When do the kittens open their eyes?

This question is perhaps one of the most frequentgiven by the owners of felines. And even more so if they are the owners of the cats that are preparing to become (or already become) moms. So it was with us: safely skipping such a complicated and trembling process of the birth of your pet, we watched the development of the kittens and looked forward to the next stage of their development - the opening of the eye, small blue buttons.

It was the first time for us.Having already read the sea of ​​literature, "hammering" into the search engine "when the kittens open their eyes" in all imaginable and inconceivable cases and declensions, trying to learn something new, we watched, looking at the faces of the kittens several times a day.

And then we realized (experienced owners, of course,smile, but for us it was really the first time): the period when the kittens open their eyes is only approximate. And the specified dates do not always coincide with the templates. We saw the first kitten's eyes already on the eighth day of his life, and the last one - only on the twelfth.

Development of kittens is not always the same andis laid by nature long before their birth. Influencing factors, of course, are heredity, the state of the mother cat during childbirth, the course of the birth itself and the content of the nursing cat already in the period of sucking.

The first week of their cat's life the kids werecompletely helpless. All their abilities were reduced to a quiet squeak (when the cat went out for a walk, leaving them alone), awkward crawling and greedy swallowing of mummy milk. We gained weight quickly. And by the second week they doubled. Fortunately, there were not enough babies and enough food was enough. The second week clearly pointed to adulthood. Kids were gaining strength, they ate a little less often, the movements became more confident, though still clumsy and ridiculous. The stronger children started to open eyelids (the eighth day) and you could see dull blue eyes, as yet unable to see the world. I must say that the representatives of some breeds, the time when kittens open their eyes, can be only two or three days (for example, sphinxes and devon-reks), and sometimes the time is prolonged and up to two weeks (as in Redgalls). Actually, like the suckling period. Those who already have experience in growing babies, know perfectly well that when kittens open their eyes, they enter into an independent life. At this time, the first lure (in most breeds after the second week) has already begun, cats leave the children further and for longer time intervals, which means they feed less and less often.

Ability of the tailed to perceive the world visuallyquickly improves almost immediately after the eruption of the eyelids. Observations indicate that in female cats, the ability to see appears somewhat earlier than that of male cats (but heredity, too, should not be overlooked).

How do kittens open their eyes?The first sign is the spreading of the eyelids, and through the small slit you can already see the eyes. During this period they are blue (no matter what color they will be later). The vitreous humor, which lies between the retina and the lens, is initially unclear (it will become transparent about the sixth week). Pupils do not react even to bright light (reaction to light can be seen not earlier than a day after eruption). Such characteristics suggest that the eyesight of the toddlers is still weak (or none at all).

In the second week, the ears also change.They open and stand upright. Development ends around the tenth week. At the same time, there is also the opening of the aisles (auditory) that connect the auricle with the tympanic membrane. Kittens begin to react to various kinds of sounds (and especially the voice of their own kind). This is indicated by their alertness, the raising and turning of the head, the sniffing, the wiggling of tiny ears, and the flinch.

The time when the kittens open their eyes is a crucialthe moment in their cat's stormy life. They become cheerful, adventurous and start their funny cat games for the first time. A cat can try to transfer children to another, more dark place. Probably, this is the call of her mother nature, an attempt to limit the excessive activity of helpless yet fragile and avoid thereby the danger of getting into the clutches of the agile predator. She cautiously takes the baby by the scruff of the neck (in this place the cat has nerve endings that initiate a specific reaction-fading, when the body suddenly relaxes, and the paws tighten) and tries to transfer it somewhere under the bed, behind the couch, or even in the closet.

At the same time, kids learn to walk, althoughtheir movements are amusing because of the fragile paws, still weakly able to hold the weight of the body. The first release of claws and the desire to hit the neighbor on the muzzle during the game are observed. It is advisable not to miss this time and to train the kittens to the hands, because later they will start to be furious and will be more suspicious and cautious, taking a protective pose in response to each touch. Right now their character is formed and to some extent depends on you how it will be for an adult cat.

Do not miss the days when the kittens open their eyes - this is a truly wonderful time, full of admiration and positive emotions for both you and your tailed pets!

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