Everything you need for the first time to a newborn

An excellent lesson during pregnancy ispreparation for the birth of a baby. Tremulous smoothing of small clothes, folding of children's things in the closet, buying children's cosmetics, hygiene products - all these activities bring great pleasure to the future mother. It is important to take seriously the question of what is needed for the first time to a newborn, since immediately after childbirth you are unlikely to find time to run around the shops in search of necessary things.

what you need for the first time to a newborn

List of purchases for a newborn

Try to make a list, according to which you will easily find out what is necessary for a newborn to buy.

A cozy corner - the main thing that a newborn needs at the first time

The child must have his own bedrooma place. It can be like a crib (it's even better to take a crib-transformer) or a cradle. Do not forget about a few sets of bed linen and plaid, thin and warmer. For walks in the open air you will need a stroller (stroller-transformer or 3 in 1). At least the first month of life of the crumbs, until the umbilical wound heals, bathings will occur in the baby bath. You can buy a bath complete with a changing table, on which it is very convenient to change the baby and do exercises and massages. Also do not forget about the place to store your child's clothes. It is best to buy a chest of drawers and place it near the crib or changing table for the convenience of the mother.

What do you need at the beginning for a newborn out of clothes?

You must have both thin andwarm clothes sets, because at any time the weather can change, and the time to buy new clothes in the first month of life of the child may not be enough. It is very convenient to use body.

what you need a newborn for the first time
Although the swingers with sliders are also quite goodoption. Also for the newborn it is necessary to buy several caps, several pairs of socks, and scratches. Stock up with diapers flannel and calico. At first they will be very useful. And in the future they can simply be laid on the bed so that the child can crawl over them, or wipe them baby. Still pick up some soft towels-corners in which you will wrap up a crumb after bathing, and also pair of small towels for washing the child.

Hygiene items

Get the diapers that are todayan indispensable thing. Also shortly after birth, you will need a manicure scissors with rounded edges, ear sticks with stops and cosmetic discs. However, the list of what is needed for the newborn at first is not exhausted. Chamomile and calendula in herbs for washing, baby powders and baby cream, cream for diapers, baby shampoo and soap, hair brush made of natural bristles - all these items of care for the delicate skin of a small man should be purchased at the pharmacy.

First Aid Kit

Also prepare a first aid kit, which will have everything,that is necessary for the newborn: bandage, cotton wool, zelenka, hydrogen peroxide, tincture of calendula, gas pipe, antipyretic candles and other. Naturally, all these drugs should always be at hand, so attach a box near the swaddler.

that is necessary for the newborn

Now you know what you need for the first timenewborn, and can complement this list with other things that you deem necessary for your crumbs. And remember: the most important thing for a child is calmness, your love and affection!

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