National holidays in Uzbekistan

The Uzbek people are truly cheerful and interesting, loving and honoring their traditions. Therefore, whatever triumph they have, they know how to celebrate it.

Holidays in Uzbekistan are frequent, with greata crowd of people, songs and dances, a huge number of delicious national dishes. The Uzbeks wear national clothes for any festival, paying tribute to their ancestors.

Folk holidays

Let's consider them.

  • The most important holiday of Uzbekistan (September 1) is Independence Day.
  • The eighth of December is Constitution Day.
  • The ninth of May reminds us of Victory Day, but it is called "Day of Honor and Glory".

We listed the main nationalcelebrations. But Uzbeks also have religious holidays that have become traditional. The Government is sympathetic to this. Therefore, they are all officially considered a day off.

  • The most favorite holiday in Uzbekistan today is, undoubtedly, Ramadan.
  • The second most important place is Kurban-Hayit.

The listed 2 holidays come one forOthers after uraz or a spiritual fast, as they say in Russia. This post is called upon to give the people to think that everything in this world is "perishable", the most important thing for this reason is the soul. It is necessary to take care of her, so that later in another world one should not be ashamed of the deeds committed on earth. During uraza, Uzbeks pray diligently and do not eat certain types of food. The latter does not differ from our Russian post.

In the days of celebration, first of all, all believersUzbekistan attend a congratulatory service in the mosque, after which it is their duty to visit their relatives of the living and the dead. The charity is very important on this day. For this reason, even the most poor people try to treat the "oblique" plov of their neighbors or poor people in the streets.

Uzbekistan Holidays 2016

Nowruz. Preparing for the celebration

The most important of the traditional is the holiday of the vernal equinox. It symbolizes the beginning of the new year, as well as the awakening of the forces of nature, from this day the sowing works begin.

The history of this holiday has its rootsfar into the past. Scientists say that the first time this celebration was celebrated even 3000 years ago. Since then, any Uzbek has considered it his duty to celebrate it.

According to legend, Navruz is associated with the name of Shah Jamshed. Preparation for the festival begins in advance. For a couple of weeks before the landmark event, people bring order to the dwellings. If there is a garden or a garden, they also try to bring them into the proper form. Be sure to whiten and cut the available in the farm trees, planted at least one new.

Nowruz. Celebration

Finally, Navruz itself arrives on 21 April. It's a very cheerful holiday. On it in each community organize mass celebrations with a drink and snack, songs and dances, competitions and games.

One of the main dishes on the table is on traditionalholidays in Uzbekistan is sumalah - it's sprouted grain of wheat. They are cooked all day in a large vat. Their women interfere, replacing each other on the post. Men are not allowed to cook this food.

The Uzbeks say that after the woman completes her shift on duty, she can ask for anything from God. In doing so, he will certainly perform.

The next day, all those who want to fill up what happened. And leaves a brownish sweet mass, which is very fond of children.

holiday in uzbekistan today

Some people discover in their portionsstones. By the way, this is not negligence at all. Clean pebbles are laid especially, firstly, so that the delicacy is not burnt, and secondly, those who have caught such a surprise, this promises happiness for the coming year.

Not everyone knows, but such a dish is a real vitamin present. Perhaps, because of this, it is so popular at the festival.

Also served halim (halis) and a special tugrama-pilaf.

One of the favorite games of this day is equestrian sports kupkari, invented only for real men.

Independence Day of Uzbekistan

It takes place every year on September 1. He appeared in 1991. The most important and most important holiday - the Independence Day of Uzbekistan - is celebrated on a grand scale.

In any of the regions of the state, and their 12,a certain festive program is being prepared. Therefore, if you decide to visit this state on September 1, then you will not be disappointed. On this day there are concerts of folklore groups of Uzbekistan, sports competitions, variety shows, city fairs. And, of course, the traditional pilaf is prepared. Behind him are built really huge lines in the streets. On this day it is boiled in large boilers. Therefore, everyone can try this dish. Yes, and family celebrations without pilaf does not happen.

holidays in Uzbekistan in September

In the capital of Uzbekistan they prepare their own festiveprogram with the performance of famous artists and singers, with sports competitions, contests and much more than. This celebration takes place at the Mustakillik square. By tradition in the end there is a grandiose salute.

Other holidays in Uzbekistan in September are notare noted. Especially since often Ramadan falls on the period from 1 to 29 September. Although in 2016 this date was different, the post began on June 5 and ended on July 5.

Holidays in Uzbekistan (2016)

Here we will list the holidays in this state for 2016.

  • January 14 is the day of the defender of the Motherland. It is not considered a day off, although it is noted.

holiday of independence of uzbekistan

  • On March 8, International Women's Day is celebrated in many countries, Uzbeks are no exception.
  • March 21 - Navruz.
  • The ninth of May is the Day of Remembrance and Honor.
  • The seventh day of July is the first day of Ruza-Hayit in 2016. The date of this celebration changes annually.
  • The first of September is the Independence Day of Uzbekistan.
  • September 13 is the first day of Kurban-Hait in 2016. It's also a floating date.
  • The first of October for Russians is called Teacher's Day, and the Uzbeks - Day of the Teacher.
  • The eighth of December is Constitution Day.
  • On the night of December 31, January 1, New Year.

holidays in uzbekistan

Here such holidays in Uzbekistan in 2016 were celebrated and still the residents of this interesting state will celebrate.

Ramazan Hayit

The celebration is celebrated forseveral days. It lasts at least 3 days after the month of Ramadan ends. The first of the days of Ramadan-Hait was allocated by the state as a day off. There are certain customs these days. Their Uzbeks have been steadfastly observing for several centuries.

For example, if a young woman appears in her husband's housebride, then by tradition it is she who should prepare a festive treat. But she is allowed to meet guests only by covering her head and face with a special translucent dark veil.

Children living in the neighborhood, especially girls, knock on the door of the house with the new landlady. They congratulate her, and she, in turn, treats them with all sorts of delicacies, prepared with her own hands.


The largest and most favorite festival in Islam is Kurban-Hayit. It marks the end of the season of pilgrimage to the waters of Mecca. It is held 70 calendar days after Ramadan-Hait.

holiday day of independence of uzbekistan

Since 1991, this holiday has become a weekend andis celebrated extensively. Preparation for him begins seven days before him. First of all, the graves of relatives are visited, on which specially hired people, called mahallas, establish order.

One day before the celebration, traditional sweet dishes are made: kush-tili, bogursk, orama, chak-chak and others. On the eve of Kurban-Haita, a festive pilaf is prepared at night. They and treat their neighbors.

For holidays in Uzbekistan traditional dishes are used - kas. It is a huge pot made of ceramics.

How does Kurban-Hayit begin?

The holiday starts everywhere the same, with the morningprayers by tradition, then sacrifice animals for three days. Usually the ram is a ram, and occasionally a cow. It is extremely rare for these purposes to take a camel. Having performed the offerings, the carcass is divided strictly into three equal parts. One of them is left to themselves, the second is given to the poor. The rest should be given as a gratitude to the great Allah.

holidays in Uzbekistan in 2016

In the days of traditional holidays, such as Ramadan-Khayit and Kurban-Hayit, it becomes very noticeable how valued and respected by the ancient traditions of the inhabitants of this beautiful state.

On this holiday must visit the eldersfamily and elderly relatives. A young woman who was recently taken to her husband's house, as well as to Ramadan-Hayit, prepares a treat and appears before the guests in a dress that covers her hair and face.

A small conclusion

We hope that the article was useful to you, you learned all the necessary information about the celebrations. Now it became clear to you what holidays in Uzbekistan are celebrated and how it happens.

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