When is World Teachers Day?

World Teachers' Day is a holidayinternational and significant for every person on the planet, because almost all of us owe their skills, knowledge and achievements to these people, teachers. And since education became compulsory all over the world, the level of illiteracy is declining, and the needs for trained specialists are growing, the teachers have become not only revered people (however, they have always been so), but also very popular.

World Teacher's Day

When is Teacher's Day celebrated? The date in our country is fixed - it falls on October 5. This day was officially approved by UNESCO in 1994. It is not an official weekend in the country, but it is always celebrated in all educational institutions. Since 1994, although earlier, since its foundation as a holiday, the World Teacher's Day in the USSR was celebrated on the first Sunday of the second autumn month. So, by the way, it is still celebrated in such countries as Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Moldova. But the Uzbeks decided to postpone their day of honoring workers in the sphere of education on October 1.

Teacher's Day Date

This is the case for the CIS countries. When is World Teacher's Day celebrated in the rest of the world? On the greater part of the planet, it is still celebrated in the autumn, because in the Northern Hemisphere this is the time when the academic year begins. In India, for example, teachers are congratulated on September 5, the day Sarwepalli Radhakrishnan was born - a famous philosopher who comes from this country. And in Argentina, this holiday is timed to the date of death of another outstanding person - Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, teacher, politician, public figure. And note his Argentines on September 11. And in Taiwan, the World Teacher's Day is celebrated on September 28. On this day the great thinker Confucius was born.

Apart from the autumn celebrations, there are teacher days in such countries as Albania and Korea. In the first, this significant date is celebrated on March 8. But Koreans honor their teachers on May 15.

What are the features of theholiday? Teachers are the main conductors of children in the adult world. If parents, environment, friends form the character of a person, instill basic communication and behavior skills, then the teacher's work is much thinner. Teachers instill in children love for information, the desire to know and understand more. This is their main purpose, their feature and value. That is why every year in almost all countries of the world special events are held, the main purpose of which is to pay tribute to teachers. It can be special concerts with the participation of outstanding artists or, conversely, young talents. Also on this day there are often held reviews of creative amateur performance in schools, demonstration performances of the best students in various fields are organized, competitions and competitions are held. And the best gift for any teacher will be the victory at such competitions of his student. Children for their teachers are preparing gifts, bouquets, postcards.

wishes for the teacher's day

Wishes for Teacher's Day can be the mostdifferent, the main thing is that they are sincere, coming from the bottom of the heart. Often start with words of gratitude for such a hard work. And then follow, in fact, the wishes of happiness, patience and creative inspiration. And also - good, capable and responsible students, and also opportunities to have a rest more.

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