When toxemia begins, you should not worry

Approximately seven percent of pregnant women experience intoxication. The future mother becomes very sensitive to smells. Let's talk about when the toxicosis begins? How is it manifested?

Manifestation of toxicosis in pregnancy

Intoxication begins to develop simultaneously withgrowth of the placenta. This is the phenomenon that occurs during the first time of pregnancy. The causes of intoxication are not known. Doctors have several assumptions, but one, there is still no reason to single out any reason. When toxemia begins, the woman raises blood pressure, protein in the urine, and hyperreflexia begins (a very fast reflex reaction). All these manifestations of intoxication cause a lot of trouble for the future mother. In addition to them, when there is toxicosis, the symptoms may include bloating, swelling of the hands, feet, face, due to fluid retention in the body.

It is desirable to have more toxicityrelax. This is the main and often, the most effective method to combat intoxication. A doctor who has a pregnant woman can recommend bed rest, observation of the fetus and symptoms of intoxication. Toxicosis, when it begins, takes place in every woman individually.

The main changes occur in the body of a womanimmediately after the formation of the embryo - the body adapts to the nutrition of the fetus, which grows. The uterus increases in size, and the secretion of hormones increases. Often, when toxemia begins, and this occurs after a month and a half after conception, most experience a vomitive reflex that occurs in response to any smells. In addition, there is an increase in appetite and cravings for unusual foods. Usually morning sickness subsides closer to the sixteenth week of pregnancy. However, some women suffer from toxicosis all the time while they are carrying the baby. Hyperemesis of pregnant women (excessive vomiting) is a widespread phenomenon when a future mother suffers from a lot of vomiting and does not absorb food and drinks. Often, this is fraught with the emergence of dangerous health conditions and can lead to dehydration of the body. Some types of food increase the feeling of discomfort.

Toxicosis: treatment

Many, when the toxicosis begins, are concernedthe fact that it can harm the fetus. However, there is no reason for the experience if the pregnant woman drinks a lot of fluids every day, and absorbs the optimal amount of food. The main cause of vomiting is an empty stomach, so you need to eat something even without appetite. During this period, there is a loss of appetite, but after the symptoms of the illness weaken, he returns. To reduce the manifestation of intoxication, it is recommended in the mornings to get out of bed, slowly, without sudden movements, and rest during the day on a regular, regular basis. It is not recommended to be in warm rooms, as this increases nausea. Doctors recommend drinking more fluid. Refuse the salty and fatty. Traditional medicine offers ginger, which is an effective way to reduce morning sickness. It should be added to the tea. To improve well-being, it is better to eat more often, but in small portions. It is not recommended to eat spicy food. Also, when intoxication begins, physical exercises are considered very useful every day - walking or yoga. They stimulate blood circulation and improve well-being. Peace, a full sleep, outdoor walks, a friendly atmosphere in the team and in the family have a positive effect on health and mood. Be healthy.

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