An exciting question: is it possible to walk with a child when coughing?

Thinking about whether you can walk when you cough,it should be remembered that fresh air is useful for everyone and always. Walks are strictly prohibited for the severely ill, who are assigned bed rest. The need for such people in the fresh air will be helped by regular airing and wet cleaning.

Is it possible to walk with a child when coughing

Why did it arise?

Caring parents are pondering whetherto walk with the child at a cough, for the beginning it is necessary to establish the reason of its or his origin at the child. Most often, cough is the result of a cold, respiratory infection, or is allergic. If we talk about the common cold, then this disease is easily avoided, doing the tempering of a child from an early age. And it arises against the background of hypothermia, which, in turn, promotes the reproduction of a microbe called staphylococcus. This microbe is present in almost all people.

But a healthy immune system without difficultycopes with it. At the time of hypothermia, the immunity weakens, and the microbes multiply unhindered, causing such manifestations of the disease as cough, nasal congestion and temperature. Similar symptoms are also characteristic for diseases associated with ingestion of respiratory infection. But if you forbid your child to run barefoot even in the summer, endlessly wrap it up and grow it like a greenhouse plant, there will be nowhere to take strong immunity. At the first hit in a puddle the kid will earn a cold.

Is it possible to walk a child with a cough?

Opinion of Komarovsky

On a frequently asked question by the parents, is it possiblewalking with a child with a cough, Komarovsky - a famous pediatrician, responds that fresh air is one of the main points of treatment. He does not cease to convince the troubled parents of the need to walk in the fresh air, unless, of course, the child has a high temperature, and the weather on the street is favorable. The fact that cough occurs as a result of the inflammatory process of the bronchial mucosa, which is caused by swelling and the formation of excessive mucus. Coughing, the child tries to get rid of it, but the apartment may not have enough moist and fresh air, and in the street the necessary humidity and mobility of the child will help the bronchial tubes to get rid of the collected mucus.

Therefore, the answer to the question, is it possible to walk ata damp cough to a child, will be: "Of course, you can and you should." It often happens that coughing of a baby during a walk on the street is intensified. Why is that? This is due to the fact that dry apartment air has dried up the mucus accumulated in the bronchi, and the wet street air has contributed to its softening and swelling. So do not just grab the baby and run home. After all, fresh air will help clear the bronchi. If the child has had pneumonia and is still weakened, do not allow excessive activity during walks. It's enough to breathe in the air, going out into the yard or on the balcony.

Is it possible to walk when a child coughs in the winter?

Importance of fresh air

In his conversations with his parents, Dr. Komarovsky,always speaks about the importance of fresh air and frequent warm drinking for a sick child, that there is no "golden tabletochka" that can instantly cure a baby, and fever and snot is a normal reaction to an infection. This means that the immunity of the child is trying to cope with it, and in no case should parents at the temperature overheat the child with mustard plasters or other compresses and trays. Instead of rushing to the pharmacy and buying up a huge number of medicines, you need to ventilate the room every two hours, warming up the baby warmer for this time, moisten the air in the apartment. Also you need to often give a warm drink in the form of compote or herbal decoction, wash your nose with a solution similar to sea water (such a solution - physiological - can be purchased at pharmacies).

Temperature increased to 37.5

A short walk in the fresh air is permissibleeven at low temperatures up to 37.5 degrees. So you can dress a baby and go for a walk, and the question of a caring grandmother, whether you can walk with a child when coughing, give an example with gypsy offspring. No one is bothering them, they can be seen with bare feet even in the cold season, snot with a stream, but they have excellent immunity, and they are sick much less often than our children.

Is it possible to walk with a wet cough to a child

What to do in the winter? Is it possible to walk with a child when coughing?

Flourishing "blossom" with the onset of the autumn are variousrespiratory diseases. The kids start snotting and coughing. Even parents who are used to being with their babies in the fresh air for a long time, think about whether it is possible to walk during a child's coughing in the winter: suddenly the frosty air will harm the baby. Of course, if the yard is full of frost and blizzard, it is worth to abandon the walk. In all other cases, walking is necessary. Walking in the fresh air is not just a pastime, it's a medicine. And the concept of "frost" for each region is different. If the baby used to walk at a similar temperature, and she is quite familiar to him, then after the illness such frosty air will not hurt him.

Cough allergic and walking: the opinion of Dr. Komarovsky

If the baby has an allergic cough, doctorKomarovsky also strongly recommends walks in the fresh air. A worried mothers suggest a review of the baby's food, remember if she changed the washing powder, soap or baby shampoo, clean the apartment, get rid of things that collect dust, and, of course, visit the pediatrician. Man for centuries lived in harmony with the environment. Witches treated people with the help of the elements and gifts of Mother Nature. In modern medicine, sleep by the sea or in the forest is widely used in the treatment of such a formidable disease as tuberculosis.

Can I walk with a cough


Therefore, having understood the question, is it possible to walkwith a child with a cough, you can safely say: the more the kid will spend time outdoors, the better for his health. Time spent on the street is much more effective than tablets. A moving game is much more interesting than sitting in front of the TV and computer screens. Knowingly in the old song was sung: "... from all diseases we are more useful than the sun, air and water."

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