LPS-cats are the best friends of girls

Toys are loved by all children - everyone knows this truthadults. Modern stores provide such a huge selection of children's products (including toys), that the eyes involuntarily scatter. What to choose? Of course, it is better to focus on the products of well-known manufacturers who are responsible for its quality.

lps of the cat
Toys LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) - this is anotherbrand, represented by the world famous company Hasbro. Little animals, along with miniature horses from the series My Little Pony, became favorites of all the girls. Everyone knows what the Princess Silestia looks like, or what kind of dress Princess Cadens marries. Cartoons with these heroines love all the girls - from small to large. However, the company did not forget about the boys. For them, created a series of toys based on the universe of Marvel and Transformers. Iron Man and Spiderman will come to the rescue when the situation seems hopeless: favorite heroes will take a child for a long time, involving him in the magical world of the game. And for the youngest and most inquisitive crumbs Hasbro offers various educational toys, and undoubtedly among the products for the youngest - plasticine Play-Doh.

And now we will stop on LPS-goods. LPS-cats are small, funny toys that are very popular with all girls. And it's no wonder, they're so cute. You can play with them at home and on the street. But most importantly - they are small and defenseless, which means that the child will learn to take care of animals and protect the weak. Interesting are also a series of toys "Mom and Baby", in which the cubs are very tiny, which is very like small children.

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LPS-toys are represented by the most diverseanimals and birds. They are distinguished by their small size and somewhat disproportionate head, which gives the products an amusing look. These toys are sold in a pretty suitcase, which will allow a new friend to accompany his owner. On the road, they will not take up much space, but the child will be happy to play with his friends, without distracting adults.

If the first toys were plastic, then, seeingtheir popularity, the Hasbro company has supplemented the brand with a rather unusual series. Now LPS-cats are sold complete with special markers, allowing you to color the pet. And beautiful stickers will add to the beast of individuality. But that's not all. Not so long ago there were soft toys from the same series. They are so cute that they can not be separated even at night.

LPS-cats, as well as birds, dogs and other not always identifiable creatures, are very popular among girls 6-10 years old.

toys lps
In social networks, adolescents are discussingthe advantages of these or other animals, forming communities and exchanging toys. Therefore, having such treasures, it is easy to find new friends and expand the range of their interests. Moreover, playing with those who love the same animals is much more fun.

Choosing a gift, it is worth paying attention to the seriestoys LPS. Cats (sold separately and bundled) will please any girl. A small cute pet will become a true friend, but parents need to remember one "danger" that lurks in these cute creatures. They never happen a lot, and very soon a girl will be joined by one little girl. And then they will need houses, cots, kitchens, cars, salons ... And soon in your apartment there will live friendly toy families. But the children, smiling happily, will play with their pets, and parents will very soon learn all the names and learn to distinguish similar creatures by ridiculous faces.

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