Are there safe days for pregnancy?

Pregnancy, no doubt, the most beautifultime in the life of any woman. Many years later, mothers with warmth and trembling remember their growing lees and the first movements of the long-awaited child on their lees. But due to some circumstances, pregnancy in a woman's life can be not so much unwanted, as unplanned. To prevent this pregnancy, women use various methods of protection. One of them is a calendar one.

The essence of the calendar method consists in calculatingthe most likely period for pregnancy, to limit at this time sexual contact with a partner. Since the method is based on natural phenomena, it is also called physiological. It is believed that getting pregnant these days is almost impossible because the body is not yet ready for pregnancy. Is it so? Let's try to understand.

The female sexual sphere develops cyclically.Almost every month in the body of a woman ripens an egg. During ovulation, the follicle bursts, and the egg goes into the abdominal cavity, where it is picked up by the villi of the fallopian tubes and is involved in them. The life of the egg is rather short - about two days. If a sperm meets on the way of the egg cell, fertilization takes place and the future baby descends into the uterus and is attached to its wall, friendly enveloping the villi of the endometrium. As we can see, in the body of a healthy woman the whole process is designed from the beginning to the end to reproduce oneself, therefore the probability of pregnancy during ovulation is very high. If fertilization does not occur, the egg is removed from the uterus during menstruation - the body cleanses, preparing for the next cycle. These are the safest days for pregnancy.

It is quite logical that you need to know about protectiontime of ovulation - safe days for pregnancy. Some women, however, their percentage is very small, feel the rupture of the follicle - it happens around the middle of the cycle. Other women just have to take the middle of the cycle and at this time limit sexual contact. But, how to count the days of ovulation, if the cycle is unstable? After all, the female sexual sphere is very sensitive and susceptible to external influences. Stresses, moving, transferred diseases - all these factors can cause shortening or lengthening of the cycle. Already at this unfavorable factor it is worthwhile to doubt, and whether there are safe days for pregnancy in general? Another danger of becoming pregnant is that when calculating a safe period, one must take into account the life span of spermatozoa, which many people forget. In some cases, spermatozoa do not lose their ability to fertilize even eight days after entering the uterus. That is, and with relative calm there are still dangerous days for pregnancy - a week period of viability of spermatozoa.

Usually women for more confirmationovulation is a graph of basal temperature, which must be measured every morning at one time, rising from the bed. When she makes a sharp jump - into ovulation decreases and immediately rises. But even here there are complications, because an increase in temperature in the rectum can be caused not only by ovulation, but also by certain diseases.

In fact, safe days for pregnancyThere are, but it is difficult to calculate them. For this you need to follow during the year for the duration of the cycle, and even then those women who have it stable. In addition, it is desirable to measure basal temperature and always remember that this method of protection from pregnancy is the most difficult in its application.

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