Mature pregnancy. Causes and consequences

Forty weeks of waiting for the baby have passed, and heand does not hurry to appear in the world. This is very tiring, every day passes in anticipation. A pregnant pregnancy is not uncommon, especially if the mother's first birth is due. Typically, doctors observe a woman before the term 41-42 weeks, and then send her to stimulate labor. Often the diagnosis of a pregnant pregnancy is erroneous, because of the incorrect timing, the error in the calculations.

The exact fact of pacing will confirm the examinationUltrasound. He will also conduct a study of the state of the child, a pregnant pregnancy can adversely affect it. So calculated by nature that after 40 weeks the placenta begins to age with every passing day more and more. This directly affects the child's well-being. The blood flow is getting worse, nutrients and vitamins are getting less and less. Most importantly, there is insufficient supply of oxygen, hypoxia (oxygen starvation) develops, the child becomes ill, because the older he is, the more he needs a kilo. Due to a lack of nutrients, the baby becomes weak and sluggish. A delayed pregnancy helps to reduce estrogenic hormones, namely they help the child to adapt to new conditions of existence and reduce the birth stress. Hence, the period of adaptation itself is more difficult to tolerate than for babies born on time.

There is a danger that the meconia(original feces), from this the amniotic fluid becomes green. There is a risk of hypoxia if the discharged waters have such a shade, the heartbeat of the child during the entire period of bouts is listened to by the KTG apparatus.

Portable children differ at birth and afterappearance. They are thinner. Skin, due to the lack or small amount of generic lubricant, dry, it is possible peeling. The nails are long and extend beyond the fingertips.

Birth of a child after the term representsdanger for the mother. Bones of the skull of the baby are getting stronger and lose the ability to deform to advance on the birth canal, hence there is a high probability of rupture and damage. Based on the results of ultrasound, a cesarean section can be decided.

Reasons for overcoming pregnancy:

- various endocrine disorders and malfunctions in the thyroid gland;

- previous abortions;

- first childbirth;

- emotional stress or overexertion;

- previous premature pregnancy;

- pelvic presentation of the fetus;

- sedentary lifestyle of a pregnant woman;

- treatment of the threat of miscarriage of hormones and other drugs.

These are the main reasons, but this is not the whole list. Facilitate pacing and various diseases.

So, if pregnancy was confirmed, what should mom do? There are safe ways to stimulate labor without medication.

Often perfectly helps the beginning of ancestralphysical activity and exercise (of course, in moderation). You can do house cleaning, cook everything for the appearance of a baby in it, go shopping or just take a walk.

Helps soften the cervix and causes contractions to stimulate the nipples. You can do this by hand, but you can use a breast pump, apply it on each breast for 12-20 minutes.

Do not be surprised if the doctor advisessex. Sexual arousal and orgasm cause a contraction of the uterus and affect the cervix. Even simple stimulation of the clitoris is effective for the call of labor.

If the labor activity does not occur at the 42nd week of pregnancy, the mother will be sent to the maternity ward to carry out stimulation of the amniotic fluid by medical preparations or by puncturing the amniotic fluid.

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