Lonex stroller: overview, views, reviews

When choosing a wheelchair for the future orNew parents should pay attention to the company Lonex. The products of this company have a large number of advantages and are of low cost, in comparison with the analogues of European manufacturing companies.

Baby strollers Lonex are designed for a wide range of customers, as they are in the middle price category.

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About Lonex and its products

Polish company Lonex is popular not only amongcompatriots, but also in Europe since 1990. And this is not surprising, because the company seriously controls the quality of its goods. Lonex strollers are made of non-toxic materials, and also have all the necessary certificates.

Types of strollers Lonex

The company Lonex offers the buyer models of strollers 2 in 1 and 3 in 1, which can be in different versions:

  • Stroller Lonex 2 in 1 includes a walking seat and a cradle.
  • Stroller Lonex 3 in 1 consists of a cradle, a walking block and a corporate car seat with fastening on belts.
  • Stroller Lonex 2 in 1 + are additionally equipped with adapters for installation on the chassis of the car seat firm Maxi Cosi.
  • Stroller Lonex 3 in 1 + differs from the previous version more convenient and quick way to fasten the car seat.

General characteristics of Lonex universal strollers

Despite the variety of models, all Lonex strollers have some common characteristics:

  • The rear wheels of the stroller are larger than the front wheels.
  • Front wheels are swivel. It is possible to lock the turn.
  • On the front wheels there is a shock absorption system.
  • The presence of a central brake, which is pressed by an easy movement of the foot.
  • Spring-loaded cushioning.
  • The cradle is covered with cotton, in addition to the stroller, there is also a small children's mattress in the cradle.
  • Ability to adjust the height of the handle. In this case, the handle itself is lined with artificial leather.
  • Good spring cushioning.
  • Large and spacious cradle (up to 85 centimeters in length).
  • The possibility of installing a walking block in two ways: face to the mother or on the move.
  • In the stroller there is a mesh for ventilation in the warm season. To protect from wind or snow, this grid can be simply closed.
  • In addition, the kit includes a mosquito net, a cover on the legs, a raincoat and a capacious bag.
  • In the car seat there is an additional tab for the newborn, a cover on the legs, a handle for carrying. A car seat for a child weighing up to 10 kilograms is calculated.
  • The presence of a large and roomy basket for things and shopping.
  • The promenade unit is equipped with five-point beltssafety, adjustable step, a jumper between the legs of the child for its greater safety, a window on the hood for ventilation and observation of the child.
  • Hinged bumper.
  • A simple way to attach a cradle or a walking unit to the chassis.
  • The headboard in the cradle rises with the help of an external regulator.
  • A large number of color options for every taste.

This kind of stroller is just ideal for city walks, as it has high maneuverability and easy handling. An example of such a stroller is the Lonex Speedy stroller.

stroller lonex 2 in 1

Carriages with classic chassis: general characteristics

All models of this type are equipped with large non-rotational wheels with chrome frame. In addition, strollers with a classic chassis have the following features:

  • The stroller handle is trimmed with leather.
  • The back in the cradle is raised.
  • The basket for things is made of metal and very roomy.
  • In the cradle there are extendable legs for its stability without the chassis.
  • The hood is made in retro style. There is a special curtain so that you can close the child from wind or snow.

In this case, depending on the taste preferences, you can choose one of the three types of wheels:

  • retro wheels with a diameter of 40 centimeters, made of foam rubber (non-inflatable);
  • inflatable wheels with a diameter of 38 centimeters with black tires;
  • Inflatable wheels with a diameter of 38 centimeters with white tires.

Lonex strollers with a classic chassis have their pros and cons.

Undoubted advantage can be considered an excellentPassability in any terrain, from off-road to snowdrifts. In addition, the stroller is equipped with an excellent shock absorption, thanks to which the child does not feel the unevenness of the road, which means it will not be shaken during a walk.

As for the minuses, in the first place it issignificant weight of the stroller. In the promenade version it is more than 13 kilograms, in the version with a cradle - more than 14 kilograms. Also, the stroller is quite bulky and does not have good maneuverability.

Having considered all the pros and cons of such a stroller,we can conclude that it is just an ideal option for a newborn baby. But for older children it will be better to look separately for another option: lighter, more compact and with better controllability. Especially considering that the walking unit on such a high chassis looks at least ridiculous.

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Strollers with "special" depreciation

Describe in detail the general characteristics of wheelchairsThis type does not make sense, since they practically do not differ from the universal urban variant. There is only one significant difference, because of which they are a separate series: leather straps are used for cushioning, and not metal springs. Such carriages go softly, smoothly and silently, due to the lack of creaking.

At the same time, the price is not much higher than for another model of Lonex stroller.

In 2015, one of the most popularbuyers was the stroller Lonex Julia Baronessa, which has a significant number of pluses and low price. Among the minuses can be identified only a significant weight, simple design and the absence of any child protection from wind and snow.

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Strollers Lonex

In the majority the firm lets out variantsstrollers 2 in 1 and 3 in 1. The option, which will include only the cradle and the chassis, unfortunately, does not exist. At the same time, there is one exclusively walking version of the stroller, which consists of a lightweight chassis and a walking unit. This is a stroller Lonex Sport.

It has the same advantages as the stroller 2 in 1 and 3 in 1:

  • a folding bumper;
  • the ability to adjust the backrest level;
  • the leg room is covered with a film;
  • five-point seat belts and a bridge between the legs of the child;
  • a window on the hood;
  • natural upholstery;
  • center brake.

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In this case, the stroller has significantly less weight in comparison with the walking version of the 2 in 1 - only 10.5 kilograms.

The model can be bundled with a bag or without it. In the second case, the cost of the stroller will be lower.

stroller lonex speedy

Lonex Carriages: reviews

Most of the parents who usedstrollers Lonex, note as a plus maneuverability, low cost and at the same time excellent quality. In the promenade, five-point seat belts and a jumper between the legs are indisputable pluses, which will help not to worry that the child can accidentally lean forward and fall out. To the minuses can be attributed a large weight of strollers.

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