Do you know what the dimples on the cheeks mean?

Many of us at least once, and thought, from whereAre dimples on the cheeks? There is a legend that Cupid leaves such marks when he kisses the baby's cheek. This, of course, is just a legend, but it is really interesting what dimples on the cheeks mean?

what dimples on the cheeks mean

The people with dimples are connected by many signs:

- their owner is waiting for a happy fate and incredible luck;

- people with dimples on their cheeks are positive and cheerful;

- they are referred to the sign of Venus, which helps their owners to conquer the opposite sex.

There are signs related to the nature of the owners of dimples:

- such people are very temperamental, very active in life;

- dimples on the cheeks are also associated with the independence of man.

The disadvantages of dimples include the fact that their owners are prone to vanity, despotism, authoritarianism, pretentiousness, bombast.

how to make dimples on the cheeks

If we find out from a scientific point of view thatmean dimples on the cheeks, then here everything is not so romantic. This is due to the fact that the facial muscle has insufficient length. As a consequence, when a smile occurs, this short muscle contracts the skin a little, and the dimple becomes visible directly. On more plump cheeks dimples are more pronounced, as the fatty layer additionally lifts the area where the dimple appears. Exercises that help to acquire dimples for people who do not have them do not exist, since this is an exclusively genetically determined feature. The gene responsible for this "deviation" is dominant, so it is often transmitted from one parent to the child.

Maybe one of the readers, theirwho, having found out what the dimples on the cheeks mean, will want to add something so attractive to his face at any cost. For such purposes, plastic surgery has long been successful. It often happens that with age dimples disappear, and the ladies, in order to regain their attractiveness, resort to their restoration, because the owners of dimples are associated with cheerfulness and attractiveness. The procedure, called "dimple-ectomy," allows you to create a similar zest to any person. In addition, it is quite simple. In the US, this procedure has long been common, being relatively inexpensive. In our country, it is only gaining momentum.


So, let's look at how to make dimples on the cheeks. Before the operation, a specialist in plastic surgery advises the patient, determining the location, shape and size of the dimples, depending on the wishes of the client. Plus, you can consider the versatility of the procedure - the possibility of carrying it does not depend on the type of face, skin, fat thickness. It is worth to be sure of your desire to acquire a dimple before the operation, as its removal in the future is impossible. The operation is performed according to the following scheme:

- the marker marks exactly the place on the cheek where the dimple will be located;

- Then the plastic surgeon injects anesthetic (local anesthesia);

- the cheek is slightly incised from the inside;

- at the place of incision the doctor removes lumps of fat;

- Soft tissue in the working area is pulled down by a surgical string, forming a dimple.

Maybe the people ascribe this geneticthe deviation is too much positive, but, you see, having dimples and knowing what dimples on the cheeks mean, it's very nice to feel free, easy and cheerful person.

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