Dry milk formula "Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2"

Any, most modern, maximally adapted dairyThe mixture will never replace the mother's baby breast milk even after six months of age. To refuse from natural feeding of the kid it is possible only at the most aggravating circumstances. But if it still had to be done, then you need to choose the safest mixture, reminiscent of its composition of mother's milk.

About the manufacturer

Dry milk mixtures "Nutrilon" (Nutrilon)are produced by the Dutch company Nutricia since 1896. It was the production of baby food that became the main activity of the company from that time to the present day.

Hypoallergenic Nutrilon 2
"Nutricia" pays special attention to qualityproducts, caring not only for newborn children, but also for the health of the future generation. The structure of the company includes several research centers that are engaged in the continuous improvement of the composition of milk formulas, making them as adaptable as possible to mother's milk.

Domestic buyer got acquainted with the children'sNutrilon "in 1994, when the company entered the Russian market. The next year, the Nutricia plant was opened in Istra, Moscow Region. Here baby food is produced for the trade marks "Malyutka" and "Kid", but dry mixes of the brand "Nutrilon", including "Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2", are exported to Russia directly from the Netherlands.

Since 2007, Nutricia is one of the companies of the world's most famous dairy producer DANONE.

For whom is the mixture "Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2" intended

Hypoallergenic series of infant formula"Nutrilon" was specially developed for kids with the risk of food allergies. It is recommended by both company specialists and pediatricians. Otherwise, there is a high probability of developing such a disease as atopic dermatitis. So for whom is the mixture "Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2" intended?

mixture of nitrilon hypoallergenic 2
It is recommended for children ages 6 to 12months, who are allergic to cow's milk protein. Just like a mixture of other series, it contains a large number of prebiotics. That is why the baby who takes Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2 for food will not only be healthy, but also protected from allergic pathogens. What does this baby food consist of?

Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2: composition

Even at the first glance at the jar with the mixture, parents can partially get acquainted with its composition. The label indicates that the product contains:

  • prebiotics GOS / FOS;
  • fatty acids ARA / DHA;
  • vitamin complex (A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K1 and others).

In general, the composition of the mixture includes: concentrate of whey proteins (partially hydrolyzed, i.e., split), lactose, several types of vegetable oil, corn starch, emulsifiers, prebiotics, minerals. But along with this, in comparison with cheap analogs, it does not contain harmful dyes, preservatives and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2 composition
Improved composition, with even morevitamins and minerals for the development of the child's mental abilities, has a mixture of "Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2 premium". However, the product from this series is currently produced in limited quantities.

Form of issue

"Nutrilon hypoallergenic" for children of ageover half a year is produced in tin cans weighing 400 grams each. The label is in Russian. It says that it is a milk formula for children with a high risk of developing allergies, and a large figure "2" is drawn.

Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2 composition
Inside the can, "Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2" has a measuring spoon. To properly prepare the mixture on the back of the label, you can read the instruction.

Preparation of the mixture

A prerequisite before preparing anymixtures - sterilization of feeding bottles. This is due to the fact that the body of a six-month-old baby is not yet strong enough to withstand bacteria that cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and oral cavity. Cope with dangerous microbes will help high temperature. For this purpose, a special sterilizer is best. But you can also use a microwave or a pot of boiling water.

For the preparation of the mixture "Nutrilon hypoallergenic2 "will need boiled water. It must be cooled beforehand to a temperature of 38-40 degrees and poured into a bottle in the volume indicated on the package. Further it is necessary to add a certain amount of measuring spoons of the dry mixture. How many of them will be needed, you can see the table on the label of the can. After this, tighten the lid tightly and shake the mixture thoroughly until the lumps are completely dissolved.

Nutrilon Hypoallergenic 2 Analog
Now you can start feeding your baby, butBefore that, be sure to check if food is overheated. To do this, drip a few drops of the mixture on your wrist. The optimum temperature for eating should be 37 degrees.

Positive feedback on the formula "Nutrilon Hypoallergenic 2"

That the kid was cheerful and cheerful, it is necessary to choosethe right mixture. This is exactly the product from the series "Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2". The feedback of the parents who used the presented mixture is fully confirmed.

1) The baby is full and calm, fast asleep and has no rashes on the skin.

2) Quality mix, one of the best in Russia.

3) Suitable for most children.

4) Helps to get rid of allergies.

5) Convenient packaging, the can is tightly closed. You do not have to worry that the mixture will get wet and spoil.

6) Balanced composition. Full vitamin and mineral complex and protection of immunity in children from 6 months to a year.

7) Causes excellent appetite. Children eat a mixture of hypoallergenic series with pleasure.

8) The child does not have problems with the stool.

9) The baby is good at gaining weight.

10) A safe alternative to breast milk.

Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2 reviews
The majority of children came to the mixture. Therefore, if breastfeeding is not possible, it can replace mother's milk.

Reviews are negative

Unfortunately, despite all the positive feedback, not all parents liked the mixture that they bought for the baby. This is confirmed by their negative feedback.

1) "Nutrilon HA hypoallergenic 2" has a bitter taste.

2) Expensive mix. One bank is enough for 3 times, and the average price for it in Russia is 600 rubles.

3) Poorly soluble in water. The opening of the nipple is sometimes clogged with the remaining lumps.

4) The baby often spits up after feeding this mixture.

5) There is no recommendation for what size the bottle nipple is intended mixture.

6) Hypoallergenic series is not always in stores, because it is considered the most popular and very quickly sold out.

7) It is inconvenient to use a spoon, which simply drowns in the mixture and it is hard to get out of the jar.

8) Not all children "Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2" helps to cope with food allergy.

nitrilon ha hypoallergenic 2
And yet the most important drawbackThe presented mixture consists in the fact that it can never compensate for natural feeding. Despite all the research, no other company has succeeded in creating a product that completely replaces the composition of mother's milk.

How to replace the mixture "Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2"

Sometimes there can be a situation when drymilk mixture, which parents constantly buy for feeding a child, may not be in the store. Than then to replace "Nutrilon hypoallergenic 2"? It will be difficult to choose an analogue, since there is no other mixture with the same composition.

In this case, the pediatrician can recommendreplace "Nutrilon hypoallergenic", intended for children from six months of age, with sour-milk "Nutrilon" with the number "2" on the package. But since the composition of the mixtures is different, then you can introduce a new product gradually, with each day increasing the number of feedings. Categorically it is not recommended to change the baby's food at a time.

Thus, if the hypoallergenic mixture to the babysuitable, parents should take care of the purchase of several cans in advance so that they do not have to experiment with the new product in an emergency.

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