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"Hilding Anders" mattresses are productsSwedish company of the same name, which specializes in the production of goods for sleep. The company has long been on the international market and successfully operates in more than 56 countries. About 30 manufacturing plants located in Europe and Asia are engaged in manufacturing products for the brand.

Bedroom furniture, pillows, blankets, bedclothesLinens and protective covers are all products of Hilding Anders. The mattress among the product lines of the company occupies one of the central places, and produces it for both adults and children.

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Briefly about the company

The history of the trademark originates in 1939year, when a furniture factory was opened under her name. Within a year of its existence, the company has a strong position in the market, which is fully attributed to the merits in the management of its founder.

In the early 70-ies of the twentieth century, the company producesa new product line - the "Hilding Anders" mattresses Polyspring, they made a real sensation and took their place among the leaders in sales in the industry of products for sleep.

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The new direction of work turned out to be sosuccessful, that over time (in the 80's), the company's management decided to make the production of mattresses a priority business. Having achieved success in their country, Hilding Anders began to expand to others by joining local companies and going through them to the market. In the 1990s, the enterprise became the largest on the Eurasian continent, and by the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, the production of mattresses, only in the CIS, should keep up with the supply of products to more than 150 branded stores.

Why the company's products are very well deserved popularity

  • Experience - the improvement of technology work has been going on for more than 70 years.
  • Through continuous research, the companyis an expert in the science of sleep. Products Hilding Anders - a mattress, created on the basis of studies of specialists from different countries, united in a single team.
  • Own laboratories that canTo test any know-how for compliance with any quality standards. In addition, a large amount of work is carried out daily during the inspection of components for production.

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SleepLab - research laboratory

"We give the world color dreams" - for this and gowork in Hilding Anders. A mattress can not ideally suit any person, but for everyone you can create your own model. Take at least Asia and Europe - if in the first case, rigid designs are preferable, then in the second case, the choice will be made vice versa - in favor of a softer one.

The laboratory tests the products in several directions:

  • Ergonomic indicators - the mattress should givespine rest, for what it takes the form of the body and evenly distributes the load. The size of the mattress should be at least 15 cm more than the growth of a person sleeping on it.
  • Cleanliness - the most effective ways to rid the mattress of dust mites, fungal spores, make the material less susceptible to smells, etc. are tested.
  • Observance of the microclimate is excessiveaccumulation, and the release of heat or moisture is unacceptable. To sleep mattresses brought only positive emotions to the owners, the company specialists study the water and vapor permeability of materials, ways to organize ventilation with the preservation of heat, etc.

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  • Service life - a good mattress pleases its ownersnot less than 10 years, and during this period he is obliged to withstand all possible domestic troubles, which can fall on him both in a direct and figurative sense.

Selecting the stiffness of the mattress: under the weight

In addressing this issue, a definiteshare self-criticism - do not deceive yourself and others, and calculate the purchase on your parameters. When choosing a mattress, you need to pay attention to the maximum permissible load that it can withstand. In general, there is a simple rule - the greater the weight of a person, the greater the stiffness of the mattress should be. Also, you need to pay attention that the weight limit more often indicate one place, rather than the whole product at once.

Under the age and state of health

As a rule, there is a directly proportional relationship - the higher the age, the softer the mattress is required. All parents know that children during the formation of the spine are recommended a hard surface.

If there are problems with the back, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor before buying - only a specialist will be able to determine if a soft or hard surface for sleeping is needed in this case.

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Under the pose for sleep

Despite the fact that many sleep in variouspositions, it's quite simple to solve this issue - if the person is mostly on the stomach or back, then a hard surface is needed, and if on the side, then soft.

If you buy one mattress, then the choice of its rigidity can be considered complete. Otherwise, you must take into account the preferences of your half.

Types of products

Mattresses can be manufactured using different technologies. The main difference, as a rule, is in the used basis, which can be the following:

  • Interconnected springs - they are also called"Bonnel". These are the most inexpensive models and they will not work if you need a soft mattress. However, it is also difficult to call them hard-they do not bend under the shape of the body, but on the whole surface-if you push it into the middle, then the central springs, bending over, pull along the neighboring ones.
  • Mattress without springs - in their productionFoam technology is used for materials such as latex and the like. A certain advantage of such models is that you can not jump on them, than often take a great interest in young children.
  • With independent springs - this is a class of anatomical mattresses that easily adapt to all the bends of the body.

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What is used in filling

In addition to the basis, it is also necessary to choose a mattress-one or any other size-based on the materials used in its packing.

If a model of rigid construction is purchased, thenin its composition will be fiber from coconut and flax, fastened by a special technology of hot processing. These materials are of natural origin, so the issue of environmental friendliness of products does not arise at all.

For soft models, flax, foam andlatex. They podpruzhnivayut lying man, not "knocking" it deep inside. If you pay attention to TOP models, then there is even a foam coating with the memory effect, which is used in astronautics. Taking a body shape, such material allows him to completely relax.

Consumer Opinions

On the mattresses of Hilding Anders, buyers' reviews are mostly positive. Predominantly noted convenience of production, especially anatomical models with separate springs.

In addition to the advantages of buying, note and its shortcomings, among which the buyers' price is the first. However, they also agree that it is necessary to pay for quality.

Another serious disadvantage is the smell. Some buyers write that, despite the obvious convenience of the mattress itself, it is impossible to stay in the room for the first time after opening the package. It takes almost 2-3 weeks to sleep in another room, while constantly ventilating the one in which there is a renewal. Since such reviews are a clear minority, and the production of mattresses is carried out according to approved technologies (of course, if this is not a fake), then, most likely, it is an individual intolerance of such a smell.

Therefore, it is recommended with all responsibilityto concern to a choice of model, and still more attentively to acceptance when it bring home. It should be ensured that all checks and warranty documents are stamped by the seller and that all necessary fields are filled in. Remember that an incorrectly filled warranty card or check in a controversial situation will play into the hands of the seller, who can refuse warranty service.

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It is also recommended to immediately open the package andAssess how sharp the smell can be. If it is present, then it is worth considering the acceptance of the goods, after all, after it is unpacked, to return it even in the 14-day period established by law will be very problematic.

Certification of products

Some buyers note that when deliveringthere may be no quality certificates and similar documents. Here it should be noted that according to the law, the store selling the product, or the supplier (intermediary) is not even required to have copies of it - the manufacturer must confirm the quality. All certificates for Hilding Anders products - mattresses such as blankets, beds or pillows - can be viewed and downloaded on the company's website. Originals or certified copies can be requested directly from the office.

The store that sold the goods, the maximum thatcan provide, - this is the number of certification documents in a single registry. However, some retail outlets are still reinsured, ask them from suppliers and attach copies to the goods, putting their seal on them.

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