Compatibility of aquarium fish

The creation and design of the aquarium is veryAn exciting process that requires creative thinking and certain knowledge. At the initial stage, one of the most important moments, which will have to be given great attention, is the compatibility of aquarium fish.

Choosing new tenants for a pond, it is necessaryto know the features of their natural habitat. It is inadmissible to settle in one aquarium of marine and freshwater fish, since they originate from completely different environments. But even fresh water can be as radically different, having different rigidity, acidity, temperature and other characteristics. In addition, they are flowing and standing, overgrown and clean, illuminated and immersed in semi-darkness. All these indicators should be taken into account, as they determine the compatibility of aquarium fish.

The next important factor isbehavioral features of the inhabitants of the aquarium. Together, you can keep fish that have similar habits and vital needs. It is better if they are of approximately the same size, because the larger species, even if they are peaceful, often absorb small fishes by taking them for fodder. It is not necessary to focus on common aquariums in pet stores, where often absolutely incompatible fish are kept. As a rule, these are young animals that have not yet reached the age of territorial conflicts, and, moreover, are in a state of stress. Having become accustomed to the new house and having reached maturity, the fish will begin to show their disposition and find out the relationship. Compatibility of aquarium fish - this is a very serious issue, so decide on the choice of pets better in advance, carefully studied the special literature.

It is necessary to clarify information about the specifics of theirbehavior during spawning. Representatives of some species fiercely defend their masonry, becoming aggressive and often causing harm to neighbors passing by. Acquiring such pets, it is desirable to acquire a special spawning aquarium, which will be young parents. In order for the reservoir space to be used most fully, it is desirable to combine in it fish that inhabit different layers of water.

Speaking of compatibility, as a concreteexamples can be considered several popular species. Sumatran barbs are beautiful schooling fish, which look great in the aquarium. But they have one drawback - they bite the veil tails and long fins of their neighbors, regardless of their size. Therefore, with guppies, scalars, vealechvostami, goldfish, they should not be planted to avoid trouble. Spectacular cockerels are fighting fish, which in no case can be kept with herbivorous. Moreover, the males of this species, after seeing each other, will fight to the death, therefore in the aquarium there should be one male surrounded by several females. Melancholic scalyards, on the contrary, themselves often become victims of more active and aggressive fish. A lot of problems can arise with such popular inhabitants of aquariums as goldfish. Their compatibility with representatives of other species is under big question. They have a peaceful character, but they are terrible sluts, and they are also herbivorous. Therefore, a very complicated ecological situation develops in the reservoir, and if we take into account also the temperature requirements, it turns out that no other species can be settled to gold.

Basic recommendations for the selection of inhabitantsThe aquarium contains a table of aquarium fish compatibility that will help make a preliminary selection. But a more specific solution should be taken, based on the volume and interior of the aquarium.

Compatibility of aquarium fish is a very interesting topic, having thoroughly studied which, it is possible to create a balanced and harmonious body of water with healthy and beautiful inhabitants.

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