Which is the best veterinary clinic (Tomsk)? Where to treat animals?

Pets often require special care andcare. And every good host is ready to do everything for his pet, only if he does not suffer, does not fall ill, does not miss, and lived an excellent and cheerful life. It should be noted that the inhabitants of Tomsk divided the institutions (clinics) into two types: one can resort to help and categorically avoid the side. The latter simply amaze with their negligence, attitude towards animals, and most importantly, they take huge money for their "incomplete". In the article, clinics of each type will be examined.


This veterinary clinic (Tomsk) is not acommercial association. Why was this institution created? The administration expresses great hopes to help the state fulfill its direct obligation - to carry out veterinary service. "TomVetCenter" acts for the benefit of society: it creates various actions, helps to combat bad products, conducts coordination of the population, so that people are better aware of animal diseases and their prevention.

veterinary clinic of Tomsk

This veterinary clinic (Tomsk) has become a favoritea place of work for many qualified doctors. The network, called "TomVetCenter," works only with quality and imported drugs. The treatment, of course, will cost a little more, but the guarantee that everything will go well for the pet is quite high, and it really is worth it. For a minimum amount of time, the company managed to break out into the leaders in Tomsk and prove to residents their serious intentions.

Zoo Clinic

This veterinary clinic (Tomsk) was opened in2006. Now she is known for the whole city and is in demand among consumers. The team works just fine. Doctors and nurses constantly raise their qualification level, improving their skills and abilities. Reviews about the clinic are more than good. There are very few complaints about poor performance. Many say that if the animal was not helped in the Zoo Clinic, then it is unlikely that this pet could be helped at all. People appreciate and cherish this institution.

veterinary clinics tomsko reviews

Unfortunately, such a reputation can notboast many veterinary clinics in Tomsk. Reviews about them rather weak, there are many negative comments. Of course, this does not mean their poor qualification level, but only that the Zoo Clinic really does its job qualitatively and powerfully.


Unfortunately, this is one of the worst veterinaryclinics of Tomsk. If you look at the reviews about her, you can quickly see this. The operations are wrong, the drugs are not prescribed according to the testimony, moreover, the tests do not give out in the hands. Veterinary clinic "Aibolit" (Tomsk) could not show itself from the best side. And most importantly - doctors with difficulty make correct diagnoses. Of course, there are also isolated cases when an animal was helped in the hospital. But those are few enough, so it is worth considering, and whether it is necessary to take your pet here.

veterinary clinic aibolit tomsk

If we talk about doctors who work here,then some, surprisingly, benevolent, but most of the staff is bad for animals. Surprisingly, this veterinary clinic (Tomsk) takes huge money for maintenance.

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