you want to answer the embrace of the spouse? Of course, you will not bite, but cats are more direct and express their feelings. Of course, it is very unpleasant when a pet responds aggressively to the manifestation of love, but it is necessary to understand the reasons for this behavior, what we are now with you and do.

why does the cat bite when you iron it

Norm or pathology

It is impossible to exclude anything, in animals, as inperson, there are cases of mental disorders. However, when talking about why a cat bites, when stroking it, it is necessary to note that the diagnosis should be made only by a professional on the basis of a survey, as well as an anamnesis. However, most often the explanation lies in simpler things.

Indeed, cats by nature are sufficientThey are affectionate, but at the same time independent. And the character of each of them has its own. Some are ready to accept caresses for hours in their various manifestations. Others even after long years of life in the family continue to observe the distance. And here, too, everything is ambiguous. Some pussies are ready to allow themselves a few minutes to stroke without manifestation of aggression, others are displeased at once. Therefore, you can not generally consider why a cat bites when you iron it. In any case, everything is very individual.

why does the cat bite when you iron it

Are the attacks suddenly sudden?

If you do not consider the cases when the cat biteschild for the fact that he unknowingly hurts her, this situation can be prevented or at least smoothed. To do this, do not even need to figure out why the cat bites when you iron it for a long time. It's easy enough to keep track of how the behavior of the purr changes. Animals show everything very clearly, they can not hide emotions under the masks.

Switch attention to the cat and see howit changes when you spend your hand on the back or tummy. When the animal enjoys it, it stretches and lays under your hands, purrs, becomes relaxed, as if flowing. Otherwise, all the muscles of the body are grouped, as in the moment of danger. The ears are pressed, the pupils widen, the skin in the places of stroking is twitching, there are swings of the tail. Further petting in this case is inappropriate, you need to immediately leave the purr in peace.

why the British cat bites when you iron it

Complex nature

This is the first reason why a cat bites whenit iron. Once again, we emphasize that it is males that are more prone to fighting behavior. This is due to physiology. Males are always more independent and freedom-loving, this must be taken into account when you choose a pet for yourself. In addition, there are separate breeds that are famous for their independence. They are Persians and Siamese cats, British. However, in every breed there may be "savages" who simply need to be accepted as they are. In this case, you just need to allow the pet to choose the right time for affection. When he is clearly in the mood, you can polubeznichat with them, and the rest of the time just pay attention to by voice and a delicious lunch.

We accustom from childhood

Since weaning the cat or cat to bite andscratching in the adult state can be very difficult, then you need to start training from an early age. Babies often demonstrate this behavior. It seems that this is normal, because he learns to interact. But already now it is necessary to encourage only desirable behavior and to cut off unnecessary. Therefore, if during the game the kid grabs your hand with his paws and starts to goad fiercely, you need to loudly "boo" and immediately stop the interaction. If the kitten requires the continuation of the game and again clings to the finger, you can patch it by the collar, showing that it will not go.

why does the cat bite the ironing hand

If bites happen occasionally

However, we still did not answer the question whyThe cat bites when you iron it. This behavior can be triggered by a number of factors. Cats are very sensitive to smells. The aroma of a neighbor's dog that you have ironed, spices, perfume or cream may be unacceptable for its delicate sense of smell.

Periodically, a cat can bite,if you caught her by surprise, when she is not set up to interact with you when she is too nervous (the spring period) or she has something hurts. In addition, the purr may simply not like prolonged stroking in one place. In this case, it is not necessary to adjust its behavior, just observe it and determine the side when it is enough.

As you can see, it is difficult to unequivocally answer why a cat bites when you iron it. But in any case, we can talk about aggressionm Only in the case when any stretching of the handtowards the animal immediately leads to a bite. In other situations, as a host, you should think carefully about what was done wrong and how to fix it.

In addition, the animal can biteIf it is ironed in certain places. It's a ponytail or a head, tummy or chin. In this case, it clearly demonstrates that he does not like these actions.

how to wean a cat or a cat to bite and scratch

Non-verbal communication

This is another answer, why does the cat bite the ironinghand. When you just touch a pet, he may like these caresses. However, at some point the monotonous movements begin to irritate. The animal can not tell you "Enough", "Do not press so hard," but her discontent begins to grow. Therefore, she uses the channels available to her. If the owner is not able to understand that the purr is experiencing discomfort, then the culmination will be a bite. The best solution will be to stop after a few minutes of caresses. If the animal is set for further contact, it will necessarily require continuation. In another case, he will quietly smooth his coat.

Electric field

Even we, not possessing a woolly cover, sometimeswe can tangibly strike each other with a discharge. With prolonged stroking of the cat's back, a static electric field appears. Most often this is due to low air humidity. In addition, the reason may be that the wool is overdried due to drying. Discharges of static electricity can cause discomfort and even pain, so it's not surprising that the pet will try to avoid the continuation. And again we say that an attentive owner can notice his discontent in time.

cat purrs and bites when you iron it

Bites with pleasure

This is another common form of behavior.In this case, the cat purrs and bites when you iron it. That is, he so responds to you in affection, and at the same time gives yourself extra pleasure, as we get it from the chewing gum. In this case, it is necessary to correct his behavior from an early age. Every attempt to bite you during the game should be blocked. The game ends, the host shows discontent. If the cat no longer attempts to bite when the strokes are resumed, strokes are performed as incentives.

How to avoid conflicts

First of all, see in what situationsthere is a splash of aggression, and also what precedes it. We have already talked a little about why the British cat bites when you iron it. They are independent animals, who themselves seek affection only in those moments when they need it. In other cases, you should not tire them with your obsession.

At the first signs (pressed ears, twitchestail), take away your hand. This will quickly exhaust the conflict. If the drowsy cat calmly suddenly grabs your hand, it's best to scream, to make a hissing sound and to stop contact with the pet until his "apology".

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